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Vivre dans une maison de hobbit

Vivre dans une maison de hobbit

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How To Build an Earth Sheltered Greenhouse - Natural Health I had a dream once. - I am standing in a vast green summer field looking down into the earth. The ground is a large glass roof in the shape of a cross. I can see tropical plants and seedlings flourish in the warm, light flooded space beneath. There is a sacredness to the space that is breathtaking. - I woke up and remembered both the beauty and impossibility of the vivid dream. Plants growing happily underneath the earth? The perfect Cucumber Trellis « Women Who Run With Delphiniums The perfect Cucumber Trellis Subscribe in a reader Today Mr. Heating Water With a Wood Stove Yes it can be done, but it is not easy, cheap, or without risks. As oil, gas and electricity prices rise, we get more mail here at asking about heating water with wood stoves. This is a complicated issue and, while we understand the interest and have some relevant experience, we don't want to mislead anyone. With that in mind, please note that this is not intended to be seminar on how to go about heating water with your wood stove. In-floor radiant heating systems are all the rage these days because of highly successful marketing campaigns by equipment suppliers.

Plastic Bottle Homes and Greenhouses Homes made from Plastic Bottles + Greenhouses, too! plastic bottle house plastic bottle house Eco-Tec's Ecoparque El Zamorano, Honduras. Ecological House: Constructed with 8,000 bottles with composting toilets and a solar water heating system. Eco-Dome: Moon Cocoon - Cal-Earth Building Designs The Eco-Dome is a small home design of approximately 400 square feet (40 sq. meters) interior space. It consists of a large central dome, surrounded by four smaller niches and a wind-scoop, in a clover leaf pattern. Learning and building an Eco-Dome is the next stage after building a small emergency shelter and provides hands-on learning experience in the essential aspects of Superadobe construction. It's small size of approximately 400 square feet (interior space), makes it a manageable structure for the first time owner builder. The finished "very small house" is self-contained and can become a small guest house, studio apartment, or be the first step in a clustered design for community use in an Eco-Village of vaults and domes. Built from local earth-filled Superadobe coils (earth stabilized with cement or lime).Tree free.Maximum use of space through alternative options.

ArchiWorkshop Unveils Gorgeous 'Glamping' Tents Shaped Like Doughnuts Some people like to rough it in the great outdoors, but for those looking for a more glamorous approach to camping there's always the option of "glamping." South Korean studio ArchiWorkshop recently jumped on this trend with the launch of two high-tech "Glamping for Glampers" tents. The low-impact designs offer eco-luxe accommodations for those who prefer to experience the outdoors in comfort and style.

A guide to building an off-grid rocket stove sauna The rocket stove fire brick chamber stands on a stone slab [see No.2] which was later buried in pea gravel [No.3] forming the floor of the sauna. This will allow water poured on the stove, to make steam, to drain out of the base of the sauna to the ground. Just as flexible branches were used by the Lakota people to form the dome of their sweat lodges so too does the SunDog sauna [No. 4] but rather than using skins this lodge uses woven straw dipped in clay slip (a clay paste with the consistency of thick cream). The straw was woven [No.5] rather like a wattle to create insulation and a substrate to add layers of cob [No.6] and finally clay plaster [No.7].

The Rocket-Powered Shower Plan for our Rocket-Powered hot water system for the Basecamp shower + bath block Spending all your day gathering sticks for a hot shower is just no fun. No fun at all. Underground Home Designs - Swiss Mountain House Rocks! Like this article? Share it: In underground home designs, this unusual house plan is the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This underground home, located in the Swiss village of Vals, is set amidst a cluster of mountain houses and if you don’t look carefully you might miss it! The most striking thing about this stone house is the majestic Alpine view through a wide, elliptical opening in the hillside, revealing spacious outdoor entertaining areas that lead to the home’s main entrance. Another entrance from a nearby barn leads residents and guests through an underground pathway, providing an alternate entryway into the home.

PAHS - Umbrella House Figure 1 Geodome, the first umbrella home (in idealized form), maintains a 66° to 74° temperature year-round without heating equipment in western Montana’s cold climate. In summer, solar heat radiates in, falls on internal surfaces, and is absorbed into the surrounding soil. The umbrella traps heat in the dry soil until winter, when it migrates back into the house. Adding convection-driven earth tubes would modify the internal temperature by conveying outside air in. Figure 2 Twenty feet under the surface, the soil temperature reflects the average ambient air temperature during the year. In effect, the umbrella raises this constant temperature zone to the surface and allows the house to warm it further.

Casa Solare combines rustic design and energy self-sufficiency This very unusual small tower house sits at an elevation of 5,700 feet in the Italian Alps. Casa Solare was designed by Milan’s Studio Albori to look “undesigned”, as if no professional architect had been involved in its planning. Not only that, it looks as if no professional carpenter had been involved in its construction. Roofs slope at odd angles, the cladding is missing from one wall, extensions jut out at random, and there is no sign of symmetry or order to be found anywhere. Step inside and you will see unfinished OSB used as a wall finish, wooden boxes screwed to the walls for kitchen storage, and rustic furniture made from scrap lumber.

How to Build a “Hoop House” Glides Open and Closed If you’re fond of growing vegetables in your own yard, you will be searching for ways to keep them safe from pests and bad weather. In the same time, vegetables need sun and fresh air. But how can you combine the both? Our rocket stove water heater: 2.5 years on *Update* – Since writing this article, we’ve deconstructed, improved, reconstructed and cobbed this rocket stove. Have a look here. Way back in the summer of 2009, we built a rocket stove water heater so we could have hot showers at Milkwood. What a revolution. And 2.5 years later, our rocket powered shower is, surprisingly, still going strong. Since we get a lot of questions (and comments from warm, clean farm visitors) about this home-made hot water rig, I thought I’d do a little appraisal of the system: how it’s fared and what we’ve learned from such a simple, effective system for happily heated water.

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