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25 Lethal & Legal Weapons

25 Lethal & Legal Weapons
How awesome is this? If you’re into vigilantism, dress up like an old man and hobble around on one of these canes. Then when some young hoodlum ups and tries to take your money, it’s en garde! Or also you can just show off your sword cane. Handles come in dragon, wolf, “stern eagle,” serpent, skull, and puppy! Buy: Swords Direct

Not Your Daddy’s Shotgun: A Look at Some Modern Shotgun Innovations “That ain’t your daddy’s shotgun, Cowboy” Looking at some of the newest scattergun technology, the average observer would likely agree.The shotgun concept is as old as gunpowder, but that doesn’t mean innovation has stopped. Quite the contrary: many people are once again looking at the shotgun as an effective tool for self defense and hunting, while others never left the platform. Here are just a few of the modern ideas surrounding the old smoothbore. Kel-Tec KSG One of the most popular new guns at the 2011 SHOT Show was the KSG 12 gauge shotgun from Kel-Tec.

27 Amazing Graphic Novels For Readers New To The Genre So, you want to try comics, but are turned off by the history? You don’t want to memorize 60 years of X-Men characters, or why there have been four different versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes? Luckily, there are a ton of absolutely amazing graphic novels out there, that require no outside knowledge, just an open mind. Here are 27 graphic novels, perfect for someone new to the medium, presented in no particular order. Akiko Tactical Supergrade It is possible to combine breath-taking aesthetics and absolute function in a single pistol and that is exactly what we have done in our finest defensive pistol - the Tactical Supergrade. Hand crafted from carbon steel, the Tactical Supergrade is optimized for use as the ultimate defensive handgun - which happens to have the beauty and workmanship that have made the Wilson Combat® Supergrades the standard to which all other custom pistols are compared. The Tactical Supergrade redefines the term "state of the art" in every way possible. The Tactical Supergrade is simply the finest full-size defensive pistol in today's market.

Doomsday Dashboard - Doomsday Preppers The Web Series Selling Survival New web series goes inside the world of prepper expos with casting director Brooklyn Bagwell. Latest Webisode 5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness Much of the brain is still mysterious to modern science, possibly because modern science itself is using brains to analyze it. There are probably secrets the brain simply doesn't want us to know. But by no means should that stop us from tinkering around in there, using somewhat questionable and possibly dangerous techniques to make our brains do what we want. We can't vouch for any of these, either their effectiveness or safety. Machine Gun Shootout // Current To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years. Your contributions helped make a vibrant place for discussing thousands of interesting stories, and your continued viewership motivated us to keep innovating and find new ways to reflect the voice of the people. We now welcome the on-air and digital presence of Al Jazeera America, a new news network committed to reporting on and investigating real stories affecting the lives of everyday Americans in every corner of the country. You can keep up with what's new on Al Jazeera America and see this new brand of journalism for yourself at

Whisky Wishlist From specialized glasses to carved out booze books, there’s a number of ways to take your love of whiskey to another level. While our go to drink will always be sweet, sweet beer, evenings with our old pals Johnny, Jack and Jim are scheduled fairly regularly. Here are our favorite whiskey-related products so you can channel your inner Don Draper: 1. Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass – $15

SOFEX: The Business of War The Dillon Aero M134D Gatling Gun, a “six-barreled, electrically driven machine gun chambered in 7.62mm NATO that fires at a fixed rate of 3,000 shots per minute.” It was one of countless killing machines featured at SOFEX. Photo courtesy of Dillon Aero. “You know, it’s weird, man.