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Free text to speech

Free text to speech
Text-to-SpeechWhy consider Text-to-speech (TTS)? Two reasons -1. It is essential for struggling readers; when text is digital it is now accessible and2. it supports the writing process, especially when editing and revising work Note: Our databases are adding text-to-speech features for their articles. Check out Joyce's blog post. Ask your librarian if the school offers any of the Gale products with text-to-speech features. Mobile Devices iOS Devices have Speak Selection (TTS) with highlighting built in for iPads running iOS 6 or 7. Computer Resources Announcify - a Google Chrome Extension which reads any website. (scroll to the free download) PC only. allow for color choices, highlighting of words or sentences as they are read.PowerTalk - free text-to-speech for PowerPoint presentationsRead The Words - Register first, upload file or choose text or website to read, a recording is generated which you can listen to online or download to an mp3 player, upload to a blog, etc.

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Calendar et Linknx - Google Groupes Salut, Meilleurs vœux à tous pour 2015 @Stéphane merci pour le partage, l'idée est sympa, j'ai testé rapidement c'est devenu compliqué pour utiliser les api google v3, avec la création de compte dev ... > Pour lancer le scan du calendrier un cron fait parfaitement l'affaire. tu peux utiliser une rule pour le lancement aussi. tu lance une vérification tous les combien ? tous les jours ? Speech Util, free text-to-speech conversion service. Online text to speech (TTS) converter -

Apple highlights Accessibility Awareness Day with new section in App Store Apple tends to launch new sections within its App Store quite frequently, especially when they’re trying to highlight something with the apps available within its store. Now, to highlight the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which “raises the profile of and introducing the topic of digital (web, software, mobile app/device etc.) accessibility and people with different disabilities to the broadest audience possible,” Apple has highlighted several different apps that aim to help the cause. There are 15 different apps within the new section, ranging from use with the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Watch as well. Apps like Instapaper are included, as well as Workflow and djay 2. The dedicated section can be found below.

Speech Recognition (ASR) Dictation - Online Speech Recognition Ces prothèses ingénieuses du 19e siècle ont aidé plus de 15 000 personnes à retrouver leur mobilité Au fil des années, la médecine a évolué de manière considérable en ce qui concerne la fabrication de prothèses pour les personnes ayant perdu un membre. Précurseur en la matière, James Gillingham, simple cordonnier, a commencé à fabriquer des prothèses dès le XIXe siècle. En outre, il a photographié ses patients puis publié ses clichés dans des revues médicales pour aider les chirurgiens. SooCurious vous invite à découvrir ces images étonnantes. James Gillingham avait une entreprise spécialisée dans la cordonnerie implantée à Chard en Angleterre et appelée « The Golden Boot ». En 1866, il a rencontré un homme qui avait perdu un bras à la suite d’un accident avec un canon.

ABC2MP3 Listen to news, websites and documents with SoundGecko Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool written by Douglas Brown Available Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Arabic, Finnish, Korean, Swedish Primary Details Download Light Box ⋆ Free Software Downloads Light Box Updated: 2014 Author: Cognable Homepage: Cognable License: Freeware Other Control: Gesture, Switch, Pointer, Touch File Size: 54MB Downloads: 12128 Mac/OSX Download Windows Download AAC Apps for Android Every now and again I like to do a quick hunt on what's going on the Android AAC marketplace. I do intend to create a database on this site in the same way as the iDevices one but before I jump in and do it I do need to rethink some of the AAC categories and definitions. In the meantime here is the brief list that I have been referencing as AAC apps on Android.

An exoskeleton hand for stroke victims with spastic or flaccid muscle tone trying to regain grasp motion or fine motor skills. All parts printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 or Ultimaker with PLA and NinjaFlex. Printing instructions: -2 Bolts printed long-side down (PLA). -4 Bolt caps printed top-side down (PLA). -5 Hooks printed on side; flat side down (PLA) . Hand: Small: 6" from wrist to tip of middle finger.