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Media in eBooks/Other
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The best free cultural & educational media on the web - Open Culture HBO Vs. The Mormons In Battle Over Temple Ceremony SALT LAKE CITY — HBO on Tuesday defended its plans to depict a sacred Mormon temple ceremony in an upcoming episode of "Big Love." The drama about a Utah polygamous family will show an endowment ceremony Sunday. HBO said it did not intend to be disrespectful of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and apologized. "Obviously, it was not our intention to do anything disrespectful to the church, but to those who may be offended, we offer our sincere apology," the premium cable channel said in a statement issued Tuesday. But the ceremony is an important part of the "Big Love" story line, HBO said. In the scene, actress Jeanne Tripplehorn's character, Barb, goes through the endowment ceremony as she faces losing her membership in the Mormon church. On Monday, Mormon church leaders criticized HBO for its decision to include the ceremony and said airing the material shows the insensitivity of the network's writers, producers and executives. On the Net:

Get (Almost) Any Book For Free: 100+ (Kosher) Sites Offering Great Literature for Download By Tiffany Davis Reading a book is fun, but when you forget it at home, are bored at work, looking to get ahead on your reading for your online bachelor degree class, or are just curious to get a sneak peek at whatever you ordered from Amazon, online book sites can be handy too. Below is a list of over 100 free (and legal) sites to find great literature for download. The Classics Browse works by Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and other famous authors here. Classic Bookshelf: This site has put classic novels online, from Charles Dickens to Charlotte Bronte.The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia hosts this book search and database.Project Gutenberg: This famous site has over 27,000 free books online.Page by Page Books: Find books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Textbooks If you don’t absolutely need to pay for your textbooks, save yourself a few hundred dollars by reviewing these sites. Math and Science Children’s Books Philosophy and Religion Plays Foreign Language

Greek Gods Family Tree Doing homework? Your teacher has already seen this. See Theoi; it has properly-sourced information. Known errors: Generally inconsistent sourcing. 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Transform Your Life You are actually governed by the laws of Karma, just as everything in the world is governed by the laws of Physics. You may not know it – or you may believe that your life is actually in your own hands. But these Karmic laws will govern your entire life. And instead of being afraid of some grey laws, it’s best to know them and be empowered by your knowledge instead! Let’s now check out… The 12 Laws of Karma #1: The Great Law – this law is often also called the “Law of cause and effect”. #2: The Law of Creation – Everything is created so as to be one. #3: The Law of Humility – You have to be able to accept everything. #4: The Law of Growth –Growth of the world and everything around you starts with your own growth. #5: The Law of Responsibility – Learn to take responsibility. #6: The Law of Connection – Everything in the universe is actually interconnected. #7: The Law of Focus – Focus is a singular thing. #9: The Law of Here & Now – Whatever is, is in the here and now.

TEMPLE COMPLEX COULD ALTER THEORY OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT As a child, Klaus Schmidt used to grub around in caves in his native Germany in the hope of finding prehistoric paintings. Thirty years later, representing the German Archaeological Institute, he found something infinitely more important -- a temple inland complex almost twice as old as anything comparable on the planet. "This place is a supernova", says Schmidt, standing under a lone tree on a windswept hilltop 35 miles north of Turkey’s border with Syria. "Within a minute of first seeing it I knew I had two choices: go away and tell nobody, or spend the rest of my life working here." Behind him are the first folds of the Anatolian plateau. Compared to Stonehenge, Britain’s most famous prehistoric temple site, they are humble affairs. Never mind circular patterns or the stone-etchings, the people who erected this temple site did not even have pottery or cultivate wheat. It’s a theory the tourist board in the nearby city of Urfa has taken up with alacrity. Gobekli Tepe - From Wikipedia

You're Bored? Are You Kidding Me? • Fevered Mutterings (Updated 11th August 2016). So…I saw your tweet. You’re “bored”? Bored. Really? I am…absolutely floored. You are everything I aspire to be. Oh. Back. Which is just incredible. You are amazing. I mean, by being “bored”, you must have… Started a blog (try going here to get cheap, reliable hosting – those guys are great)…and then learned how to tell stories that really make people care? Feasted your eyes on the 67,000 historical maps of the Rumsey Collection (including the above Mercator map of Europe from 1607). Walking for weeks, months and years in the outdoors, calipering the vast physical and human stage called landscape with my legs, is the opposite of boring. …or just went for a walk where you are right now? Packed a bag, walked out your front door, caught a bus, caught another bus, caught yet another bus, and kept going until you ended up somewhere incredible? Not enough for you? I mean, there’s other stuff – but let’s face it, doing these things really ate up your free time.

Ewoks have ruined us UPDATE: This comic was somehow turned into a shirt by space wizards with laser swords! This idea has been stuck in my brain hole for a couple of months. I had to purge it lest I spend another night waking up in cold sweats screaming, “THE EWOKS! THEY ARE LIKE CARE BEARS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I CAN TASTE INSANITY AND IT TASTES LIKE SUNNY D!” So, enjoy if you can. Here’s some news about the new Jedi-Free “Star Wars” TV Show. UPDATE: There’s a desktop based on this comic in The Vault now Donate then Download Here OZ magazine, London | Historical & Cultural Collections | University of Wollongong July 1971 Richard Neville This issue appears with the help of Jim Anderson, Pat Bell, Felix Dennis, Debbie Knight, Stephen Litster, Brian McCracken, Pearce Marchbank, Richard Neville, John O’Neil, Chris Rowley, David Wills. Thanks for artwork, photographs and valuable help to Eddie Belchamber, Rip-Off Press, David Nutter, Stanslav Domichick, Charles Shaar Murray, Sue Miles, Warren Hague, Paul Whitehead, Insect Fear Comics, Michael Ramsden (for heroic help with the Ozjects d'art Exhibition - sorry Michael), Jim Leon, Nicholas and Michael and particularly Michel de Saint-Chien, whose sketch books provided at least a dozen fantastic illustraions. Contents: Dream Power cover by Jim Leon.

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