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3d Tutorials, Videos, and Downloads

3d Tutorials, Videos, and Downloads

Recursos Photoshop PERSONAS (casual) | Recursos Photoshop | parte1 | Descargar paquetes de Recursos Photoshop en formato .tif y .png. Siendo útiles para distintos fines y para que puedas incorporar a tus diseños en Photoshop u otro programa de diseño. Para descargar haz click sobre los botones de DESCARGA (color verde) Recomendamos Instalar la aplicación MEGA en tu Chrome o Firefox: *Instalar la aplicación MEGA es muy importante para evitar errores y hacer mas rápidas las descargas. Stone Placement Tools Author Name: Alessandro Ardolino This script creates stone walls, quad stones pavements and irregular stone patterns for various uses. It's suitable for both realtime and production. Additional Info:

Skymedias - Blog Content Creating a Next-Gen Environment Textures Software: Autodesk MayaAuthor: Daniel Vijoi (Lead Texture Artist of AMC Studio)Website: AMC Studio Hello, my name is Daniel Vijoi and I have been working in the gaming industry for 7 years. My current job is Lead Texture Artist at AMC Studio, a Romanian game development company based in Bucharest. During this time I worked on many projects like TestDrive Unlimited (Atari), Mercenaries 2, Saboteur (Pandemic Studios/EA), Pure (Blackrock Studios/DISNEY), Rise of Nations & Rise of Legends (BigHuge Games/THQ) and other exciting titles yet to be announced. I decided to write this tutorial as I noticed a certain lack of interest for game related environmental texturing in the 3d community.

3DS MAX , 783 Formation 3ds Max en vidéo sur TUTO Retour En savoir plus sur 3ds Max A quoi sert le logiciel 3ds Max Développé par la société américaine Autodesk, 3D Studio Max (appelé aussi 3Ds Max) est un logiciel entièrement dédié à la modélisation et l'animation 3D. Historique de ce logiciel Free 3dsMax & V-Ray Scene for Download 1 year ago Well I want to share this 3ds Max and Vray scene with you guys, this is a free realistic interior, so you can make some test with it and check the lighting, materials, camera setup, etc. Also the scene comes with the PSD file, so you can see my workflow with photoshop when making Post-production. Please do not distribute this scene, download from here or recommend the link, if you do not play well with me, I can not continue sharing stuff.

PHILIPK.NET Step by step tutorials for various materials Several step by step tutorials with tricks, tips and hints on howto create such materials ranging from sometimes involving sculpting in a program like Zbrush and sometimes just using Photoshop. Includes a .PSD with all layers for each tutorial. Click image to view the material tutorials. Skymedias - Blog Content Stanislav Klabik Sotware: autodesk 3dsmax, mudbox e-mail: s.klabik(at) portfolio 1: portfolio 2: Hi All, my name is Stanislav Klabík and I would like to show you the process of creation of my latest personal project Batman. I am not fan of commercial heroes like Spiderman, Batman or Superman, they are too heroic and "clean" for me ( I am a big fan of antihero Lobo, he is really badass and ultra violent;) ) But on the other hand, Batman is really cool for modeling and I decided to make him a bit different from usual thin athletic Batman.

Create Sea Anemones using Hair and Fur This tutorial is dedicated to the use of hair & fur in 3ds max, a modifier that grows hair and fur over any object. Usually hair & fur is used to generate hair: in tufts, sparse, curly, long, short, braids, etc. ... but rarely used for other purposes. This short tutorial will show you how to create and animate sea anemones in a few clicks. Sea anemones are a group of water dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria; they are named after the anemone, a terrestrial flower. Create a seabed modifying a plane as you like.

BEST FREE RENDER TEXTURES 3D Studio Max -> Быстрая ретопология, тряпичных поверхностей. Хочу представить вашему вниманию один свой не большой видео урок по ретопологии достаточно сложной поверхности. Урок в основном больше годится для тех людей которые моделят одежду, работают с тканью и часто используют такой модификатор как "Garment maker". Многим известно, какая получается геометрия при его использовании и как тяжело с ней в дальнейшем работать, с ней очень плохо работает подификатор Meshsmooth, и программы Mudbox, Zbrush и сама сетка выглядит не красиво, так как полностью состоит из треугольников. Я придумал достаточно не типичный, но эффективный способ её ретопологии. Для этого нам понадобится, MAX, урок происходит в 2012 версии, но всё, что там показано можно делать и предыдущих версиях.

TheCGBro Welcome to TheCGBros and thanks for tuning in to our channel! Our mission is to bring you HD-quality professional content, insights and digital inspiration from around the world. You'll find only the best and latest in Digital Art creation including VFX, 3D Animation, Student and Independent Short Films, Motion Graphics Design, Behind The Scenes/Breakdowns, 3D Software Tutorials, and much much more... Get plugged in to what other artists are doing today, and get a glimpse of what's coming in the future. At TheCGBros, you'll find what you need to save time and money, and the inspiration to drive your personal and professional projects to the next level.

View topic - Tutorial; Brick Arch (Baking Multiple Maps in 3dsmax) This tutorial will show you how to build a brick arch and then bake diffuse and normal maps from a high poly model using the projection modifier. Baking multiple maps using the Projection Modifier in 3dsmax8 by Michael Bartlett Introduction.In this tutorial you will learn how to produce diffuse maps and normal maps in 3dsmax using the projection modifier. As an example I’ll show you how to make a simple brick archway. I hope I can explain this in a simple way, as it’s really quite a simple technique. SoulburnScripts Would you like to be notified the next time I add scripts to this page? Join the SoulburnScripts Mailing List! Click here to Subscribe to the list. Click here to Unsubscribe. Send the resulting email (no subject or body necessary) and you'll be added.

tutorial: fixing mirrored normal map seams OK warby I found something similar to what you're saying. I think you're using unsigned normal maps, which for your engine means a 128 color is considered a non-bent normal (pointing straight up on X/red). Here's a quote from one of our graphics programmers: Signed normal maps are useful for helping to hide tangent space seams that exist because of mirroring. Such a seam can only be hidden if the normals on either side of the seam are not bent along the mirrored axis.