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Augmented Times

Augmented Times
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Political Activism, Social Change, and Augmented Reality Email Share 0 Email Share S uperimposing digital data on the physical world is not just for the 1%. As more of our innovators, artisans, and marketers experiment with augmented reality, the tumultuous politics of our times are beginning to follow suit. Protests and Social Change This year’s Occupy movement broke new ground in various ways that will keep sociologists and political scientists busy for decades. The Occupy Wall Street group in New York took this idea one step further, using junaio to superimpose signs, placards, and related imagery over areas from which they were restricted from physically protesting. Of course, the utility of these apps to the overall movement remains an open question. Nevertheless, these examples do illustrate They allow individual artists located anywhere in the world to add their own spin on the group’s message–using different perspectives, images, and even languages–in a way that no mere physical demonstration could ever hope to accomplish.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Concept Games – Part 2 Home » Desktop , News , Opinion , Technology So we come to the nuts and bolts of the top 10 augmented reality games concept list as we continue the count down from 5 to 1. ( part 1 of the list ) Remember this list includes concept and beta games. Essentially games I want but am unable to play because they are not publicly available. Kweekies feels like it’s been coming for a long time, it’s probably been one of the most hyped augmented reality games around. HIT Labs is one of those names like Total Immersion or Metiaothat when they do stuff you tend to sit back and listen because you know its going to be good. {*style:<b>3: Spacecraft Racing </b>*} OK this one is not the most visual augmented reality application and may be a strange entry for number 3, but it makes me think of a cross between scalectrix and micro machines. That just leaves us with the battle for first and second place, so before we announce them lets look at the candidates. {*style:<b>ARhrrrr Zombies {*style:<b>PIT Strategy

Q&A: Adam Broitman on augmented reality marketing | Blog Caution: eye-poppingly cool links ahead. If you haven't yet heard of augmented reality, or its applications in marketing, it's time to start working on some serious mind-expansion. AR may be brand new cutting edge technology, but it's already started creeping into marketing campaigns from organizations ranging from GE to Esquire magazine...even the US Postal Service. Adam Broitman, partner and ringleader of the New York based agency, has been preaching the AR gospel -- and working on some groundbreaking campaigns. Q: So let's start at the top. Adam Broitman: The way augmented reality is being used today is not a proper definition of what it's going to be. Other example of that are war movies when you see additional information that helps them navigate the world, for example. Q: So let's talk actual marketing applications. The stage that we're in right now is what my business partner refers to as through-the-looking-glass. There were a number of examples after that.

GigantiCo - The blog of Chris Grayson, Digital Creative Strategist - .. untitled 1. Vérifiez que votre webcam est bien connectée à votre ordinateur. 2. Téléchargez l'application - configuration requise si vous possédez un PC Si vous possédez un MAC 3. 4. 5. 6. Et maintenant, découvrez de manière inédite et sous toutes ses facettes, la Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens. 3 Reasons Why Games Are The Killer App For Augmented Reality We all are great believers in the potential of Augmented Reality (AR). Within the next 10 years, we say, it will totally change the way we interact with the world. But what industry will be the first to bring AR to the masses? When you co-found a company that focuses on Augmented Reality games – and especially – when it secures an investment from a venture capital firm – you have some deeper explaining to do. Here are 3 key (business) reasons why games will be the first industry to spearhead augmented reality into the mainstream: Reason #1 Games are the killer app for emerging technologies Games Accelerate the Adoption of New Technologies by the Mainstream Games have a history of pushing the envelop of new technologies and bringing new inventions to the masses: computer graphics, memory, silicon, screens, 3D animation, interactive story telling, immersion…and the list goes on and on. Nolan Bushnell (the legendary founder of Atari) wrote back in 1996: Was the first PC a video game console?

Augmented Reality Browser – Layar Games Alfresco Corée du Sud : Un supermarché Tesco virtuel recréé dans le métro permet aux voyageurs de faire leurs courses en direct grâce au QR Code « Web & Lemonade 23 juin Le distributeur Tesco frappe fort avec sa dernière initiative en Corée du Sud : Homeplus. La problématique de ce géant de la distribution était la suivante : Comment devenir le n°1 sans augmenter le nombre de magasins? Pour ce faire, le challenger s’est inspiré du mode vie sud-coréen pour adapter son offre : « faire venir le magasin aux consommateurs et non les consommateurs au magasin »… Les Sud Coréens travaillent énormément (#2 Most hard-working countries of the world 2011) et se déplacent donc d’autant dans les transports en commun. C’est ainsi qu’est née l’idée de créer un supermarché virtuel au sein même des stations de métro. Cette initiative est sans doute une belle impulsion pour une nouvelle forme de m-commerce, qui n’en est qu’aux balbutiements… WordPress: Soyez le premier à aimer ceci. Tags: application mobile , Cheil , communication alternative , magasin virtuel , QR Code , Tesco

Top 10 Augmented Reality Concept Games – Part I Home » Desktop , News , Opinion , Technology Having just finished another xBox 360 game I’m thinking about my next game purchase. Augmented Reality has the potential to revolutionize gaming so today we’ll look at the top 10 list of augmented reality games that I really want to play. The caveat is none of these games are available, some of these are still concepts, some are in beta, and others… well have disappeared. {*style:<b>10: Pacman </b>*} Yes it’s retro but it makes the list because everyone who grew up in the 80s loves Pacman {*style:<b>9: Skreek Station I have no idea what this game is about, it looks interesting but more importantly it looks like one of those games that could change the board game genre. The simple games are the best and what can be simpler than a game of memory. {*style:<b>7: Marbles Another nice simple game, get the marble to the exit. I’m not sure if this one was ever designed to be a real game or just a promotion video from HP. Did you like this?

History Channel Turns Foursquare Into A Real World Pop-Up Video For all the talk about Foursquare, one of the coolest features that gets very little buzz is the Tips area. Here, you’ll find suggestions about venues from other users of the service. And if you’re friends with a user who has left a tip, you’ll get a notification with the tip on your iPhone when you check-in somewhere close by. The History Channel has decided to make use of this feature in an interesting way. The cable television channel has started populating tips at various venues around the United States to coincide with its new show, America The Story Of Us (starting April 25). When you check-in at one of these venues with a History Channel tip, you’ll get a notification with the tip (see screenshot). Foursquare has no shortage of mainstream media partners, and History Channel is one of the newest. As has been widely reported, Foursquare is currently in the process of deciding whether to raise a new mega round of funding or sell to Yahoo.

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