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Lucas Makes Themes Lucas —— makes —— Themes I don't update this lol Atticus Theme — Preview / Download Exclamation — Preview / Download rorysthemes for your theme #4 is there a way to change 400px posts to 500px posts? thx c: — Anonymous Bitch Please Icons! Going to put them under a cut again because they’re bigger than normal (167x200px) Read More (Source: bitchpleaseicons) I’m going to put them under a cut because they’re a little more big than the usual icons (125x175px) Read More

zen themes Like my themes? Coming Soon Melvin Ascent Revolve Legacy Atonals Themes Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll. llermans' themes Write Me All theme related questions go here. You can also give me a feedback, so let me know if I'm doing my job well. I also take suggestions or requests!

alluringicons Please like if using any of these,don’t reblog Credits to '@rauhlingswag' if using sorry they’re in 150x150Please like if using any of these icons,don’t reblog Credits to '@rauhlingswag' if using faggiestthemes Theme 44 this is a cool quality theme uh yeah 2 or 3 columns and theres a gradient background for the navigation and the first gradient color is the post border which looks really cool. yeah i really like this theme. it can be used for more than quality but idk i made it with a quality blog in mind Theme 43 ok so i made another one column bc i get so many requests but this one can be 2 columns also. optional sidebar pic and simple links and permalinks with like/reblog and notes :) idk i really like it :) Theme 42

farahmir Q: oh my goddddd i've been waiting ages for you to release a theme and the new one you released is sO GORGEOUS HONESTLY WORTH THE WAIT YOU'RE BASICALLY A THEME GODDESS SENT TO US UNWORTHY MORTALS (draicarys) Thank you oh my gosh this means a lot to me! (Kick me in the butt the next time you want a theme!) Q: i love what u did with this blog's theme :) (grangeria)