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Neo's Clip Archive Beachfront is a member of the Movie Maker forums who has made a number of high definition video clips available for download on his blog and here at the Clip Archive. His original clips were in mp4 format; but, they were converted to wmv format by the Clip Archive in order to create more Movie Maker friendly versions. All of his clips (including the ones you download from the Clip Archive) are available free of charge to the general public. To preview an individual clip before downloading, click on the image below for that clip. This will open a small window that provides a low resolution preview of the clip you selected. To download a clip, click on the clip's name in the table below. You can search this page using the "Find" function of your browser.

Free Stock Video Footage HD & 4K Clips Royalty-Free Videos Comment bien débuter en Motion Design Aujourd'hui nous allons voir quels sont les moyens de devenir Motion designer, en nous intéressant aux formations, aux différents outils et en citant des ressources de qualités pour apprendre et trouver l'inspiration. Bonne lecture Avec l'évolution des technologies, nous sommes capable aujourd'hui de charger une vidéo en temps réel aussi bien sur ordinateur que sur un mobile. Comment bien débuter en Motion design, reste une question difficile à répondre, car il n'y a pas de formation ou de parcours réellement dédié pour se professionnaliser dans cette branche. Avant tout le Motion design est une question de graphisme et de communication, car une animation est rarement gratuite, c'est à dire qu'il y a toujours un message, des valeurs ou une émotion à transmettre. Définition du Motion design : Le design graphique (ou graphisme) est la capacité à créer, adapter et développer des identités visuelles. source : After Effects Cinema 4D Video Copilot

Top Image Uploading Sites for Photo Sharing and Storing The harnessing powers of the internet are truly indispensable in our daily life. Shopping, communicating and researching can all be done within few scrolls, sharing photos is not an exception. If from before you can only see your friends’ photos by looking at printed albums, today you can view thousands of images from different people by simply connecting to the internet. Photo sharing websites feature online application that upload and display digital photos online. #1 Free Image Uploader If you want to share photos fast and efficient, Free Image Uploader is what you need best. #2 Imgur Another online image uploading site is Imgur. #3 TinyPic If there’s one image uploading site that is popular worldwide, it would be none other than TinyPic. #4 ImageShack Upon visiting ImageShack’s website, you will be greeted with a big counter depicting the number of images uploaded to this site since January of 2014. #5 Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting is indeed an all-around image uploading site.

Splasheo Below are a set of animated outros clips you can add to the end of your videos to make them instantly more effective. For example, they'll help you get more views, more subscribers and also more likes and comments... to name but a few benefits. To view them, simply click on their play buttons (click the full screen icon on the video if you want to see a bigger version). And to download them, simply click on the download button. Outros (Call To Action Clips) The Subscriber Multiplier Booster Add the "Subscriber Multiplier" outro to your videos if you want to automatically prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel and get updated whenever you upload fresh new content. Our tests show a 220% increase in subscribers compared to the previous average! Would you like to have a custom outro with your own text, logo, images and music? The Buzz Creator Booster Add the "Buzz Creator" outro to your videos if you want to automatically get more comments and likes on your videos. The Socializer Booster

Neo's Clip Archive Beeple is Mike Winkelmann; he is a graphic designer who has created a number of high definition video clips that focus on the visualization of music through video. While his clips were originally intended as source material for VJ's and other motion graphics designers, he has kindly allow the Clip Archive to offer downloads of Movie Maker friendly versions of those clips. All of his clips (including the ones you download from the Clip Archive) have been released under a Creative Commons license and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial work in any form. To create Movie Maker friendly versions of his original clips (which were in mov format), they were converted to wmv format using the Freemake video converter. However, as the rights to the audio on his original clips were retained by their respective owners, all audio has been removed from his clips that you download from the Clip Archive. You can search this page using the "Find" function of your browser.

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Créez votre studio vidéo/animation GRATUIT Vous êtes passionnés de cinéma et de télévision, et voulez vous lancer ! Mais comme pour moi il y a plusieurs années, les recherches que vous avez fait vous ont complètement démotivé … Matériel extrêmement coûteux, et que dire des logiciels … Aujourd’hui il est possible de s’initier gratuitement ! Il existe une ribambelle de logiciels gratuits pour faire du montage vidéo, de l’animation 2D, 3D, du dessin, du graphisme, des effets spéciaux ! Tout ces logiciels, je vous les ai listés dans un guide à télécharger gratuitement ! ENFIN ! Pour le télécharger: Sur internet, vous êtes peut-être tombés sur tout et n’importe quoi … Comme moi lors de mes longues recherches ! Des logiciels qui plantent, des interfaces qui donnent pas franchement envie d’aller plus loin, ou des fonctionnalités très limitées, trop basiques … Je ne vous ai donc sélectionné que le meilleur ! Vous l’aurez donc compris, ça n’est pas que de l’initiation. Vous voulez commencer MAINTENANT votre aventure audiovisuelle ?

4 Ways to Play Videos in Google Docs Google Docs lets you add lots of different content including text, links, images, emojis, tables, charts, and more. However, one thing we all wish we could add is videos. Having multimedia content in a Google Doc would be a powerful and engaging way to share information, provide learning content, supercharge a report, liven up a newsletter, create a HyperDoc and more. Unfortunately this blog post is not to announce that this feature has suddenly been released, although I hope someday that will happen and make this post obsolete. However, in the meantime there are some clever workarounds for including video content with a Google Doc. In this blog post we will take a look at four different options, starting with the most basic and working our way up to the most advanced. Option #1 - Add Hyperlinks The first option really is the most basic of the bunch. Basically the first option is simply to add a hyperlink in your Google Doc to the video you want to show. The text will now be clickable.

Beachfront B-Roll WorldClips.TV - Now It's Free www.WorldClips.TV is now offering 5000 broadcast quality stock footage video clips from 50 world location by direct download totally Free. The business model has been changed to an advertiser sponsored website. WorldClips.TV has provided stock footage for Oprah, The Late Late Show, 48 Hours, Wheel of Fortune and hundreds of other program and video producers. Tubac, AZ, February 11, 2010 --( A Revolution In The Stock Footage Business-Free Video Clips After eleven years of selling high quality video stock footage to producers of network programs, commercials and marketing videos, WorldClips.TV has reinvented itself and maybe the way millions of people will use stock footage. WorldClips.TV is now an advertiser supported site, giving away Free NTCS broadcast quality video. Those old enough to remember, know that before there was television, radio shows were sponsored by advertisers. Good ideas stick around. For more information and/or interviews Contact:

Film Having gorged himself on Welsh Rarebit — melted cheese on toast — a man hallucinates his way out of his bedroom window, flies over an urban nightscape, and skew…more First film by stop-motion animation pioneer Willis O’Brien who in 1933 would go on to make his best known film, King Kong….more Short educational film on what can be seen in the night sky through a telescope, including a look at constellations, the mountains of the moon, the planets, and the…more Curious and groundbreaking mix of documentary and silent horror cinema, written and directed by Benjamin Christensen….more Miniaturised dancers give a history of dance from the stone-age to the early 20th century, all upon a table-top….more Short film from the US Department of the Interior emphasising the physical and mental well-being that parks can bring….more Great little promotional cartoon from the height of the Cold War championing not only the wonders of oil but also free-market capitalism.

Les vidéos de Videezy sont libres de droits pour un usage personnel et commercial. Toutefois, il est recommandé de mentionner ‘’ lorsque vous les utilisez. Ce site propose notamment une rubrique spectaculaire dédiée aux vidéos prises avec un drone. La plupart des vidéos sont disponibles en résolution HD, mais une sélection de clips est également proposée en 4K. Gardez à l’esprit que des vidéos payantes peuvent être mélangées aux clips libres de droits. Source : Outilstice by cdipilatre May 27

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