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LIST - udtechtoolkit - Free text to speech

LIST - udtechtoolkit - Free text to speech
Text-to-SpeechWhy consider Text-to-speech (TTS)? Two reasons -1. It is essential for struggling readers; when text is digital it is now accessible and2. it supports the writing process, especially when editing and revising work Note: Our databases are adding text-to-speech features for their articles. Check out Joyce's blog post. Ask your librarian if the school offers any of the Gale products with text-to-speech features. Mobile Devices iOS Devices have Speak Selection (TTS) with highlighting built in for iPads running iOS 6 or 7. Computer Resources Announcify - a Google Chrome Extension which reads any website. (scroll to the free download) PC only. allow for color choices, highlighting of words or sentences as they are read.PowerTalk - free text-to-speech for PowerPoint presentationsRead The Words - Register first, upload file or choose text or website to read, a recording is generated which you can listen to online or download to an mp3 player, upload to a blog, etc. Related:  aides techniques

Speech Util, free text-to-speech conversion service. English Text To Speech, TTS: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese This natural sounding text to speech service reads out loud anything you like in a variety of languages and dialects in male and female voices. The TTS service speaks Chinese Mandarin (female), Chinese Cantonese (female), Chinese Taiwanese (female), Dutch (female), English British (female), English British (male), English American (female), English American (male), French (female), German (female), German (male), Hindi (female), Indonesian (female), Italian (female), Italian (male), Japanese (female), Korean (female), Polish (female), Portuguese Brazilian (female), Russian (female), Spanish European (female), Spanish European (male), Spanish American (female). Just type a word or a phrase, or copy-paste any text. Choose the speech rate that works for you. Use this service to practice your listening and speaking skills, or master your pronunciation in foreign languages. Listen to any written materials in authentic voices while doing something else.

Science Writer Science Writer is an interactive, web-based instructional learning tool designed to help students in writing a complete science report; it supports students throughout the process of writing a science report. Research has revealed several effective instructional practices in improving the written language performance of students, and Science Writer has been designed to provide these: A breakdown of the report writing process into manageable components Scaffolds for each step of the writing process an organizational structure for report writing Sentence starters to help initiate the writing Science Writer is a technology-based learning environment that can provide plentiful opportunities for practice—a critical element to successful reading or writing strategy instruction.

Top 4 Keyboards for Accessibility on iOS 8 - Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads Got an email or text message to send on your iPhone? Swipe it. Type it. Set a shortcut. Install a New Keyboard on iOS 8 In order to experience these keyboards, lets first cover the installation process: Download desired keyboard from the App StoreOpen Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New KeyboardSelect your keyboard from the “Third Party Keyboards” list As a general rule, while typing you can switch keyboards by tapping the globe icon in the bottom left corner. Top Four Keyboards 1. This is a FREE keyboard app available for iOS 8. Type less: SwiftKey learns your writing style to suggest your next word. 2. Why type when you can swipe? On this app, there are five different themes and languages to choose from. 3. Adaptxt is now available for iOS devices! Adaptxt is an award-winning, intuitive, multilingual keyboard that offers a customized input experience for users on all iOS devices. 4. Here are a few samples of possible abbreviations for commonly typed words or phrases:

udtechtoolkit - Home Text to Speech | TTS SDK | Speech Recognition (ASR) iOS8 iOS 8 is now available! Before you upgrade devices that are used by individuals with disabilities, check out our iOS 8 upgrade checklist tab to help you avoid any potential major issues. New iOS 8 Features Now that you have the iOS 8 upgrade checklist, here are some new features of iOS 8 that we thought you may like. Switch Control Switch Control is an accessibility feature that was first introduced in iOS 7. Switch Control gives a user the ability to control almost any aspect of their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with one or two external switches. Here are a few of the important changes that we’ve noticed in iOS 8. Scanning Pop-up Menu When scanning and a switch is clicked, a pop-up menu of options appears on the screen. The amount of options that initially shows on screen has changed. Inside of the menu, when there are multiple rows of options, only the row that is selected is highlighted/active. Word Prediction Better word prediction is now integrated into iOS 8.

Teacher Training Should Start Before iPad Deployment Professional Development Teacher Training Should Start Before iPad Deployment ELL instructors, like those in other disciplines, are discovering the benefits of iPads in the classroom. When iPads suddenly populate English language learner classrooms, teachers often face a steep adoption curve. Bloom, who also teaches an iPad training session for ELL teachers, said that even before they begin to use iPads in their classrooms, the first step is to get the devices into the teachers' hands and then allow a minimum half-day training session. Bloom's training regimen starts with an overview of the iPad's features, then moves on to "everything they needed to know about the device and how to use it." "Our philosophy around professional development--and it's been very successful thus far--is frequent, relevant, and collaborative," said Connolly, who fosters creative collaboration among instructors using an iPad for the first time.

ABC2MP3 Listen to news, websites and documents with SoundGecko :: SoundGecko Find, Share and Recommend iOS and Mac Apps Which Are Accessible To Blind And Low Vision Users | AppleVis Here at AppleVis we strive to make it easier for you to find great apps to use on your Macs and iDevices. iOS Apps iOS App Directory Our main resource for iDevice users is the iOS App Directory, which currently contains user-submitted information on the accessibility of more than 2500 apps. View the latest entries in the iOS App Directory Browse the iOS App Directory by category Browse the iOS App Directory by app name View a list of iOS apps that have been developed specifically for the blind or people with low vision Use our Advanced Search to find iOS apps Submit an app to the iOS App Directory iOS App Recommendations Whilst browsing the iOS App Directory, we encourage all registered site members to flag the apps that they would recommend to other VoiceOver users. View the latest iOS apps to be recommended View a list of the most recommended iOS apps Mac Apps Mac App Directory Our main resource for Mac users is the Mac App Directory. View the latest entries in the Mac App Directory

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