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Simple-Kanban | The one file kanban board application zangles leeuwarden, zangles friesland - Gina de wit - Pretty CSS3 buttons I’ve come across quite a few sites that explain how to create flexible CSS3 buttons but i’ve never really spent the time to implement one until i found a great little write up courtesy of the guys over at the Zurb blog who have a fantastic post on creating CSS3 buttons. So i’ve taken their example and tweaked it to fit my needs. It’s worth noting that if your using Internet explorer you’re not going to see all these effects as IE still doesn’t support CSS3. Compatible CSS3 browsers are, Safari, Chrome and FireFox 3+. The Objective We want to create a set of styles that are both cross browser compliant and degrade gracefully for non CSS3 compliant browsers. The button style This is the default class that is applied to each button on our page. Another feature with CSS3 is RGBA, This is the same as RGB but with an alpha layer allowing you to set the opacity of a colour. Button Size Button Colour The final step is to specify a CSS class for whatever colour we want our button(s) to be.

The Hacker's Dictionary Welcome to The Hacker's Dictionary, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor. Introduction: The purpose and scope of this File A Few Terms: Of Slang, Jargon and Techspeak Revision History: How the File came to be With frames or without frames: The Hacker's Dictionary Appendix A: Hacker Folklore Appendix B: A Portrait of J. Random Hacker Appendix C: Helping Hacker Culture Grow Bibliography: For your further enjoyment Jargon Construction: How hackers invent jargon Hacker Writing Style: How they write Email Quotes: And the Inclusion Problem Hacker Speech Style: How hackers talk International Style: Some notes on usage outside the U.S. Lamer-speak: Crackers, Phreaks, and Lamers Pronunciation Guide: How to read the pronunciation keys Other Lexicon Conventions: How to read lexicon entries Format for New Entries: How to submit new entries for the File The Hacker's Dictionary is a common heritage of the hacker culture.

G4S Veiligheidstrainingen Getting Started Image enthusiasts should use one of the many software products that support WebP. Such products include Pixelmator, ImageMagick, GIMP, Leptonica and XnConvert. If you use Adobe Photoshop for image editing, you can also install the WebP plugin. We provide in the libwebp codec distribution a reference implementation for the encoder and decoder applications, cwebp and dwebp respectively, to showcase the available functionalities of WebP. These files can be downloaded from the downloads repository or can be built from source. They reside in the examples/ directory. The libwebp codec includes an extensive encoder and decoder API. Using cwebp to Convert Images to the WebP Format Use cwebp on the command line to convert PNG or JPEG image files to WebP format. cwebp -q 80 image.png -o image.webp Consult the cwebp documentation for a description of the encoder, its standard and advanced options. Using dwebp to Convert Images from the WebP Format dwebp image.webp -o image.png API for the WebP Codec

Sidr - A jQuery plugin for creating side menus You will be able to create multiple sidrs on both sides of your web to make responsives menus (or not, it works perfectly on desktop too). It uses CSS3 transitions (and fallbacks to $.animate with older browsers) and it supports multiple source types. Get started Like any other plugin, you must include it after the jQuery script. You have to include a Sidr Theme stylesheet too, choose between the dark or the light one, or if you prefer create one by your own. Using bower or NPM Instead of downloading the plugin, you can install it with bower or with npm: bower install sidr --save From a CDN If you want to load the scripts from a CDN to save bandwith or improve the performance you can use jsDelivr. Demos & Usage Here are described differents ways of usage for this plugin, you can read and adapt them to your website’s requeriments. The Simplest Usage Create a div called sidr and place your menu there. <a id="simple-menu" href="#sidr">Toggle menu</a><div id="sidr"><! Open/Close Programatically Themes

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