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Wikkelhouse - A HOUSE FOR YOU

Wikkelhouse - A HOUSE FOR YOU

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Raumhochrosen's woodland cabin in Austria provides respite for life coach Austrian architecture studio Raumhochrosen designed this compact timber cabin as a wilderness retreat for a life coach and songwriter. Tom's Hut is located in a patch of woodland in Austria's Wienerwald municipality, where it provides its owner respite from his busy urban life. Raumhochrosen prefabricated the angular, timber structure offsite before slotting it into its sloping, tree-covered plot. "If a mental coach is also an Austrian songwriter, living his life between extremes, he needs a woodland wilderness hut as a balance to his life in the middle of the town," said the architects. "This simple house refers intensively to its environment, follows the contour of a previous, decaying building and was really drafted around a man and his passions." Vertical lengths of timber clad the walls of the hut, while metal sheeting covers its mono-pitched roof and chimney.

10 Modern Prefabs We'd Love To Call Home posted Categories: Homes / Dwellings Over the years, the prefab movement has been gradually gathering steam as a great option for a new home. Built in much less time than a traditionally-built home, prefabs offer great, modern digs in smartly designed, often compact, packages. Let’s take a look at ten of our favorites. m2 is a custom prefab designed by Balance Associates Architects, which is made up of 2 Medium modules from their S-M-L series. The cabin-like retreat focuses on the wooded view.

Kombinat designs kitchen-style workplace for Vienna apartment This Vienna apartment, renovated by Slovenian architects Kombinat, features a hybrid living space with room for both cooking and working. The firm demolished a partition wall to create the space in the 96-square-metre apartment, which overlooks a street in the Austrian capital. To enable this area to serve as a kitchen, office and meeting place, Kombinat installed a long counter that functions as a dining table but also a workstation when required. Wooden storage adjacent to the front window forms both a kitchen counter and a place for readers to perch. "This is the place to cook, eat, read and write, but first and foremost, it is a place to gather and meet," said the studio, which previously converted an Alpine chalet into a house with timber shutters like a sliding puzzle.

Meet the Tiny House Family Who Built an Amazing Mini Home for Just $12,000 Could you live in just 320 sq. ft. of space? How about with 3 other people? The Tiny House Family does it, and the DIY, money-saving way they went about it is attracting them a lot of attention. Hari, Karl and their son and daughter's small living adventure began when the sour economy caused their award-winning restaurant in Florida to close. Kasita - A Tiny "Plug and Play" Prefab House by Jeff Wilson Dr. Jeff Wilson made his name after living out of a converted dumpster for a year. Now, the Texas-based environmental science professor has launched a prefab housing concept. The project, dubbed Kasita, aims to resolve the difficulties people face when attempting to get on the housing market. Its inception also reflects society’s changing attitude towards home ownership. Described as “housing-as-a-service”, Kasita is composed of a prefab module which can be transported by truck from one location to another.

Tiny Houses From MUJI - TINY HOUSE TOWN If you're a fan of the Japanese retailer MUJI, get ready for an exciting addition to the company's list of products- tiny houses! Starting in 2017, the company will begin selling pre-fab tiny homes. Called "MUJI HUT", the homes were done in collaboration with designers Naoto Fukaswaka, Jasper Morrison, and Konstantin Grcic, who each produced their own hut. The home-, named Wooden Hut, Cork Hut, and Aluminum Hut- each have their own unique features. The Wooden Hut features a loft space for sleeping, while the other two are single level.

A Student Village Made of Container Homes in Copenhagen by CPH The city of Copenhagen has become one of the world’s most desirable places to live thanks to its culture and contemporary design. But its popularity has come at a cost – there’s a shortage of both land and housing. This project, by the Danish company CPH Containers, aims to address the housing of students. Copenhagen’s university system has seen rapid growth since its inception. To address the needs of housing these students, CPH Containers and architect Søren Nielsen, have teamed up to create a student village.

miniHome Welcome to the miniHome. Our prefab modular dwellings are quite simply at the forefront of the global green revolution in home construction. Embodying the best in contemporary design, our affordable miniHomes exemplify the highest standards of modern residential design, materials and technology to create beautiful, energy efficient and enduring dwellings. Most of the science behind building a green home is taking into account smart design, energy efficiency and locally-sourced materials.

A Little Design creates 22m2 apartment in Taiwan Taiwanese studio A Little Design has renovated a 22-metre-square micro apartment to serve every need of its occupant (+ slideshow). A bath, floor-to-ceiling storage and space for exercise are included in the compact flat, located in Taipei City, where property prices are driving young buyers into smaller homes. A Little Design described the client as a young woman who travels frequently for work, and when she gets home "all she needs is a hot bath and a good sleep". 210 Square Foot MODERN Tiny House- WITH NO LOFT! Designed by Foundry Architects and Brian Levy, Minim House design stands on the shoulders of others: House 227 from the great folks at Yestermorrow, the hidden platform bed from Front Studios, the not-so-tiny homes from Stephen Marshall at Little House on a Trailer, the Solo designs from MiniHome, plans from Wheelhaus, and Idea Box’s MiniBox. Yet the design integrates some of the best elements from these plans, adds its’ own unique elements and advances the thinking on micro house design (see these innovations under ‘Design’ tab. Minim House also responds to my personal perceptions of the current state of small house-on-wheels design and use:

Flat Pack Tiny House on Etsy When you think of Etsy, you usually think of handmade jewelry and clothing, antiques and vintage items. Now you can also buy a tiny, flat-pack house built by Jacob Triche of the Revival Supply Co. shop on Etsy. This very tiny home only comes in at 96 square feet but it’s capable of fitting inside the back of a full-sized truck for delivery purposes. Made of luan, plywood, pine, 2x4s and Plexiglass, the house is selling on Etsy for $4,500. The house has an upstairs loft large enough for a queen mattress, plus additional storage space.

Willem Dudok: Meet the Father of Dutch Modernism Willem Marinus Dudok (6 July 1884 - 6 July 1974) was one of The Netherlands' most influential Modernist architects. Formally trained as an engineer, Dudok spent his formative years designing military barracks for the Dutch forces, and his time with the military has been credited with the development of his early linear style, though he was known to borrow elements from Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie school of architecture. Dudok's architectural legacy is undeniable: with a career spanning several decades, his portfolio encompasses nearly all civic buildings in Hilversum, along with a series of projects in Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Paris, among others.