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Protecting Kids from Dating Apps

Protecting Kids from Dating Apps
As the use of social media has increased so has grown the rate of crimes, bullying, harassment, sexual abuse and kids’ rights exploitation. The non-tech savvy parents ignore such concerns as they don’t know what actually these social media dating apps are. We will put forward handy solutions with most feasible practices that parents can utilize to protect their kids from being the prey of such crimes. Let us make it clear with a fine example. Almost a week ago, I went to barber shop and the lady in-charge shared a story that scared me wholly. She told her 16 years college niece is using online dating apps to communicate with people in her area. The discussion with the lady forced me to know what actually these social media hook-up apps are. Though various traditional practices are employed to overcome addiction of teens and kids of social media dating apps, these don’t impart practical results with impeding the rate of usage. Bugging Tapping Calls Reading Instant Messages

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Moments to Spare Kids from Menace of Social Media Apps It’s high time that all the tech-savvy parents spy their kids on social media to figure out how safe and secure their children are. The vast acceptance of social media apps has given rise to a phenomenon we call as “addiction to social media apps among the teens” and utilization of handy tools is necessarily required. The international organizations, newspapers, journals, and websites have raised their voices in support of protecting the kid generation from being physically paralyzed as a consequence of addiction of harmful apps.

[Infographic] – How to Monitor Manage Workplace? – Tech Breath When it comes to boosting productivity, increasing the sales and enhancing company reputation, there are few things that must be done to check whether the employees are working actively and everything going as expected. There comes a number of moments when the employers face problems from the staff like they are performing their job well, not interested in work anymore and ultimately the bosses reckon to utilize tactics that not only rebuild the company but lets them keep eyes on their staff as well. “TheOneSpy” monitoring app introduces this fantastic Infographic “How to Monitor Manage Workplace” with eye-opening stats and facts.

Facebook and WhatsApp Dangers for Teens Our research has come up with a general assumption that every social media app or website, irrespective of their nature, usage, acceptability and popularity, poses severe constraints and threats to the users. Good and evil go together on Facebook and WhatsApp. These two social media apps have become so much popular that millions of people use every day for communication and information sharing. 3 Ways to Reduce Risk in Your Business Join our list Subscribe to our mailing list for weekly updates. Thank you for subscribing. Something went wrong. Every business, irrespective of whether it’s on a small level or of international standard, needs security and protection from any external factors. Business is the source livelihood for thousands of people in any organization, and once it’s destroyed, all the employees become unemployed.

How to Catch Cheaters with TheOneSpy Application? Have you ever thought of time will come when you are blessed enough to take on the cheaters? This modern era has fetched us the abundant technology to dig deep to find out what you target person is doing. TheOneSpy app is a name of reliability, trust, and super-effective monitoring service. The app offers a broad range of features that work as per your demands. TheOneSpy helps you catch the cheaters and mend their ways but before we write on “How to Catch Cheaters,” we need to let our readers know the term “Cheaters.” How Can You Bypass Social Media Dangers For Kids? International newspapers, journals and child protection communities and research centers are raising their voices against the vast use of social media by teens due to their severe impacts. This is a reality that we all have become addicted to the internet and social media as well. Teens after seeing their elders are also getting acquitted to them too but this is very dangerous in light of the current and latest crime reports. The most harmful thing about the social media is that there are no rules and regulations over what should be shared.

Tumblr Causes Dangers to Teenagers Almost every parent acknowledges that they can’t keep vigilant eyes on the latest social media apps installed on their kid’s smartphones. If a parent educates his/her children on an individual app like Facebook or Whatsapp and their dangers, the teens change their apps and convert to others i.e. Tumblr, Instagram, etc. it’s merely like a game for the kids to use recent and newest apps every day. If parents restrict them from one, they come up with a new one so parents must do their utmost to ensure their kids are active only on safe social media apps. It’s not later than a few years that every child and teenager started using such apps where they share their personal matters, talk to unknown people, find crushes and a lot more is there to be done.

How To Monitor and Manage Your Workplace (Infographic) - LXP 7 Shares Share Tweet Email Curious to know how to monitor and manage workplace? How to Keep Tabs on Tablets of Your Teens? When the word “Tablet” appears, simply an idea flashes into mind with an image of a mini computer. Tablets resemble very much the computers but mainly differ in size; the tablets can be handed and picked anywhere but computers can’t. When it comes to parental control, “monitoring tablets of teens” become an inevitable part as few teens use cell phones while others are provided with tablets by their parents or in gifts. The post aims at proffering a detailed guidance on why and how the parents should keep tabs on the tablets of their teens. 95% teens between 12-17 years are using the internet and social media through cell phones, computers, and tablets. A recent study shows that 23% teens use to access the internet, social media and various other dating and entertainment websites through tablets.

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