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As a historian I get very excited about old letters, diaries, account books and inventories – but once in a while there are other ‘records’ that trump almost everything else. I had one of those moments this week when I returned to George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Over the past six years I have been many times to Washington’s estate in Virginia (just south of Washington DC) – first to research my book Founding Gardeners and then to give talks about the book. By now I go there to see the changes in the gardens (of which there are many, such as the fabulous restoration of the Upper Garden) and to meet my friend Dean Norton who is the Director of Horticulture there. Dean always makes a huge effort to entertain me – for example, by taking me out on the Potomac in a boat or letting me drive around the estate with a gator [A John Deere utility vehicle, not a reptile - ed.]. Last Wednesday’s visit, however, was one of the most memorable. It took four days to take the giant down – with a crane.

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Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States The Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States contains material that was compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. It includes volumes covering the administrations of Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. As subsequent volumes are published, they will be added online. Each Public Papers volume contains the papers and speeches of the President of the United States that were issued by the Office of the Press Secretary during the specified time period. The material is presented in chronological order, and the dates shown in the headings are the dates of the documents or events.

Indian Office Materials The main focus of the catalogues is on the countries of South Asia, although there are also considerable holdings relevant to other parts of Asia and the Middle East. You can: • search the Prints & drawings or Photographs collections separately. • search for visual material in any medium by selecting All images. • read about the scope and history of the two collections. For details of how to use the system, see our search tips.

Other Canadian Collections According to a Statistics Canada survey of Internet use in 2005, Canada is one of the world’s most “plugged-in” countries, with nearly 70% of adult Canadians using the Internet daily in 2005, most through high-speed web-connections. As a consequence, the Canadian Internet environment is both wide-ranging and highly sophisticated. In keeping with the “transnational” nature of the internet, online connectivity and accessibility is generally just as highly valued among Canadians abroad as those back home. With the launch of the Canadian Government Online (GOL) initiative in October 1999, the GoC aimed to become “the world’s most connected country to its citizens”. According to the Government Online taskforce this aim was accomplished by March 2006, with information and 130 of the most commonly-used services and forms available online 24 / 7, internationally, and in both official languages (English and French, plus various Native languages, depending on the content).

Declassified Government Documents Declassified Government Documents About Declassified Documents | Security Classification | Guides | FOIA Information | Collections at UC Berkeley | Internet Collections and Indexes | Presidential Libraries About Declassified Documents Documents may be classified for many reasons - issues of national security or privacy. Sound Recordings Blog Cheryl Tipp, Natural Sounds Curator writes: Over the past 5 weeks, listeners of BBC Radio 4 have been treated to a series dedicated entirely to sound and its many roles in human culture over the past 100,000 years. Noise: a Human History, written and presented by Professor David Hendy and made in collaboration with the British Library's Sound Archive, has explored a multitude of subjects, from the power of great orators to the significance of resonant spaces.

Quebec 400 Online Gallery In 2008 Quebec City celebrated the 400th anniversary of its foundation. This web feature marks the occasion. Dr Dorian Hayes, curator of Canadian and Caribbean Collections at the British Library, has put together a selection of treasures illustrating the city's eventful history, drawn from the British Library's collections of maps, manuscripts and printed books.

Nixon [Virtual] Library The Nixon Library makes available almost 50 million pages of documents, over 300,000 photographs, thousands of motion pictures and videos, and the Nixon White House Tapes. The Library is working toward making more of this massive collection available to the researcher via the Internet. You may read online digitized documents, view online photographs, search the Library's many finding aids, and listen to the President's voice. Document Collections New Document Releases Nixon White House Tapes Sport and Society Blog Simone Bacchini writes: It sometimes feels like the case for sport as a vehicle for social change is a bit overstated. Yet, the announcement that London has bid to host the 2018 Gay Games ( might be, well, a game changer. Sheffield Scholarship: Canadian Slave Narratives The British Library Scholarships arise from the special relationship the University has with the British Library. They are intended to support projects that draw significantly on both the holdings and expertise of the British Library. As a consequence, successful students will be jointly supervised by staff at the University of Sheffield and at the British Library (with the Sheffield academic acting as the lead supervisor).

Declassified/Released Document Collections Keystone Pipeline Project Ronald Reagan’s June 12, 1987 Speech at the Brandenburg Gate Korean Air Flight 858