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HTML5Pattern is a source of regularly used Input-Patterns. If you know a new or a better pattern, then please leave a comment. Thank you! Pattern Support Firefox 4+ & Chrome 5+ & Opera 9.6+ & MSIE 10+ Your Browser Firefox 17.0 does support Input-Patterns. Please do not use a pattern for email validation.

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Static Maps API V2 Developer Guide   The Google Static Maps API lets you embed a Google Maps image on your web page without requiring JavaScript or any dynamic page loading. The Google Static Map service creates your map based on URL parameters sent through a standard HTTP request and returns the map as an image you can display on your web page. New! The Google Static Maps API Usage Limits have changed. Creating an API key and including it in your request allows you to track usage in the Google Developers Console, and to purchase additional quota if required. This document details the Static Maps API v2.

The Truth About Multiple H1 Tags in the HTML5 Era Whether you're a webmaster or a web designer, there's a question you've most likely either asked or answered many times over the years. That question is, "How many <h1>tags can I use per page, and how exactly should I implement them?" There are generally two reasons this question is asked. The first and most common is for SEO purposes; ensuring content is formatted in the best way possible to aid search engine indexing. The second is technical correctness; ensuring that markup is written in accordance with the appropriate W3C spec. With the advent of HTML5 the answer to this question has significantly changed in both SEO and technical regards.

Getting to Know HTML - Learn to Code HTML Lesson 2 With our introduction to HTML and CSS complete, it’s time to dig a little deeper into HTML and examine the different components that make up this language. In order to start building websites, we need to learn a little about which HTML elements are best used to display different types of content. It’s also important to understand how elements are visually displayed on a web page, as well as what different elements mean semantically. Using the proper element for the job goes a long way, and we’ll want to make well-informed decisions in the process. Semantics Overview#semantics-overview

HTML5 Presentation Combine both technologies to allow direct image access + manipulation Putting it together for local image reading + manipulation. Bosonic Web Component Flash message Display an info message that automatically disappears after 2 secs: Show message Modal Google's Guide To Designing With Empathy With a price tag that's already set records by being $1.6 billion over-budget, mass outbreaks of the Zika virus, and water-sport venues that are allegedly teeming with human excrement, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are already looking like the biggest planning disaster in IOC history—and this, just two years after Sochi. But it's not all bad. As part of the $12 billion budget attached to the Olympic Games, Rio has built 11 new sports facilities, ranging from a whitewater water park and a bitchin' BMX stadium to a massive new tennis center and a trio of multi-use sports arenas. And unlike past Olympic games, most of these structures will be permanently integrated into Rio's urban fabric, giving Brazilian athletes, students, and the general public places to swim and play for years to come. Ahead of today's torch-lighting ceremony, here are the 11 new stadiums, parks, and venues you'll be getting to know over the course of this year's Summer Olympic and Paralympic games. The Carioca Arenas

Créer une application de bureau native avec NW.js The NW.js project lets you create apps with full native capabilities in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Even better, it lets you access any Node.js modules directly from the browser environment. This means your web-based app can now retrieve input from sensors or control hardware devices. This is the perfect environment for physical computing projects! What Is Web 2.0 What Is Web 2.0 Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 DoubleClick vs. Overture and AdSense Like Google, DoubleClick is a true child of the internet era. Playing With HTML5 Video & getUserMedia Support You may have seen the impressive HTML5 experiment created by Sean Christmann involving a video that explodes at the click of a mouse. If not, we'd recommend that you have a look: HTML5 exploding video demo At the time, the boundaries of non-plugin video within a desktop browser were being explored and it caused a stir as an example of how video within the browser can be manipulated. The way he achieved the result was clever as he used two instances of the HTML5 canvas: a hidden one for painting and another visible one for manipulating.

web vtt texte timer comme sous titre ou com developer.mozilla WebVTT is a format for displaying timed text tracks (e.g. subtitles) with the <track> element. The primary purpose of WebVTT files is to add subtitles to a <video>. WebVTT is a text based format. A WebVTT file must be encoded in UTF-8 format. Where you can use spaces you can also use tabs. The mime type of WebVTT is text/vtt. 50 Free PSD UI Kits and Templates For every web designer, having a selection of pre-designed and editable web UI elements is key to organizing and optimizing work-flow. Not only do web UIs allow you to rapidly prototype multiple web pages with uniformity, they also aid your personal creativity by having each elements basic structure in-place allowing you to give each your own personal design touches. In this post we have 50 beautifully designed and editable pre-designed PSD UI kits, covering all of the major UI requirements of the modern web designer. You will find some basic kits that are perfect for small projects and we also have a huge selection of individual elements covering the more specialized areas of web design, including: Galleries, lightboxes, audio/video controls and players, calendars, specialized forms (contact, search, login…), progress bars, alert boxes… and much, much more. Complete GUI Templates Simple UI Elements

20 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils No doubt every web designer has spent many endless hours mocking up web pages, and as such every designer should have a good set of re-usable and uniform Web UI elements that they can rely upon to save them precious time and spare headaches when they are in the initial stages of a web project. In this article we have 20 completely free Web UI element kits and stencils that are perfect for the initial mockup or wireframe stage of a web design project. Most of the kits are editable and the kits are in either .psd, .ai or .png format, but you will also find some Omnigraffle stencils and some kits in .svg format.

How to Use “animateTransform” for Inline SVG Animation Today we’ll be stepping you through the basics of using animateTransform to generate inline animations with SVG (scalable vector graphics). If you’re brand new to SVG I recommend checking out Getting Started With Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to bring you up to speed. The techniques you’ll be learning will allow you to create sophisticated icon and image animations without a single GIF, JPEG or PNG, with zero JavaScript, and without the faintest whisper of Flash. The animations you create will be easy to edit later because they’re pure code, and the results will only take up a couple of KB of precious bandwidth when they’re viewed. To animate SVG shapes you’ll first need the ability to create them.