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That artist woman

That artist woman
Here is part 2 of the inchie tutorial. We will be making these 3 inches, Canadian Shield, Atlantic, and Great Lakes region. MATERIALS REQUIRED:- wc paper inches cut to 3"x3"- scrap piece of heavy paper- white tissue paper- glue- green painter's tape- disk tempera paint- acrylic paint, black, white, red, yellow, orange- fine black and red sharpie- cotton Q tip- pencil- yellow and white oil pastels- white streamer- iridescent glitter glue Canadian Shield: Give each student a scrap piece of heavy paper. This can be scraps of wc paper, card stock, etc. Have them spread some glue over the paper.

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CurkovicArtUnits / FrontPage "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." -Edgar Degas Dear Readers, Woven Tree Wall Hanging As part of Grade 1's weaving unit we will be making this Spring Tree wall hanging. This is also a good project in the Fall using autumn colors. As a child I remember a macrame version of these trees on a metal hoop but I could not find the instructions anywhere for the life of me so I came up with this version for the students.

Pineapple Paintbrush: Shop Class PDFs The Intro to Art Class PDF includes 57 pages of pictures and step-by-step instructions of all the online class projects, printable worksheets, plus BONUS projects. You can purchase the PDF for $15 and you are allowed to make 3 copies for each PDF that you buy. They would make great gifts for children, friends, teachers, family members, neighbors and more. Here is some more specific information about the PDF: It is the Intro to Art Class geared for 4 - 6 year olds It is 57 pages long

ART LESSONS LIBRARY Looking for an art lesson? Click on any of the three categories below to show you my collection of lessons, posts and tutorials for each topic…. Nature Crafts for Kids Weaving, Free Nature Crafts from found objects Inspired but nature. All you do now is look for interesting things to weave in-between the twine, try anything; twigs, leaves, feathers whatever you find. We live close to the beach so when I do this activity with Ben, Dan and their friends we use anything we find on the shore; seaweed, bits of old string, sometimes a bit of manmade stuff, it's all part of the fun of using whatever's around you. Inspired by Nature Anatomy & Book Give-Away How many times have you done a lesson on a butterfly and your second graders know more about butterfly anatomy than you do? I used to struggle to remember whether the body was called a thorax or abdomen. I fear no longer. This book is your side-pocket secret to enhancing any art project. Want to name the insects in this bug drawing project? This book will help.

Pastels Plus Links to Tutorials - Hodgepodge Welcome to our Hodgepodge free listing of chalk pastels, acrylics and video art tutorials for all ages. This list of free tutorials is always being updated. Rather than 50, we now have 100+ free art tutorials! Please scroll down for a list of printable lessons. Click on each link to view and print individually… Moebius (Möbius) strip in art and culture In 1858, two German mathematicians, August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing, independently discovered what is popularly known as the Möbius strip. The characteristic feature of Möbius strip is that it is a surface with single side. In its most simplest form a Moebius strip can be constructed out a a strip of paper which is twisted halfway and the ends joined together. If one were to start tracing a surface, by the time they complete one trace they find that they are tracing the opposite side of the paper than the one from which they started.

Wassily Kandinsky Notebooking Study I’ve had this resource post in my drafts for a while. On one of our many trips to the library this summer, we found an awesome art book that helped spark our idea to look into history through the eyes of art for Raven’s 7th grade transcript. Since Wassily Kandinsky is one of her favorite artists of all time, she chose him for her first artist study of the year. We haven’t really done artist studies in the past, but she has studied various artists in co-op class back in Kansas. This post contains affiliate links. For more details please see my full disclosure. 7 Artists Who Create Magical, Miniature Worlds For as long as there’s been art, there’s also been really, really tiny art. Yet miniatures are usually relegated to a tiny corner in a museum (pun intended). Which is exactly what makes Otherworldly, a current exhibition at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, so wondrous: This just might be the largest exhibition of miniature contemporary art ever assembled, featuring 37 artists.

Tintoretto: Masterpieces in Colour Welcome to Homeschool Commons! If you're new to the site you might want to subscribe by email at the right or add the RSS feed to your feed reader. Thanks for visiting! Paper Fashion Linus makes things out of paper, things like costumes, animal heads and bodily fluids. These things will amaze you. via Upon a Fold Women Painters Of The World Welcome to Homeschool Commons! If you're new to the site you might want to subscribe by email at the right or add the RSS feed to your feed reader. Thanks for visiting!