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-Artificial neural network- Remember to check my patreon for sketches and works in progress 🌟Celestial Core🌟 As usual you can see the sketches and works in progress of this on my patreon backer’s blog. Here’s something cool. I designed a box for Weet Bix with all proceeds going to Reach Out Australia. Check out my patreon page for all the sketches and WIPs leading up to this final Hi I started a patreon: I’m mostly going to post sketches and works in progress and see how that goes.

Alexandre "Zedig " diboine the meat shop ! A little bit of lore from saltenpepper : In the world of saltenpepper, all meats grow in the wild or in farms, for every vegetable, tree, or fungus, exists a variety that gives a type of meat ! The brushes are kyle ‘s ones, DYNAMO ✮ Le blog officiel de la Grenouille Noire Et hop, l’Invitation officielle au vernissage de mon exposition à Paris chez Arludik Galerie le 10 AVRIL! j’espère vous y voir À trés bientôt ————— Here’s the official invitation for the opening of my exhibition in Paris at Arludik the 10th of APRIL! Hope to see you there See you very soon 2 weeks ago Tags : THE BLACK FROG | EXHIBITION | ART | ORIGINAL | SELL | Comments : REMINDER, MAGGOT ISSUE #6 — the last instalment of the series — WILL BE OUT ON THE 1RST OF MARCH — YES, THAT’S TOMORROW !!! :)

PSG Art tutorial Foreword I believe there is logic behind why a picture works or not. I also believe that humans are meat machines, and that one day computers will be able to emulate humans and what we do. Since logic can be formulated into rules, guidelines and theories, these can be shared. I will attempt to do so here. Note that I have just empirically deduced the theories I present here, and that I'm a highly fallible meat machine.

Feng Zhu Design: RPG Rooms - FZD Term 2 students I really enjoy teaching this assignment - seeing all the fun details added by the students. The goal is to visually describe the personality and habits of the user by just looking at the objects in the room. To see more, please visit FZDSCHOOL.COM

Thumb War - Design Iteration Combat Simulation THUMB WAR : Design Iteration Combat Simulation by Paul Richards Updated 07/04/09 Ten-hut, fellow concept grunts! The following text is a condensed adaptation of some recent workshops I've spoken at on the theory/practice of thumbnailing, and is not a verbatim transcript. Oorah! If you've ever been in the military, you know advertisements only show half the picture. It's the glamorous half, the one depicting acts of extreme heroism, glossing over much of the arduous and mundane aspects of military life.

WOON This is what happen when the pilot witch walks around Central Park, Can the witches be friends with dogs? :) They went to the tennis court to celebrate Wimbledon! Enjoy~~ It was the pilot witch who called them and she will take them to somewhere~ happy 4th of July everybody!!

M Y L Y D Y kaneki-ken-u-not: your jobs are cool! may i ask, what do you have to major in to be able to work as a character designer? I'd like to work in a similar field, but i dont know where or how to start Hi Thank you very much for your support :) I m french, I love speaking english, but please forgive me if there is some english spoken mistakes : 2DBean Warmups Hmmm Good question. I cannot honestly tell you when or even if it even happened. Braydan Barrett Architecture Year 3 | Semester 2 | 1:50 Studio tower sectional model. Year 3 | Semester 2 | Cultural Beacon for Hackey Wick. Evolution of models. Year 3 | Semester 2 | Cultural beacon, atrium gallery concept model.

Allison Sommers’ Tiny, Fantastical Hand-Painted Book Like us, artist Allison Sommers fell in love with last month’s NY Art Book Fair. Unlike us, she used that inspiration to create something beautiful: an art book of her own. GK:2 is tiny (5.75” x 4.5” when open) — in fact, its title is short for “ganz klein,” or “very small” in German. Sommers writes that the wordless volume was “hand-sewn of watercolor paper and bound by wallpaper scraps I found in the trash.” Although she began the project with no expectations for the final product, after a month and a half, she had a five-scene sequence of landscapes populated by strange, dreamy plants and creatures. Sommers concludes that, having finished GK:2, “I am definitely not the painter I went in as.”

yes hello this is choo you just think about the life you’ll have together after the war some excerpts from my 1001 knights piece Gobz___Ailis I went in Hokkaido in Japan three weeks ago, I loooooooooooved it, it such a wonderful place! It’s wilder than in tokyo, and people are generally more open . Food is amazing , especially seafood (they eat everything, from seaweed to urchins, sea-spiders, crabs, jellyfishes, scallops, shrimps…it is quite strange , because we are not used to eat something that fresh ). There is a lot of natural Onsens (hot water coming directly from the ground) were you can rest after snowshoeing all the day (It’s so cold there that we had snow in april!) I didn’t had the time to go on the natural parks of the eastern hokkaido like the Akan National Park, but next time for sure!

CG___MaxenceBurgel Florian de Gesincourt, Art Director at Zootfly : "Maxence is a really a talented artist, very professional and creative. I worked with him several times to provide concept art for our games, the result was better than expected. He understood very well the needs of our studio, respect deadline, to deliver great concepts. Just check his portfolio!" Yann Tambellini, Creative Director at Kylotonn :