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+1 reporting in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Webmaster level: All It’s been a busy week for us here at the Googleplex. First we released +1 buttons to Google search sites globally, then we announced the beginning of the Google+ project. Best People To Follow On Google Plus – Google Friend Connect Buzz Here’s my list of the top people to follow on Google Plus, a work in progress, so feel free to suggest a catagory or person to follow on Google+ in the comments below All profiles have Google Verified Names badges or I know them personallyNeed a G+ invite, just ask in the comments belowHang out with me, Chris Lang, on Google+ here…..On Sept. 5th, Google+ added their own recommended users page Google Natalie Villalobos (CM G+)Kelly Ellis (G+ coder)Kathleen Ko (G+ coder)Toby Stein, CM G+Brian Rose, CM G+ PhotosEvan Steinberg, CM G+ MobileBrian Glick (YouTube PM)Brenda Anderson (Picnik)Jacky Hayward, CM ChromeMelissa Daniels, CM Chrome OSMark Harrison, CM SketchUpJonathan Lally, CM VoiceVanessa Schneider, CM PlacesSky Bintliff, CM PicnikKelly Fee, CM Web SearchTeresa Wu, CM DocsPaul Wilcox, CM MobileLisa Ding, CM BloggerSarah Price, CM GmailDaniel Mabasa, CM MapsAdrienne Ludwick, CM CalendarOlga Wichrowska (SWE)NEW Louis Gray (congrats)Jenny Murphy (dev program)

50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management Use these platforms to manage, measure, and analyze your social media marketing initiatives. To succeed in today’s connected world, you need to build a community around your company, brand, and products. Over the last decade, social media monitoring has become a primary form of business intelligence, used to identify, predict, and respond to consumer behavior. Listening to what your customers, competitors, critics, and supporters are saying about you is key to getting great results from your social media campaigns. There are countless tools out there, offering many ways to analyze, measure, display, and create reports about your engagement efforts.

Guardian of the Hole: where robotics meet sculptured beauty Steven On October 29, 2011 This amazing piece of mechanical sculpture is by Korean born artist U-Ram Choe, who is best known for his kinetic sculptures that are made out of acrylic and stainless steel and animated with robotics that developed and programmed by Choe. The Guardian of the Hole, which is a part of Choe’s first New York museum solo exhibition, was inspired by Shiva as Lord of the Dance sculpture owned by the Rockefeller’s and gave birth to Choe’s interpretation of a mythological tale of the guardians of two imaginary worlds. 6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals Are you including images in your social media content? Looking for easy-to-use tools to help you create images for your content strategy? If the idea of using Photoshop makes your head spin or hiring a graphic designer isn’t an option, there are many easy-to-use, low-cost alternatives available to you to create social media graphics. In this article, I’ll show you 6 easy tools that will help you create compelling graphics for social media. #1: Use PicMonkey’s Online Photo Editor to Take Your Images From Good to Glorious

Google+ Statistics Widget Code. Google+ Widget HTML Code As part of the Google+ project tracking tools, the statistics widget is the way in which we will all show our popularity to website visitors. The all new Google+ Statistics Widget is a section of code which displays the basics about your Google+ profile. Before you zoom off to get your own Google+ website widget code, please +1 this page! Instruction to get your Plus 1 Widget: First visit the social statistics website. Then in the top right hand corner of the web-page, you will see ‘Track your Google+ statistics’. Add Google+ Search to Chrome Want to search for Google+ posts and friends straight from your Chrome address bar? Follow these simple steps shown below: Google Plus Search in Chrome Steps: Right-click on chrome address-bar and select ‘Edit search engines…,” or open this URL: On the new page, under “Other search engines” add a new entry with following values: New Search Value Search for Profiles:

17 Battle-Tested Resources for Marketers Who Stink at Design You’re a smart marketer. You can do it too. Image made with Canva. Chime.In: The Social Network That Pays You To Post While Facebook has earned billions of dollars selling ads next to the content uploaded by their 800 million members, users haven't seen a dime from their posts. It's an arrangement that extends across many of the web's largest social networking sites -- and one serial entrepreneur Bill Gross plans to change. Gross, the CEO of UberMedia, which owns several popular social networking apps, is launching a new social media site on Tuesday,, that will effectively pay its users to contribute.

How to use the New Flickr for Search Within hours of the announcement of Yahoo!'s blockbuster purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 billion, they made another bold announcement that probably made a lot more users happy. Flickr, one of the most popular web services for sharing, storing and organizing photos, just got bigger and better. What's New First, the entire site has received a beautiful overhaul.

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