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A beautiful but creepy vision of the &smart glass& future - StumbleUpon

A beautiful but creepy vision of the &smart glass& future - StumbleUpon
Two things: First, considering the touchscreen maps at my local shopping centres ae almost always down or only half work, and smeared with public finger goop, the maintenance factor would be huge in this kind of world. They'd always need constant repairs, cleaning, and upgrading. And the other thing is, though the touchscreen concept works okay at a small handheld level, if every single button you push has no tactile response, that satisfaction of a physical reaction to pressing a button, it can get quite exhausting for the fingers. Typing, which would be slowed down on a vertical or flat horizontal surface anyway, would be very painful to tap away at, with your fingertips repeatedly hitting solid glass with no give. I can see the small scale, and informative aspect, like temperature gauges on mirrors and windows, or dashboard info on car windscreens, but this kind of epic interactivity just wouldn't work.

I spy with my little bionic eye&8230; Well, it’s finally happened. I’ve spent my entire life waiting for a contact lens that will act as a HUD (Head-Up Display) for displaying the things I find interesting and pertinent, like email notifications and social media pings. Students at Washington University working with the IEEE released a paper showing that they could create a contact lens containing an LED and a wireless antenna that was powered through an RF-charged storage capacitor. What does that mean? It’s a contact lens that can catch wireless signals to project an image into your field of vision. If that’s not awesome, well, I don’t know what is.

10 Key Facts, Stats and Findings about the State of Social Media in 2011 Social media has evolved rapidly and we have seen the emergence of social networks that 12 months ago did not exist. Some surprises this year included the launch of Google+ (which acquired 25 million users in less than 30 days), Pinterest which grew at more than 512% and Tumblr (the microblogging platform) which is now approaching 50 million unique users a month Mobile social networking and geo-location services such as Foursquare continue to make their impact felt and have not gone away despite the threat of Facebook “places”

Elementary Technology Contact Blog The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) announced the 2011 Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning. The websites are presented in various categories each with the associated standards for the 21st century learner. The sites are are free and have been judged by the association as sites that are user friendly and encourage a community of learners to explore and discover. Liquipel Will Make Your Gadgets Completely I think we have all been there at some point. Whenever we walk outside in the rain, we constantly think about what would happen to our new iPhone if it got wet. Maybe not constantly, but the thought has probably hit us at some point. At least I have wondered if there is any way to protect it from water without having to encapsulate it in some bulky case.

The year 2000 as envisioned in the year 1910 In 1910, French artist Villemard produced a series of illustrations depicting what life might be like in the year 2000. Yeah, he pretty much nailed it. See more here on Flickr Via George Orwell Was Right: Spy Cameras See Britons Every Move Nick Allen Bloomberg Friday, December 22, 2006 It's Saturday night in Middlesbrough, England, and drunken university students are celebrating the start of the school year, known as Freshers' Week. One picks up a traffic cone and runs down the street. Suddenly, a disembodied voice booms out from above: ``You in the black jacket! Yes, you! Story Behind Those Stunning Cinematic Gifs Here at theMET, we're always looking for creative projects that catch our eye. More than anything, we love posting about work that pushes boundaries, showing our audience something that has been changed, flipped or spinned into something magically different. Then, we see it as our job to find out the story behind such projects.

Binary - it's digitalicious! How binary works: The binary number system (aka base 2) represents values using two symbols, typically 0 and 1. Computers call these bits. A bit is either off (0) or on (1). When arranged in sets of 8 bits (1 byte) 256 values can be represented (0-255). Using an ASCII chart, these values can be mapped to characters and text can be stored. Perfect Ice Balls, Everytime: The Ice Ball Mold Remember that company that was selling perfectly round ice spheres for $8 a pop? Turns out they might have just been cranking them out with this Ice Ball Mold (55mm - 85mm models range from $1,300 - $2,000 -- chintzy marble-sized 30mm mold goes for $200). But now the secret (read: product) is out and you can make them yourself! ICE BALLS -- ICE BALLS! Please note: Ice balls are not to be confused with blue balls, which are free and I'm sure you're all too familiar with.

The Future of Travel: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Luggage Online While many still fantasize about conceptual flying cars and supersonic vehicles, there is also a strong focus on making the average traveler’s journey a more pleasing adventure from start to finish, no matter if their journey takes them to the office or half-way around the world. Therefore, if you’re a die-hard technology enthusiast, or even someone who loves to learn about the latest awesome electronic gadgets or scientific inventions, you’ll enjoy this list of futuristic vehicles that have been designed to be both innovative in design and function; vehicles that make the future of travel promising. For the commute… TREV (Two-Seater Renewable Energy Vehicle)

Programmable Tattoo System - StumbleUpon Posted on January 12, 2012 by saya To have or not to have a tattoo is no more a bothersome problem, as you can now freely change its shapes or relocate the tattoo with the “moodINQ” Programmable Tattoo System. It utilizes a skin-safe proprietary E ink encapsulated pigment system, which not only lasts a lifetime but can be configured to display any design (or none!) That’s undeniably good news to tattoo fanciers, who could conveniently change their tattoos to suit their moods, while without any pain! Feel excited about that right? But when you try to buy one on Think Geek, you’ll find that this merely a trick for April Fool’s Day… Still awesome concept, though.

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