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Unofficial Google Android Magazine And Blog Kongregate John McAfee tripped up by the smartphone The case of John McAfee just gets weirder. Here's how he was tracked down in Guatemala, where he is currently seeking asylum from Belize authorities. Antivirus pioneer John McAfee, wanted for questioning as a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor in Belize, has been on the run from authorities ever since the incident occurred. But even in hiding, McAfee hasn't exactly been quiet. Declaring his innocence, he has blogged, tweeted, and given interviews to reporters. Apparently, he's new to this "fugitive" business. For weeks his exact whereabouts were unknown, but not so any longer. McAfee tried to cover his tracks with a blog post in which he claimed to have faked the iPhone data to fool police, but he came clean Tuesday morning with another post acknowledging that he was in Guatemala and soon would be meeting with a lawyer. Oops. For those who value their privacy, here are some tips and cautionary tales about smartphone security:

10 нови фонтови со поддршка кои мора да ги имате Бидејќи се повеќе луѓе прашуваат кога ќе има нова тура на македонски фонтови, решив да ја објавам листата малку порано, се надевам на задоволство на сите, посебно на дизајнерите бидејќи ќе имаат избор плус при бирањето соодветен фонт. Благодарност до сите кои ја сакаат кирилицата и помагаат. И се разбира оваа практика ќе продолжи и после летните одмори. Сите на куп спремни за преземање Android A Lot « Ultimate Blog for Android Phone Owners Locating cell-phone owners the non-GPS way Using GPS, a cell phone can be located within a few feet. So why are researchers concerned about locating a cell phone by its association with a specific cell tower? It's possible for an attacker to know the location of a victim's cell phone within a square kilometer -- typical cell-tower range. And, obtaining this information does not require any alteration of the cell phone or participation of the cell-phone's owner. I first learned about this particular exploit watching the local Fox9 news. I read the team's research paper: Location Leaks on the GSM Air Interface, but my scribbled list of questions was way longer than normal. Kassner: The paper mentions: "Base stations such as cellular networks have to track subscribers to ensure adequate service delivery and efficient utilization of limited radio resources. When does tracking start and how accurately can cellular networks locate a mobile device? Foo Kune: Tracking starts when the phone is turned on. I have two questions.

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