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Women of Google+

Women of Google+
Articles Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg Downloading a Kindle copy today of the new book by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg today felt like my birthday, only instead of cake and getting older, I felt inspired and lighter. Even though I’m an author and love book reviews on my work, I rarely take the time myself to leave a review. Today was different. I felt it important to write a review of “Lean In”.

How To Find Local Influencers On Google Plus Google has been making a big deal out of privacy lately, but Google+ just launched a slew of new features designed to make people easier to find. I am particularly intrigued by the new Ripples feature, which allows you to see who has shared a post and track it as it gets shared by others. It is, in fact, like watching a ripple. Ripples strikes me as much more of a feature for marketers than for consumers. I suppose Google+ wants to attract power users who typically have more of a marketing mindset than the average Joe.

Google+ Female Users Increasing, Still Lagging Other Networks Google+ seemed like a boys club at first, but recent estimates point to a growing number of women using the Internet search giant's social networking service. Just this week, Paul Allen of FamilyLink and fame said a third of Google+ users are now female. That's a big jump from previous guesses that put the percentage at a quarter, a tenth or even less.

Best People To Follow On Google Plus – Google Friend Connect Buzz Here’s my list of the top people to follow on Google Plus, a work in progress, so feel free to suggest a catagory or person to follow on Google+ in the comments below All profiles have Google Verified Names badges or I know them personallyNeed a G+ invite, just ask in the comments belowHang out with me, Chris Lang, on Google+ here…..On Sept. 5th, Google+ added their own recommended users page Google Natalie Villalobos (CM G+)Kelly Ellis (G+ coder)Kathleen Ko (G+ coder)Toby Stein, CM G+Brian Rose, CM G+ PhotosEvan Steinberg, CM G+ MobileBrian Glick (YouTube PM)Brenda Anderson (Picnik)Jacky Hayward, CM ChromeMelissa Daniels, CM Chrome OSMark Harrison, CM SketchUpJonathan Lally, CM VoiceVanessa Schneider, CM PlacesSky Bintliff, CM PicnikKelly Fee, CM Web SearchTeresa Wu, CM DocsPaul Wilcox, CM MobileLisa Ding, CM BloggerSarah Price, CM GmailDaniel Mabasa, CM MapsAdrienne Ludwick, CM CalendarOlga Wichrowska (SWE)NEW Louis Gray (congrats)Jenny Murphy (dev program)

The Art Of Google+ Comments : The World Guy Kawasaki offers advice on how to deal with the inundation of unproductive Google+ comments. October 03, 2011 For awhile, Google+ was a beautiful swimming pool filled with enchanting people making substantial, supportive and serene comments. Then hell broke loose On Sept. 21, 2011 when Google+ opened for anyone to join. Overnight, posts were inundated with clueless, crass or callous comments—is it possible to be nostalgic about the good old days when those days were only a few weeks ago? On Sept. 22 I felt like I woke up feeling discouraged. Google will not run Circles around Facebook, but it gets a +1 Brian Solis inShare524 While there are already countless articles about Google+ and many more sharing up-to-the-minute statistics to emerge from the burgeoning network, I reserved my thoughts until now. I needed time to think about it. Part FriendFeed, part Google Buzz, part Facebook, part and all of its properties, Google Plus represents a fresh approach to social engagement not seen at this level since the early days of Twitter. In the U.S., we have only a few top traditional TV networks, CBS, ABC, and NBC. In social networking, we now have a top three to compete for the online attention of not only Americans, but also the world–Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Add Google+ Search to Chrome Want to search for Google+ posts and friends straight from your Chrome address bar? Follow these simple steps shown below: Google Plus Search in Chrome Steps: Right-click on chrome address-bar and select ‘Edit search engines…,” or open this URL: On the new page, under “Other search engines” add a new entry with following values: New Search Value Search for Profiles: How to Optimize Your Google+ Business Page As a new page owner, I’ve been studying hundreds of Google+ brand profiles to keep track of how pages engage people. I’ve also been studying everything from page photo strips to how brands are utilizing hangouts and seeking to circle subscribers. Here is my growing list of optimization strategies I’m using on the Google+ page: 1. Keep your page tag line under 21 characters if you don’t want words getting cut When people roll their mouse over your page icon when searching for pages, they will see your page name and the first 31 characters of your page tag line/description.

Elgan: Why Twitter is obsolete Opinion July 23, 2011 07:00 AM ET Computerworld - The microblogging service Twitter debuted five years ago, and by all accounts it's one of the great success stories of the social media era. Twitter boasts 200 million users and 350 billion tweets per day, and it's a ubiquitous reference on mainstream TV. Visit Twitter today, and it's a hive of frenetic activity. Millions of people rely on the service for news, commentary, blog updates and social interaction. How to Find People on Google Plus (Google+) If Google Plus continues to experience the kind of incredible traction it has garnered over the past couple of weeks, it will quickly be a major network. If you are looking to find people or source candidates, it should offer a unique way to both search for and find profiles and then organize profiles with the Circles technology. To follow up with an article about recruiting with Google+, we wanted to discuss ways to search and find people on Google Plus. The problem is, there aren’t many specialized services developed yet.

Google+: The Complete Guide Using Google+? Add Mashable to your circles. You'll get the latest about new Google+ features and tips and tricks for using the platform as well as top social media and technology news. Google Plus Business Profiles Are Coming Q3, Analytics and All Companies clamoring to build a presence on Google's new social network have a few more months to wait. Business profiles are coming to Google Plus around the third quarter of this year, according to a story on VentureBeat. While Google hasn't revealed many details about what the brand profiles will include, a Google representative told VentureBeat that users should expect "a level of analytics and measurement that you'd typically find in Google products," hinting at the inclusion of analytics in business accounts. Google is urging brands to wait for these official business profiles rather than set up their own, which the company said would not be able to be automatically migrated once the brand profiles launch.

How Google's +1 Button Affects SEO Since the days of Google Buzz, the +1 button has been a mystery to users and content producers alike. It's different from Facebook's "Like" button, in that it doesn't directly share content to a user's social stream. But the cultivation of a social graph has long been the goal of Google, and its connection to search was likely inevitable. Google defines the +1 as a feature to help people discover and share relevant content from the people they already know and trust. Google+ begins massive cull of perceived 'real name policy' violators - National Technology Follow me on Twitter and on Facebook Google has said that it wants Google+ accounts to use real names and personal profiles, at least until it rolls out "Business Profiles." That said, over the weekend, it's been reported that Google+ has begun a massive campaign of culling those it feels have crossed over the line of its "real name policy," doing so without warning, and sometimes deleting all of their Google accounts, not just G+. Some of these people aren't even using pseudonyms, but instead are using nicknames that they have been known by publicly for years. Others are people that you would expect to have a right to use a pseudonym, such as rapper "Doctor Popular."