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Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr.
Activities Each of these activities gives you a quick way to learn how to do new things with ScratchJr. They are listed here in order of simplest to hardest, but feel free to play around in any order you'd like! Watch this video for a brief introduction to ScratchJr's interface... See more Pick a background and a character, and use a motion block to make a car drive across the city... Use the speed block to speed up or slow down a character... Learn how to make a character disappear... Learn how to add a new page to change scene... Make multiple characters with their own scripts... Learn how to use the repeat block to dribble a basketball... Use sound and motion blocks and a start again block to make characters dance... Use the envelope to send a message from one character to another... Send multiple messages among characters using different colored envelopes... Curricula You can print high quality images of the ScratchJr blocks for classroom instruction... Assessments

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StudyJams! Interactive Math and Science Activities Through real world examples presented in a multimedia format that kids enjoy, StudyJams! helps students understand the underlying concepts of math and science so they are better able to solve individual problems. StudyJams! are: Targeted and grade-appropriate StudyJams! is a great tool to complement your existing lesson plans and teach students using material that’s grade-appropriate. Teacher led Hour of Code lesson plans - by grade and subject Now that tens of thousands of educators have tried the Hour of Code, many classrooms are ready for more creative, less one-size-fits-all activities that teach the basics of computer science. To help teachers find inspiration, we collected and curated one-hour teacher-led lesson and activity plans designed for different subject areas for Hour of Code veterans. Elementary School Scratch Animate Your Name Ages 8 to 16.

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Making things... Learning Things [Note: Updated, April 22, 2015] App Name – ScratchJrCost – FreeWebsite – Tablets – iOS and AndroidDeveloped by – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts UniversityiOS Download – Download – What is ScratchJr? Scratch Jr is a tablet app that young children can use to create simple programs such as stories, games and animations. Adafruit July 27, 2016 AT 5:00 am This Tech Shirt Will Make You Hate Smoking and You’ll Love It @TheTechbrarian #WearableWednesday — by Leslie Birch Filed under: arduino, educators, fashion, leds-lcds, science, STEM, wearables, young engineers — Tags: arduino, diy, education, health, leds, STEM, Wearables, wearabletech, young engineers —

Scratch Jr. Tutorials for Primary Students Last week, I encouraged you to participate in this year’s Hour of Code. I know that guiding a classroom of students through an hour of programming can sound intimidating, particularly if you aren’t experienced in it yourself. The secret is to do as I have – admit to yourself that you know nothing and your students are smarter than you. Trust me, it makes life easier and a lot more enjoyable Any grade level can do the Hour of Code. Worksheets Posted by mleone in C. trackback C and R have been sharing ideas when creating resources. The following worksheets were developed to use when investigating the properties of Beebots. The worksheets are to be used to record results of investigations. 5 Construction Challenges for Kids This is a sponsored post. A construction based challenge can be an excellent project for encouraging children to think creatively, to solve problems and to express their own ideas using a range of practical materials. Construction challenges provide a fabulous platform for the development of a range of important study, work and life skills, including;

Scratching the Surface: coding with Year 2 So some of you may know that this year, after 13 years of being a primary classroom teacher, I've moved into a specialist teaching role as Head of Computing. This has been great for me and I'm really enjoying getting to teach kids all the way from age 4 to 11. With the switch from ICT to Computing and the increased focus on computer science, coding was naturally top of my list of content to develop and ensure progression across each year group. Our school was already in a great position since my predecessor had begun including the use of Scratch, Kodu and other software back in 2011. My aim though was to seek a wider range of software to help deliver unique learning opportunities in each year group. The release of Scratch Jr this summer really couldn't have come at a better time.

The 10 Best STEM Resources By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer Found In: mathematics, science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 Curriculum Resources 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2017 Listen to this post as a podcast (sponsored by Kiddom): To celebrate the launch of my brand-new, fully redesigned Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I’m hand-picking six ed tech tools that deserve more teachers’ attention. These are not all brand-new tools, but I thought each one offered something pretty special for the classroom. Check them out.