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Download Community Edition - AlfrescoWiki

Download Community Edition - AlfrescoWiki
The latest version of Alfresco Community Edition can be downloaded here: Each version also has a page in the wiki. Find it under Category:Community Edition. The Alfresco Enterprise Edition trial can be downloaded here:

About Us Submit A Business If you don't see your business listed on YellowBot, please add your business listing. Contact Us Snail Mail PO Box 864 Burbank, CA 91503-0864 onecore - the one file cms Welcome to Remo's temporary website He came into the world in the early nineties, and grew up in a meanwhile not-so-small town near to Zurich, Switzerland. He's working as freelance filmmaker, musician, light designer and beside that, as a software engineer and project manager for a company in Zurich. Music & Remo At the age of 7, he discovered his predilection for making music and started to play piano. Over the years he came across various other instruments like accordion, guitar, violin and cello and began to compose orchestral film music for various projects.

Installing Alfresco Community 4 On Ubuntu Server 12 In this article, I’m going to show you how I installed Alfresco Community 4 on a plain Ubuntu 12.04 server. We’ll be installing this entirely from the command line, without the assistance (complication?) of a GUI. I’m assuming you have a server ready, else get an Ubuntu server using this page. Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook Send pictures as a batch directly from windows explorer, Facebook has become so popular and people like to share their pictures with friends and family, so you need a quick software to upload new photo albums. It works like a batch uploader for Facebook albums. As we are very lazy users, we spent a few hours to make this freeware available for all people which wants to save time and share even more pictures in Facebook.

10 Ultra-Lightweight CMSes For Simple Projects Each and every piece of content created is unique in some way and so are the many Content Management Systems available. Content Management Systems were supposed to be a wrapper that holds the content together in a preset format, however, over time, CMS developers have gotten ambitious and started adding as many features as possible to stay ahead of the competition. The question is, how many people actually use all these features?

View topic - Adding VMware ESXi drivers Would be great if you are able to include the full package, but especially the vmxnet/vmxnet3 drivers. This makes it possible to create 10Gbit connections between the different VM's. Some usefull info below: documentation/users/plugins.txt home :: documentation :: users :: plugins.txt Plugins Blosxom sports a plugin architecture, allowing the core of Blosxom to remain small, sleek, and simpler-than-pie while providing room for extension and integration into different environments and uses.

Squid config "how to" ( squid.conf ) @ - Open Source Research and Reference Home RSS Search April 02, 2013 Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. It can be used to protect internal lans from questionable servers and provide accounting of where clients go and what servers clients are allowed to go to. Squid allows you to enforce policies with your users.

Free Registry Cleaner and Optimizer for Windows 7, Vista, and XP The Registry is a heart and soul of any Windows system. It contains information that controls how your Windows appears and how it behaves. Most applications today use registry to store configuration and other important data. When you install application, new registry entries created.