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Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines

Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines

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ESOE secure resource verification The resource you are accessing has been identified as secure content. This site is currently verifying your digital identity. For most web browsers this process is automatic, you will be taken to your original resource upon completion. 10 Essential Material Design Resources and Tutorials When Google announced Material Design, it caused a splash in the Android community and beyond. It's been a Long Road to Google's Material Design, but the journey has been worth it. Material Design is no longer new, but it's as popular as it was on launch day. Material Design has a lot of good resources, but if you are new to the concepts, you are probably wondering where to begin. The most logical (but not the easiest) place to start, is the Material Design specification itself.

Designing With Your Clients We have all known the pain of a client interfering in the design process. Phrases like “Make the logo bigger” and “Put that above the fold” have become a running joke in the web design community. It is not unusual for web designers to lose money on a project as a result of the client endlessly iterating on the design. Design with Intent Design with Intent: 101 patterns for influencing behaviour through design by Dan Lockton with David Harrison & Neville A. Stanton. ISBN 978-0-9565421-0-6 (print) & 978-0-9565421-1-3 (PDF)

50 Meticulous Style Guides Every Startup Should See Before Launching All good brands have a great style guide. Creating a simple booklet that catalogues the specific colors, type, logos, imagery, patterns, taglines, etc. of a brand makes sure the brand machine runs smoothly. To prove why you shouldn’t let your style guide go by the wayside, we’re going to take a look at 50 stunning and detailed examples of style guides that are sure to encourage you to begin compiling your own. And when you’re ready to put that style guide to work, trial it the fun way, by designing a branded social media graphic in Canva (click here). 01.

Adobe Generation Professional: App Design Course overview This course is part of a series of six Adobe Generation Professional courses designed to help educators become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. Throughout the series, you’ll learn new tools and techniques, explore best practices for teaching and learning, and unleash your creativity to help drive student outcomes. Drop in for one or engage in many, but we guarantee this series will help you and your students take your digital skills and creativity to the next level. Are you interested in app development?

Responsive Data Tables: A Comprehensive List of Solutions Tables are an important part of HTML. Although they were often used in the past for layout, today they’re mainly used for marking up data. Since the adoption of responsive web design, various approaches have been developed for establishing tables that can scale well in different viewport sizes. Five Simple Steps Paper, plastic & pixels by Brendan Dawes Watch Now Make it happen by Allison House Watch Now

About Hi A real-time writing community. Capture. Write. Publish. Bosphorus Contributed by New Zealand-born graphic designer Mike Collinge. Bosphorus is a business consultancy specialising in customer experience, human resources, IT and small business management with the aim of helping companies become more sustainable, efficient and ultimately profitable. Bosphorus is named after the stretch of water running through the middle of Istanbul dividing Europe from Asia. Roughly translated, it describes an ox fording a river. A bous (bos) is Greek for ox, and poros (phorus) means to ford or to ferry.

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