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Dangerous Dog Boston

Dangerous Dog Boston

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Trump calls GOP coronavirus proposal 'semi-irrelevant' as deal appears far off President Trump on Tuesday called the Senate Republicans' coronavirus relief package "semi-irrelevant" when asked whether he supported the legislation at a news conference, underscoring the deep divides between the White House, congressional Republicans and congressional Democrats as lawmakers scramble to pass something in the coming days. At the end of this week, extra unemployment benefits approved in previous legislation will expire just as millions of Americans will need to pay their rent. Yet Senate Republicans are struggling to rally behind their own $1 trillion proposal, as negotiations with Senate Democrats are set to ramp up. Then the bill will have to clear the Democrat-controlled House, which passed its own $3 trillion billion bill in May. Trump appeared to be attuned to that reality when asked whether there were any provisions in the GOP proposal that he doesn't support.

James Mattis: Trump's former defence secretary denounces president Image copyright Reuters Former US Defence Secretary James Mattis has denounced President Donald Trump, accusing him of stoking division and abusing his authority. In rare public comments, Mr Mattis said the president had sought to "divide" the American people and had failed to provide "mature leadership". He said he was "angry and appalled" by Mr Trump's handling of recent unrest. In response, the president described Mr Mattis as an "overrated general" and said he was glad he had left the post. Coronavirus: Trump contradicts nurse about 'sproadic' PPE availability Upon his departure from the White House, President Trump discusses an internal administration report on the potential COVID-19 death toll for May USA TODAY WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump contradicted a nurse who mentioned that the availability of personal protective equipment has been "sporadic" during an Oval Office event Wednesday to recognize National Nurses Day. Sophia Thomas, president of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners, said there are "pockets" around the country without sufficient protective medical equipment as health care professionals battle the coronavirus.

The pleasures of Small Sport can help us all through lockdown So, how’s quarantine going for you? For me, perhaps the most striking discovery of the past couple of weeks is the revelation that my many deferred and undone tasks – the books not read, the films not watched, the camera rolls not tidied, the shelves not rearranged – were never meant to be done at all. Shakespeare may famously have written King Lear while in plague quarantine but then Shakespeare never had to contend with Instagram Stories, internet chess and an online quiz with the irresistible title “Name Every England Test Cricketer of the 2010s”. (Ajmal Shahzad is the one that gets most people.) Despite this new abundance of spare time, then, my to-do list remains as stubbornly considerable as ever and it occurs to me now that in compiling these endless, sprawling lists – “buy compost”, “print wedding photos”, “sew holes in socks” – I was articulating not a genuine need but an archetype. Perhaps it’s possible to read into all this things that are not really there.

Jacksonville Property Management Jacksonville Property ManagementAbout UsVacation GuideContact Us Hours Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5:30PM Sat, Sun: 8AM - 3PM Vacation Property Management Services in Greater Jacksonville iTrip Vacations Florida First Coast serves vacation rental homeowners and guests in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. Homeowners who list with iTrip receive: Trump campaign considering possible convention acceptance speech from White House lawn The Trump Campaign is considering the possibility of having President Trump deliver his convention acceptance speech from the South Lawn at the White House, a source familiar with the talks told Fox News on Tuesday. The source noted it’s just one of several options the campaign is considering, but told Fox News nothing has been finalized. The discussions come as the convention details remain in flux, and as the campaign and the Republican National Committee continue to adjust their plans amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last month, the Trump campaign and the RNC dramatically downscaled the convention by canceling planned celebratory events in Jacksonville, Fla., amid a surge in cases in the state, and refocused their attention to convention business back in the original convention site of Charlotte, N.C. The Washington Post first reported the South Lawn as a possible location for Trump’s nationally televised nomination acceptance speech.

Stalled vaccine programmes 'putting children's lives at risk' Image copyright Juan Haro Millions of children could die from preventable disease because of severe disruptions to vaccination programmes caused by coronavirus, experts warn. At least 68 countries have been affected - with some stopping vaccination campaigns completely. Trump says coronavirus worse 'attack' than Pearl Harbor Media playback is unsupported on your device US President Donald Trump has described the coronavirus pandemic as the "worst attack" ever on the United States, pointing the finger at China. Mr Trump said the outbreak had hit the US harder than the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in World War Two, or the 9/11 attacks two decades ago. His administration is weighing punitive actions against China over its early handling of the global emergency.

Spanish flu survivor, 107, on her nursing home's coronavirus lockdown: 'It's like we're in jail' Myrtle Hooper was born the year the Titanic sank. She has lived through two world wars and recalls her parents talking in worried tones about the Spanish flu. Now, at the age of 107, she is facing another global crisis from behind the closed doors of a Swan Hill nursing home. “It is very like we are in jail,” Hooper says. “We are not allowed to have anyone here and nobody is allowed to go out.”

Another day of record coronavirus cases as more states rethink mask mandate There are at least 2,739,092 cases of coronavirus nationwide. The previous record set on Wednesday was 51,174. As the numbers skyrocket, some states are having a change of heart on face coverings to combat the spread of cornavirus. Texas has mandated that residents wear masks in public in hopes that the number of coronavirus cases will start shrinking. The nation's second most-populous state won't allow people who are in counties with 20 or more active Covid-19 cases to go out without a face covering. About 95% of Texans live in those areas.