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7 herramientas para optimizar la productividad del community manager ¿Eres community manager y necesitas optimizar tu productividad? Estas 7 herramientas son para ti. 1- Fastanalytics Esta es un app gratuita disponible para iPhone, iPod Touch o iPad con iOS 4.3 en adelante. Ideal para chequear de un vistazo sólo lo más importante de Google Analytics sin tener que recorrer toda la herramienta para acceder a reportes claves relativos al tráfico, posicionamiento, engagement, entre otros datos. Fastanalytics permite manejar varias cuentas, saltando de una a otra de manera muy simple e inclusive repasar estadísticas de hasta un año de antigüedad de cada una de ellas. 2- Topsy Es un motor de búsqueda que que rastrea a través de Twitter, links, fotos, videos, menciones, influenciadores, keywords alrededor de los que se construyen interacciones, pudiendo monitorear y conocer qué temas son los que se perfilan como más populares, virales y de los cuales se pueden obtener insights y contenido para compartir. 3- Postcron 4- Viraltag (antes Pingraphy) 5- Woobox 7- Storify

SkyJack - autonomous drone hacking SkyJack is a drone engineered to autonomously seek out, hack, and wirelessly take over other drones within wifi distance, creating an army of zombie drones under your control. by Samy Kamkar // // Dec 2, 2013 Follow me on twitter: @SamyKamkar Discover more of my virulent technology at Press: Ars TechnicaTechCrunchBBCNBCHuffington PostVICEMashableGizmodoEngadgetGizmagNewScientistThe EscapistTom's GuidePopular MechanicsDiscoveryEntrepreneurWashington TimeseWeekHack-a-DayThreatPostRTPC MagSlashdotComputerWorldMother Jones Overview Today Amazon announced they're planning to use unmanned drones to deliver some packages to customers within five years. SkyJack also works when grounded as well, no drone is necessary on your end for it to work. Download You can acquire SkyJack from github: Software SkyJack aircrack-ng I use aircrack-ng to put our wireless device into monitor mode to find our drones and drone owners. node-ar-drone Hardware

Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics | With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search Drag down from the middle of the Home screen and type what you're looking for. Siri Suggestions Drag right from the Home screen to show Search and get Siri Suggestions. Get Siri Suggestions Siri Suggestions include apps and contacts that you might be interested in. You can use Siri Suggestions with iPhone 5 and later, iPad Pro, iPad (4th generation) and later, iPad mini (2nd generation) and later, and iPod touch (6th generation). Change search settings Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search. From here, you can turn Siri Suggestions on or off and choose which apps to include in your searches. If you don’t want Siri or Spotlight to suggest nearby locations, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Last Modified:

Rapportive Leverage Sales Navigator insights anytime you send an email. View rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in Gmail, and use that knowledge when you reach out next. This Chrome extension is available in two flavors, “Lite” for free LinkedIn members and “Premium” for LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscribers. Sales Navigator Lite for Gmail will let you See rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in your Gmail, and use that knowledge when you reach out next Mention icebreakers, including shared connections, experiences, and interests, to build rapport with your contacts Hover over any email address anywhere in your message to quickly view their profile to stay informed on who’s who With a Sales Navigator subscription, this extension will unlock additional premium features: Save contacts as leads in your Sales Navigator account Use TeamLink to see if prospects are connected to your colleagues and get a warm introduction - Negocios en Internet Project Shield CodeKa v1.0