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16 3D-Street Art Photos – A Collection

16 3D-Street Art Photos – A Collection

Os Gemeos This article was posted by Os Gemeos 1 Year, 9 months, 3 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes ago. “THE SHOW MUST GO ON"photo©: Renato Akerman photo©: Renato Akerman paint the pic… photo©: Renato Akerman Arnaldo / photo©: Renato Akerman Osgemeos, Arnaldo and Roger/photo©: Renato Akerman the pig goes to the public to be destroyed….photo©: Renato Akerman “everyone wants a piece” .... photo©: Renato Akerman everyone tries to take a piece home /photo©: Renato Akerman especially this guy!! /photo©: Renato Akerman what remains/photo©: Renato Akerman Arnaldo, Osgemeos,Roger, Renato Akerman and Mario Caldato /photo©: Renato Akerman This article was posted by Os Gemeos 1 Year, 9 months, 2 weeks, 1 Day, 21 hours, 8 minutes ago. photo©: Osgemeos Todd James, Xabu, Finok e Toes /photo©: Osgemeos detalhe, parte de Whole Car feito por Todd James, Xabu, Coyo, Remio e Oli, photo©: Osgemeos Todd James, detalhe do Whole Car…photo©: Osgemeos detalhe; Xabu, Oli, Coio….photo©: Osgemeos Nina /photo©: Osgemeos Dj Xabu /photo©: Osgemeos

High Resolution Textures | Free Textures, Game Textures, 3D Textures, Design Resources and More Rainbow Family The Rainbow Family of Living Light (commonly shortened to the Rainbow Family) is a loosely affiliated group of individuals committed to principles of non-violence and egalitarianism. They put on events known as Rainbow Gatherings. Origins and practices[edit] The Rainbow Family was created out of the Vortex Gathering in Canby, Oregon (30 miles south of Portland, Or.) from August 28 to September 3, 1970. The shootings and killings of four students in the spring of 1970 put the peace movement into a a state of crisis and re-evaluation. The first official Rainbow Family Gathering was held in Strawberry Lake, Colorado, on the Continental Divide, in 1972. Regional Rainbow Gatherings are held throughout the year in the United States, as are national and regional gatherings in dozens of other countries. Those who attend Rainbow Gatherings usually share an interest in intentional communities, ecology, New Age spirituality and entheogens. Goals[edit] The Gatherings[edit] Controversy[edit]

INTERESNI KAZKI Inspirationfeed - get inspired! Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz Under Fire, but Company’s Problems May Not Be Fixable The second episode of Season 4 brought us another wedding ceremony for the ages, and ended with a bang. [Warning: SPOILERS] In retrospect, we really should have seen it coming. I am referring, of course, to the Big Shocking Plot Twist at the end of Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. (WARNING: If you haven't seen "The Lion and the Rose" yet, stop reading now. We got our first clue last week when Arya Stark and The Hound stumbled across a tavern in the woods. "Needle?" "Lots of people name their swords," Arya said. "Lots of cunts," The Hound replied. Turns out this vulgar little exchange was actually the first half of an elaborate joke. But what a punchline it was. "Such a great sword should have a name," Joffrey shouts to his guests. "Widow's Wail," one of them shouts back. "Widow's Wail," Joffrey says. The king, in other words, is a c--t. First we learned there's no room for heroes on Game of Thrones. Joffrey was the King of C--ts. Just consider Sunday night’s episode.

FECAL FACE DOT COM Comedy College: Lessons in Laughter - Totie Fields Born Sophie Feldman, Totie Fields was a New York-accented yenta doing self-deflating fat jokes amid her extroverted kvetching. In 1963, when Totie began performing in the Catskills, women weren't necessarily expected to offer their opinions or ideas. Totie did, though, treating the crowd like friends and blowing up stories about everyday events to comic proportions. She was a regular on The Ed Sullivan Show in the '70s, and she was making a big impression on future comics. There was no way to not pay attention to Totie Fields. Totie was diabetic, and in the late '70s, her health began to fail. Material excerpted from: Totie Fields Live; Mainstream Records Inc., S/6123 (no date given).

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