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Fish: Food & Water Watch Gives You the Facts Fish Farming Many fish-lovers would be horrified to learn that huge quantities of fish and shrimp are now being grown in giant nets, cages, and ponds where antibiotics, hormones and pesticides mingle with disease and waste. These industrialized aquaculture facilities are rapidly replacing natural methods of fishing that have been used to catch fresh, wild seafood for millennia. Matrix of Evil Some of the best minds in the country, coming from different sectors of the political spectrum combine in this film to expose an intricate web of deceitful wickness controlling America today. Matrix of Evil contains footage from speeches and conversations with Alex Jones, Congressman Ron Paul, Colonel Craig Roberts, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Frank Morales which cover and include: How the private banks control the military-industrial complex; Expert analyzes of the USA Patriot Act and the latest police state developments; Globalist financial policies pushing America and the world into depression; Most importantly, Matrix of Evil is chock-full of solutions. All of the dynamic people interviewed for this film agreed that there is a massive awakening taking place in America to the criminal activities of the global elite. ( Excerpt from ) Watch the full documentary now

Spread of GM plants out of control in many countries A global overview shows GM maize, rice, cotton, oilseed rape, bentgrass, and poplar trees are spreading uncontrollably. Download full report at: Contamination in biodiversity will burden following generations Testbiotech, 12 November 2013, Monsanto / Topics / Resources Students greet the President of Monsanto Canada testifying at Agriculture Committee hearings in Guelph, Feb 9, day of the vote on Bill C-474. Monsanto Quick Facts Monsanto • is the largest seed company in the world (accounted for 23% of the world’s commercial seed market in 2007).

Seed contamination Foreign seeds can be caught anywhere, including these harvested flax seeds Seed contamination is the mixing of seeds used for agriculture with other seeds which are not desirable or soil (which may carry seeds). An example would be mixing corn seed with weed seed. These contaminant seeds can be either common weeds or other crop seeds. In genetic engineering, seed contamination may refer to unwanted genes found in a seed, or pieces of DNA from other genetically engineered seeds.

FIX FOOD Info Graphic Genetically Engineered Food Facts Corn and Soybeans, the two most widely planted crops in America and ingredients in many processed foods and animal feeds, are predominantly genetically engineered (GE). For more information visit: Our Partner Obama defends NSA surveillance programs as 'right balance' - The Hill's Video President Obama on Friday defended a pair of recently disclosed surveillance programs as striking the “right balance” between national security and civil liberties following a speech Friday in California. “You can't have 100 percent security and also have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience. We're going to have to make some choices as a government,” Obama said.

Protester receives death threat over anti-Monsanto protest in Argentina Winner of the Goldman Prize, Sofía Gatica, is said to have received a death threat from a suspected Monsanto mercenary. Protesters in Argentina continue to block construction of what is planned to be the biggest Monsanto plant in Latin America. They have occupied the construction site in Malvinas, Argentina for about two months now and Monsanto stands accused of resorting to intimidation tactics to try and remove them. Sign the petition to support the brave protesters at Monsanto Malvinas: See the protesters' Facebook page here: For more on Sofía Gatica and the the Mothers of Ituzaingó opposing Monsanto:

Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Roundup; kills remaining queens The "rope test" for foulbrood The Illinois Ag Dept. illegally seized privately owned bees from renowned naturalist, Terrence Ingram, without providing him with a search warrant and before the court hearing on the matter, reports Prairie Advocate News. Behind the obvious violations of his Constitutional rights is Monsanto. Ingram was researching Roundup’s effects on bees, which he’s raised for 58 years.

Do GMO Crops Really Have Higher Yields? According to the biotech industry, genetically modified (GM) crops are a boon to humanity because they allow farmers to "generate higher crop yields with fewer inputs," as the trade group Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) puts it on its web page. Buoyed by such rhetoric, genetically modified seed giant Monsanto and its peers have managed to flood the corn, soybean, and cotton seed markets with two major traits: herbicide resistance and pesticide expression—giving plants the ability to, respectively, withstand regular lashings of particular herbicides and kill bugs with the toxic trait of Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt. Turns out, though, that both assertions in BIO's statement are highly questionable. Washington State University researcher Charles Benbrook has demonstrated that the net effect of GMOs in the United States has been an increase in use of toxic chemical inputs. That may be true, but it's a long way from "generating higher crop yields with fewer inputs."

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) According to the World Health Organization, Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs) are "organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally."1 This technology is also referred to as "genetic engineering", "biotechnology" or "recombinant DNA technology" and consists of randomly inserting genetic fragments of DNA from one organism to another, usually from a different species. For example, an artificial combination of genes that includes a gene to produce the pesticide Cry1Ab protein (commonly known as Bt toxin), originally found in Bacillus thuringiensis, is inserted in to the DNA of corn randomly. Both the location of the transferred gene sequence in the corn DNA and the consequences of the insertion differ with each insertion. The plant cells that have taken up the inserted gene are then grown in a lab using tissue culture and/or nutrient medium that allows them to develop into plants that are used to grow GM food crops.2

Best Torrents: The Top 30 Torrent Download Sites of 2013 Updated May 11, 2016. Disclaimer: does not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please use good judgment when using a torrent file-sharing site. This list is in random order. This list reflects a collection of reader suggestions. THE FAKE PERSUADERS Monsanto's World Wide Web of Deceit Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet George Monbiot, Tuesday May 14, 2002, The Guardian Persuasion works best when it's invisible. The most effective marketing worms its way into our consciousness, leaving intact the perception that we have reached our opinions and made our choices independently.

Who Owns Organic (click on the poster image above to view a quick loading larger version, and then click on it again for even larger detail) Download High Resolution PDF for printing purposes Download text-only PDF In 1995 there were 81 independent organic processing companies in the United States. A decade later, Big Food had gobbled up all but 15 of them.