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Tumblr Themes

Tumblr Themes
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Lucas Makes Themes Lucas —— makes —— Themes I don't update this lol Atticus Theme — Preview / Download Exclamation — Preview / Download Atlas Designs Webdesigner Depot Sometimes it seems like Tumblr is the most often overlooked blogging platform out there. People are never quite sure what to make of it. It’s not quite like a “regular” blog platform (like WordPress or Blogger) and it’s not microblogging either. It’s tumblogging, but a lot of people don’t know what thadet means. And it can be a little daunting for designers who are trying to figure out how to develop Tumblr themes considering there are seven post types (or eight if you count photo slideshow posts as separate from regular photo posts). One thing that Tumblr definitely has going in its favor is the number of themes that are now available. Below are more than 70 awesome Tumblr themes, more than half of them free. Free themes Imperial Demo | Details Imperial is a feminine theme with a patterned background and flag detailing. Ernest Demo | Details Ernest has an almost corporate look, with textured granite background and a conservative color scheme. Miss Sourpuss Demo | Details Boxes Demo | Details Lines

Atonals Themes Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll. The description is at the top of the page, if there is one. The blog title and links are on the right side of the posts. All posts are 500px. Sanity Theme Code This is a two or three column theme with endless scroll. Gypsy Theme Code This theme does not allow endless scrolling because of the location of the links and description. FLUME Premium Theme! Classy layout which was inspired by Neglect Theme Code This theme has two or three columns with endless scroll. Mirth PREMIUM theme for $5 Buy Here Preview 1 Preview2 Optional one or two columns for large picturesOptional two, three, four columns for small picturesOptional endless scrollCustom colors and fontsOptional to have a left aligned sidebar ******If after purchasing you do not get redirected to the correct website, send me a message with the name you used to purchase the theme via Paypal (I will check) and I will send you the code.

Untitled Themes welcome to heaven themes faggiestthemes Theme 44 this is a cool quality theme uh yeah 2 or 3 columns and theres a gradient background for the navigation and the first gradient color is the post border which looks really cool. yeah i really like this theme. it can be used for more than quality but idk i made it with a quality blog in mind Theme 43 ok so i made another one column bc i get so many requests but this one can be 2 columns also. optional sidebar pic and simple links and permalinks with like/reblog and notes :) idk i really like it :) Theme 42 this isnt a v customizable theme like my others but its a 1 col and and ya its good for txt post blogs/ humor or w.e ya Theme 41 2 or 3 columns pop up links, optional sidebar pic the popup faded background is the background color you have set or if you upload a background picture, that becomes the fade background too its pretty cool idk enjoy!! Theme 40 this theme is cool i really like it 2 or 3 columns popup ask and links and yeah Theme 39 Theme 38 Theme 37 just a really cool theme :)

themes by kelly new old Q: How do I install the theme? A: You click the link called "code", copy the code, then you go to customize, click "Edit HTML" delete the code that you have there, then paste the code you just copied and click save! Q: Can we remove the credit? ///