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Välkommen till Ingelas lekstuga!

Välkommen till Ingelas lekstuga!
Jag heter Ingela, är mamma till fem barn i åldrarna 8-23 år, och förskollärare. Alla mina barn har/har haft verbal dyspraxi. Verbal dyspraxi innebär en störning av artikulationsförmågan, man har alltså uttalssvårigheter. Här kan du läsa om verbal dyspraxi och språkstörning, och få tips om lekar, spel, sånger, sagor och böcker som passar alla barn. Under länkarna till Årstider, Högtider och Tema hittar du sånger, rim, boktips, pyssel och annat relaterat till ämnet. Uppdaterat 130504 Barn med verbal dyspraxi/språkstörning Språkstimulans, lekar och spel Högtider Årstider Sagor och scener för sagor Flanosagor, -sånger och -ramsor Rim och ramsor Pyssel Barnsånger med ny text Teman/samlingssidor Rör muspekaren över grafiken så ser du varifrån den kommer. Lallas grafik har tyvärr upphört En del iconer från: Related:  Bildförslag

DIY Project: Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art Not every day you can find a clever way to reuse something from the you can take a break because someone came with very a simple and beautiful idea that lets you reuse toilet paper rolls. To make wall decorations you will need: toilette paper rolls, scissors, white glue, stapler, paint + brushes, glitter, laundry pins…What do you think about that? Crush paper roll Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact place the rolls on a flat surface creating a desired pattern. spend time trying different compositions and patterns. glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may paint and add sparkles. Source : source:

How to draw funny cartoons. Simple guide to improve your drawing skills. Learn to Draw Tutorials for Kids Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step... Here's a collection of our "learn to draw" activities for Spring. Children can follow... Kids can have fun with these printables with which they can learn to draw Autumn pictures such as... Kids can have fun with our learn to draw tutorials for winter pictures - a pretty snowflake and a... Kids can learn to draw favourite flowers with these printable step by step tutorials. Here's something fun for keeping the kids busy! Learn to draw the goddess Lakshmi and the elephant-headed Ganesha for Diwali using our simple step... Here's a fun activity for the kids this Halloween! Fun printable learn to draw tutorials for kids with a Thanksgiving theme! Learn to draw a selection of birds with our fun drawing tutorials, which teach kids with a simple... Just for fun, learn to draw your own Saint Andrew and Loch Ness Monster on St Andrew's Day! Here's an activity that will keep the kids busy!

HOW TO DRAW Santa? Mom, how should I draw Santa Claus? Show your child how to draw Santa, an angel or a deer… in a few easy steps. Santa Claus Christmas deer An angel And here are some instruction sheets with a blank area for drawing. These fun images are composed of easy geometrical shapes. This type of drawing fosters imagination as kids go beyond mere coloring and start creating pictures of their own – to very satisfying results. See more HOW TO DRAW instruction sheets: Free Olaf Printable - Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Do you want to build a snowman?! You can now with my free Olaf printable! This is a great paper activity for Frozen fans of all ages! I’ve created a printable of your favourite snowman – Olaf! He comes with head, body, arms, feet, carrot nose, 5 sets of eyes, eyebrows, hair, buttons, scarf and because he likes summer – sunglasses! Just print onto white card, cut the pieces out (young children may need help) and build a snowman! I’ve provided two sizes – A4 and 8.5″x11″ which you can download by clicking on the links below. Frozen has been a huge hit this past year, and as a Disney fan, I knew I would have to design a free Olaf printable for Create Christmas 2014! If you love Frozen, you will also love my Do You Want To Build A Snowman Party Favor with free printable, which is perfect for a Christmas party! If you use my free Olaf printable, I would love to see the snowman you built! Printables created by The Purple Pumpkin Blog are for personal use only and not for resale.

tallriksugglor Learn to Draw Animals Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step illustrations to discover how to draw all sorts of animals and build up their skills and confidence in the they are just good fun! You could build up a whole folder of these printable pages for rainy days - teachers might even want to laminate them and keep them ready as a time-filler or reward. And of course many of them tie into classroom themes, too. We have over 80 of these animal drawing pages so you are sure to find one that appeals! By special request, save yourself a lot of clicking and grab all our learn to draw animals, birds, bugs and sea creatures in one easy download! Learn to draw this cute chimpanzee just by following the steps and copying carefully. Whether you are looking at African animals, primates or even Ancient Egyptian Gods, use our learn to draw a baboon guide to add some fun. Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a badger? Kids love meerkats!

LimpAn | Hej Världen Build a Dinosaur! 188K+Save Our recent theme for Preschool@Home was DINOSAURS! One of LB's favorite activities was this one. And best of all, it was easy as pie to put together! Supplies: Green craft-foam (Or you can use construction paper. Prep Work: Using the craft foam, cut out the following shapes: 1 big half-circle1 medium triangle1 medium square1 medium circle3 small rectangles3 small long triangles3 small squares4 small triangles3 small circles How to Play: Lay out all the shapes and show your child how to build a dinosaur. LB(3) had so much fun with this, and it was also a good review of shapes. LL(1) also had fun playing with the shapes, and the craft foam shapes held up under her squishing and squashing. And when LM(6) got home from school he created some great prehistoric creatures too. Fun for kids of all ages! Now that's what I'm talkin' about.Do you like this idea? Need some Craft Foam? (This post contains affiliate links)

Lucka 4: Pappersstjärna | systrarna pyssel Här är en pappersstjärna som jag testat göra efter en beskrivning i tidningen 101 nya idéer. Det som behövs är tjockt papper, lim och skärkniv/sax. 1. Fäst ihop remsorna i hörnen så att det bildas fyra spetsar. När alla hörn är hoplimmade ska det se ut så här: Gör likadant med den andra pappersfiguren. Klipp till spetsarna och så är stjärnan klar! /Sara. Ladybugs from Egg Cartons Ladybugs! I love ladybug crafts because they are really easy for kids to make, teenagers think they are cute, and you can vary the colors to make just about anyone smile. As you already know, using recycled items in my craft tutorials is a big thing with me, so it should be no surprise that these little sweeties are made from painted recycled egg cartons. I actually made these several years ago for the website I used to own, I wanted to share them here because they really are one of my favorites and I’m always happy to add to my arsenal of ladybug crafts. I’m afraid I don’t have any step by step photos since I did make this a while ago. Ladybugs from Egg Cartons What you need: empty egg carton cup skinny black chenille, 2″ piece 2 small wiggle eyes 1 medium black pom pom colorful acrylic paint black acrylic paint paintbrush *white craft glue hot glue gun scissors What you do: Use scissors to separate egg carton cups, trim the edges.

Kids Crafts - Inspiration for Children of all Ages Bunting is a quick and fun way to decorate the house or classroom for any occasion. It also... It is amazing what fun can be had and what can be created from a few basic ingredients. We have... Decorating lanterns and candles is great fun for older children. There is something very therapeutic about playing with clay even as an adult. Collages are an excellent way to fill a wet afternoon and use up the odds and ends in your craft... We all know that kids love to dress up - whether on a rainy afternoon, with a gang of friends, or... Crafting with craft foam is safe for even the youngest children, and cutting and sticking the foam... Here are all of Activity Village's felt crafts for kids. We have recently had lots of fun making felt - felt pictures, felt beads and felt balls - and,... Fuse beads are not only fun to do, but they provide children an opportunity to be creative while... There is nothing nicer than a homemade gift from a special child in your life, and if you can...