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Wrk - French Creative Web Studio

Wrk - French Creative Web Studio
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Project Cards Template | CodyHouse Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quisquam molestias suscipit mollitia vitae ea non ex, dignissimos aperiam minus magni totam sint culpa vel voluptate ipsa sunt repellendus. Ab, magni! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Material Design Lite The best new portfolio sites, June 2016 Greetings, readers! Summer is here. It’s time to beat the June heat by staying inside where the air conditioner is. While you’re there, have a look at our latest collection of portfolio sites. This month brings a lot more minimalism of the aggressive, low-on-color variety. That creative touch might be an entirely new kind of design. Also, there’s a fair few sites from France this time. (Note: I’m judging these sites by how good they look to me. If you want to be included in next month’s roundup, contact me at Bukwild We start with one of our more animated entries. Combined with their excellent sense of aesthetics, and talent for using white space as a weapons-grade design element, this is one site I would browse just for fun. Daniel Benzie Admittedly, Daniel Benzie’s one-page portfolio just barely makes it into the “portfolio category”, by virtue of a couple of non-linked thumbnails. Grace Scuitto Twenty Nine NYC Benjamin Jackson Etienne Ledemay Deckchair Waaark

How to Create an Interactive Animated SVG Drum Kit A tutorial on how to create an animated and interactive SVG drum kit with GSAP and jQuery. View demo Download source Today we’re going to create an animated SVG drum kit that can be played by clicking, tapping or using your keyboard, and that can also be programmed to play by itself! We’ll be making use of GreenSock’s TweenMax animation library, jQuery and the <audio> element. Creating the SVG Open your vector editing software of choice (I used Adobe Illustrator but there are many alternatives to choose from, such as Affinity Designer, Sketch or Inkscape) and get drawing! <g> is Key “The g element is a container used to group other SVG elements. The key part of this for us is “Transformations applied to the g element are performed on all of its child elements” this will come in very handy when animating our SVG, e.g. instead of applying animations to each individual component of the snare drum, we can simply group the elements we want to animate and apply a single animation to that group.

How To Be More Organized While Designing UI How To Be More Organized While Designing UI After working 4 years in the field of digital design I got obsessed with tidying up and sorting information. This lead to the creation of a systematic approach for designing user interfaces. It is an object-oriented, programming-inspired approach, a collection of various ideas that are universal. This approach is used mainly at a later designing stage, usually during finetuning of the project when you have more time to think about the relationships in your visual system. Of course, the general idea of visual collections and their application into the design process is old news. My Intentions Are Pure While working on larger-scale projects I got fed up with the troublesome designing process in Sketch because of the lack of structure. Clear Overview Of Variables Grouping Of Styles Which parts of the design are linked with certain changes in variables? Pairings of Variables Changing Only One Variable Basic Principles Everything Is An Object Fonts Colors

Css-only Lavalamp-like Fancy Menu Effect This time let’s get inspired by the sliding menu effect, also known as the Lavalamp effect (ex. here). We’ll recreate it with pure css – using css3 transitions and the general sibling combinator selector. Below we’ll discuss three simple examples (make sure to see the demo first). Step 1 – Prerequisites We use a Unica One google web font. Step 2 – HTML For each of the three examples the html is the same. <div class="nav ph-line-nav"> <a href="#">Home</a> <a href="#">About</a> <a href="#">Gallery</a> <a href="#">Contact</a> <div class="effect"></div></div> The general sibling selector uses a tilde character combinator (E ~ F) and matches elements that are siblings of a given element. Step 3 – CSS – all examples Let’s start with the styles that are common for all three examples. The crucial part of the lavalamp-like effect happens here : When the mouse is over one of the < a > elements, the div.effect moves smoothly toward its middle. Step 4 – Into the details (1) Step 5 – Into the details (2)

The Future Draws Closer: 9 Design Prophecies for 2019 3. Millennial Responsive Design In my award winning article, The Future Is Near: 13 Design Predictions for 2017, I forecasted a number of brilliant predictions. Among them was the notion of Age-Responsive Design, where platforms adapt to the age of the user. The idea of Millennial-Responsive design builds upon this idea, except this time platforms will adapt to the very specific proclivities of the notorious “millennial” generation. From 18 to 33 years old, millennials are a hot topic. Millennials are projected to have over $1.4 Trillion in spending power by 2020, but winning over this coveted market will take serious innovation. AI Algorithms will draw from pools of general content to craft unique lines of copy for each and every millennial user, capitalizing on this generation’s passion for unique one-of-a-kind experiences. Products, services and advertisements will camouflage themselves as petitions and social-justice-minded materials.

Références — Archi Graphi 30 Grid-Based Websites Recognition and prestige for Web Designers and Agencies 30 Grid-Based Websites February 22 By awwwards-team In Web Design Grid-based layouts have become very popular in web design Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on Stumbleupon Share on Pinterest Share on Linkedin In the last two years or so, grid-based layouts have become very popular in web design. By Awwwards Team Awwwards – recognizing the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. BLOG Inspiration for web designers and developers 20 Creative Grid-Based Sites Designs for Inspiration Lately grid-based layouts become really popular in web design. In this particular design, there are horizontal and vertical lines that determine the place of design elements. It’s easier for both designer and developer to work on this kind of design. It also helps users to better understand how to navigate a site. This grid style gives an order to the design elements. Bernd Kammerer Curioos Pierrick Calvez Jonathan Patterson Another Faebric Hommard Daniel Vane Killingsworth Station Teruhiro Yanagihara Wood Work My Poor Brain Lundgren+Lindqvist Swirls Bake Shop KEX Hotel Silktricky Postersinamsterdam Where They At Studio Mister

10 Incredible Examples of Responsive Web Design With more people surfing the web from their mobile devices, designers and developers have been trying to figure out the best way to cater to visitors on both mobile devices and computers. When internet capable phones first began gaining popularity the method was to have two separate sites, a mobile site and a “full” site. But that would limit the mobile viewers experience because the site would be so basic it would cause you to wonder if it was coded by chisel and stone. That was then, now everyone is jumping on the “Responsive Web Design” bandwagon and finding it to be a rather happy median. Responsive web design refers to a site that is developed to degrade nicely across multiple screen sizes and resolutions, from the largest Mac display down to the minutest mobile device. Sony Sony is a big brand that has embraced responsive web design. Gravitate Design It’s no surprise that a design studio such as Gravitate Design features a responsive website design on their own site. Spark Box

10 Amazing Responsive Image Galleries Responsive web design is a hot topic right now, and if this is a design concept you’re in to and practice then you may have run in to a problem with needing to incorporate an image gallery in to a project, but not knowing how to make it responsive. Let’s keep things simple and check out a few open source responsive web galleries that are available. Elastislide Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel image viewer. Unoslider Unoslider is a responsive image gallery that allows you to incorporate HTML rich captions and allows you to have per-slide options. ResponsiveSlides.js If you’re looking for a simple responsive slideshow, then ResponsiiveSlides.js is your answer! jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin jQuery Responsive Thumbail Gallery Plugin is more than just a long name, it’s an amazing solution for a responsive image gallery. Photo Swipe Photo Swipe is a free image gallery developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is specifically targeted for mobile devices. Flexslider