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Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona in Italy. Two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, hate each other so much that they fight on the street whenever they meet. One of these families, the Capulets, organises a big party so that they can introduce their daughter Juliet to a rich nobleman, Count Paris, who has asked to marry her. Juliet is nearly 14, and her parents are keen for her to marry soon. Romeo is the son of the Montague family, and is also about 14. Romeo and his friends decide that it would be exciting to go to the Capulets’ party too. That night, at the party, Romeo meets Juliet, and they fall in love at first sight. Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, gets angry very easily. Meanwhile, the Capulets decide that Juliet must marry Count Paris immediately. When the guests arrive for Juliet’s wedding the next day, Juliet’s lifeless body is discovered. When the Capulets and Montagues discover both their children dead, they are united in their sadness. Related:  esiedlarekShakespeare

Culture - If Jane Austen characters used dating apps In light of a very important anniversary this year – 200 years since the death of Jane Austen – we had a think about how we could honour one of Britain’s most famous authors. What better way could there be to pay homage to the wittiest appraiser of Regency England’s marriage market than to think about what Jane Austen would make of love in 2017? Austen lived in a world where eligible bachelors boasted vast estates, Oxbridge educations and possibly a stint in the Navy or the chambers; single ladies were expected to speak several languages, sing and play piano, and be capable of running the home and raising children of equally excellent breeding. In both cases, it was, of course, advantageous if you looked good too. Either way, enjoy the video – and next time you swipe right, think of Jane Austen. This story is a part of BBC Britain – a series focused on exploring this extraordinary island, one story at a time.

Question tags - advanced by Veronika Mandlíková on Genially If you want to go on, always click on the arrow here on the right : click HERE to watch DAN Dan from BBC is going to revise more difficult cases of question tags. Let's revise step by step what he explained,shall we? He was awesome, wasn't he? You can swim, can’t you? We use questions tags to confirm or check information or ask for agreement. The meeting’s tomorrow at 9am, isn’t it? or - we use tag questions to check whether something is true: You live in Spain, don’t you? We use the same auxiliary verb in the tag as in the main sentence.If there is no auxiliary verb in the main sentence, the verb is in present or past simple and we use do/does /did in the tag: some useful rules: You’re Spanish, aren’t you? If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is negative, the tag is affirmative. You’re not Spanish, are you? If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is affirmative, the tag is negative. I’m sitting next to you, aren’t I? Let’s go to the beach, shall we? With let’s ...., the tag is shall we? That's it!

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Introduction In this lesson, learners will watch a video about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. They will discuss what they already know about the play, check their understanding of the video, evaluate different characters’ responsibility for the tragedy in the play, and take part in a group discussion to reach an agreement about who is ultimately responsible. Aims: To practise listening skillsTo practise speaking skills through a group discussionTo use analytical/critical thinking skillsTo develop writing skills Age: Teens - 13 years old + Level: Time: 45 minutes or 3 shorter segments Materials: The lesson plan and worksheet can be downloaded in PDF format below. Click here to go to the Shakespeare extension activities or download the PDF below.

Shakespeare - Macbeth Scotland is at war, and has just won a great battle. Macbeth, a general in the Scottish army, is the hero of the battle. On his way home afterwards, Macbeth and his friend meet three mysterious witches. Somehow, the witches already know Macbeth’s name. Soon afterwards, Macbeth receives a message from Duncan, the king of Scotland. Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth, soon hears about her husband’s success and the witches’ predictions. That night, while King Duncan is sleeping, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth make his guards drunk. But Macbeth is worried that his friends might become his enemies, and might want to kill him so that they can become king. Macbeth goes to see the witches again, who make more predictions. Lady Macbeth is tortured by the guilt of Duncan’s murder. In the meantime, King Duncan’s son Malcolm has actually organised an army in England to invade Scotland and punish Macbeth for killing his father.

Articles by Lidia Niedźwiedź on Genially Przedimki a, an, the Przedimki a, an, the nie mają odpowiedników w języku polskim. Kiedy zatem je stosować? Przedimki nieokreślone a / an Podstawowa zasada, o której należy pamiętać a używamy przed wyrazami zaczynającymi się na spółgłoskę, np a book, a great actor an używamy przed wyrazami zaczynającymi się na samogłoskę, np. an elephant, an orange house, an honest person przed rzeczownikami policzalnymi w liczbie pojedynczej a dolllan onion gdy wspominamy o kimś lub o czymś po raz pierwszy I have a dog and two cats.. gdy mówimy o jednej z wielu osób lub rzeczy i nie jest istotne, którą konkretną osobę czy rzecz mamy na myśli Have you got a pen? przed nazwami zawodów She's an actress.Daniel is a machanic. Przedimek określony the przed rzeczownikmi w liczbie pojedynczej i mnogiej the deskthe oranges. gdy wspominamy o osobach lub rzeczach po raz kolejny I have a dog and two cats. gdy mówimy o czymś lub o kimś konkretnym, a nasz rozmówca orientuje się o jaką osobę lub rzecz chodzi Where are the car-keys?

Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans Romeo and Juliet Navigator:Links to Miscellaneous Lesson Plans 'You Kiss by the Book': Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet This lesson plan complements study of plot and characterization in Romeo and Juliet by focusing on Shakespeare's use of lyric forms and conventions to spotlight moments in the drama and thereby heighten the impact of the action on the stage. Romeo & Juliet License Plates After we finish the play, I have the students think up some creative "personalized license plates" for various characters. Integrating Shakespearian Tragedy with the Internet A ninth grade interdisciplinary unit on Elizabethan England and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for English, art, and computer classes. . . . Star-Crossed Lovers Online: Romeo and Juliet for a Digital Age Perfect Mate: An Assignment on Romeo & Juliet The objective of this lesson is to make students aware of the differences between their ideal mate and their parents' idea of a perfect mate for them. Romeo and Juliet — Alternative Endings

Shakespeare - The Tempest Prospero was the ruler of Milan in Italy but he was betrayed by his brother Antonio. Antonio took control of the city, and ordered his soldiers to kill Prospero and his family. Prospero managed to escape in a small boat with his books about magic and his young daughter Miranda. Together they sailed away to an island, where they lived for the next 12 years, along with a strange half-human called Caliban, who Prospero has made his slave. During this time, Prospero’s brother, Antonio, has ruled Milan. One day, he goes to a wedding in Tunisia.

4-6 Environmental Escape Room by Agnieszka Dacka on Genially 4-6 Environmental Escape Room Agnieszka i Piotr Dacka You wake up in the middle of an enchanted forest. Follow the animals, solve the riddles, collect 5 digits and find your way out. I've got 5 digits Surprise Smile! Klik, klik !!! If I get more pocket money, I __________ this comicbook. Choose the right answer buy will buy If the weather __________ fine, we will go for a walk. will be is Mum will be happy if you __________ her with the housework. will help help If I __________ time, I will do all the exercises today. will have have Mark will go on holiday if he __________ a tent. buys The Smiths __________ the Browns if they finish work earlier. visit will visit The fourthdigit of the code is 0. ERROR! If you __________ ice, it melts. heat will heat If you don't water the plants, they __________. won't die die If you __________ for tests, you get bad marks. won't study don't study Our teacher __________ angry if we don't do our homework. are If you don't sleep at night, you __________ tired. aren't won't tidy up

Romeo and Juliet Lessons and Activities for Real Life Connections by Room 213 ROMEO & JULIET has so many life lessons for our students. Engage them in the study of the play by helping them see the many connections they can make between their lives and those of the characters. This package includes a variety of responses, activities and reflections that are designed to help students make connections between the text and their own lives. I have presented them in a way that gives you options; you may choose to use all of them or only some of them. I have also included a slide show with most of the responses, if you prefer to have students write in their own journals, rather than on the sheets in this package. You will find that each section begins with a page that has a quotation from the play that focuses on the issue students will discuss. Once the play is finished, you may choose to assign the essay, the project or both, depending on how much time you have to devote to the process. I have included rubrics for the final assessments and answer keys where appropriate.

Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing In a beautiful Italian town, some local soldiers are coming back home after a war. One of the soldiers, a young man called Claudio, falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy local family. Her name is Hero and she loves him too. But her cousin, Beatrice, is not so happy about the men’s return. She remembers how she always argues with Claudio’s friend Benedick: she and he both like to speak their minds, and he is just as clever as she is. There’s a big party to celebrate the end of the war. Meanwhile, Hero, Claudio and their friends have a plan of their own. But more trouble is on the way. Meanwhile, the local policeman has arrested the man who was in Hero’s bedroom with the maid. But while this is going on, Claudio still believes Hero is dead, and he’s very troubled to think that it is he who has killed her. There is a big party and dancing as everyone comes together to celebrate the double wedding.

Matura -grammar revision by Beata Bartłomiejczak on Genially Matura - grammar revision (escape room) To start the game, click on the car. Remember to collect letters for your password. Task 1 - do the quiz on articles below. Having finished, count how many times you used the definite article THE. Congratulations, That was the correct number. Go to the first slide and click on the roof! Home Task 2 - do the quiz on gerund and infinitive forms. That's right! Go back and click on the tree. Task 3. 1st conditional 2nd conditional 3rd conditional Ooops... Go back to task 3 here Great! Go back to the first slide and click on the sky. Task 4. Congratulations! Go home and click on the window Task 5. Conditionals Passive voice Question tags Go back to task 5 here Brilliant! Go further and enter the password You are being a grammar master right now.

Romeo and Juliet Synopsis Plot Summary An ongoing feud between the Capulets and the Montagues breaks out again on the streets of Verona. Both sides are warned by Prince Escalus that they must not disturb the peace again, on pain of death. Romeo, love-sick for Rosaline, is comforted by his friend Benvolio. Capulet tells Paris he may marry Juliet in three days, and Lady Capulet brings the news to Juliet, who has just bid Romeo a hasty farewell. Juliet tells her father she will now marry Paris, and Capulet brings the wedding forward to the next day. Paris goes to Juliet’s tomb to mourn her, and encounters Romeo. Discuss this play in our forums.