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The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review

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People Silhouettes Category: ‘People silhouettes’ Silhouettes of people – most popular silhouettes nowadays. That is why it is largest category of my sillhouette collection. In this section you’ll find all kind of people silhouettes in vector format (AI + CSH): business man silhouette, people figure, female silhouettes, kids silhouettes, dancing and jumping people, sportsmen and extreme silhouettes, sexy girls and even anime characters… a many many others! Attention to all bloggers, web masters and tutorial writers.

A visit backstage at the Beatles LOVE Show A visit backstage at the Beatles LOVE Show What’s the best thing you can do in Las Vegas...? Well, if you aren’t much of a gambler and you enjoy well-crafted (and nostalgic) pop music, supported and enhanced with spectacular visuals you should check out the Cirque du Soleil production of The Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas. Any Cirque du Soleil show is an adventure, but if you add the music and personality of The Beatles you have something that is truly mind-bending. A few months ago I ran into Perrin Meyer at the Dead Presidents Society breakfast in Berkeley. Creative Commons Celebrates 10 Years of Opening Culture The future of the cultural commons looked dim in December 2002: Napster had been shuttered a year earlier, while record labels treaded warily into selling DRM-locked music online. The FCC dismantled regulations forestalling the consolidation of media ownership. And as the housing bubble inflated, privatization — of media, public space, scientific and technological research, even the military — became the watchword of the day. A decade later, the cultural commons remains threatened, but stands on somewhat firmer ground. The record industry abandoned its futile efforts to lock music to users or devices, a costly lesson movie studios and book publishers seem determined to learn for themselves.

Brain Online version of the Brain investigation database:Investigating Wasson Brain – MK-ULTRA and the launching the psychedelic and environmental movements Download the Brain software (Windows/Mac/Linux) Download the entire MKULTRA Brain investigation database file (v. 3.3 - released April 13, 2016): (786mb) How to install and use the database: Countries that excel at problem-solving encourage critical thinking ©Getty OK computer: a unique table method helped pupils learn maths in the UK in 1960 Maths lessons have changed since Tom Ding was at school. Recalling his favourite subject, Ding remembers: “A big pile of textbooks, the teacher taking you through an example, giving you a bit of context and then telling you what page to open the book at.” So he was surprised to enter a classroom as a trainee maths teacher to find the textbooks on a shelf while pupils grappled with questions such as: “Does speaking a different language mean you count differently?”

Iconographic Database The Warburg Institute Iconographic Database contains digitised images from the Institute's Photographic Collection and Library. The material for which the Warburg Institute holds the copyrights is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported License. Search by iconographic keywords or browse the iconographic classification system.To search by artist, date, location, or other parameters, please use the advanced search menu. The iconographic classification system of the database is based on that of the Warburg Institute Photographic Collection. Please note, however, that the database is not the digital equivalent of the Photographic collection. Old Salt Blog – a virtual port of call for all those who love the sea Alan Olson, a Sausalito boat builder and founder of the educational sailing nonprofit Call of the Sea, has some ambitious plans. He wants to build a new 140-foot wood long brigantine to be used as a sail training ship for the San Francisco Bay area and he would like to see it completely to coincide with the San Francisco America’s Cup during the summer of 2013. His new project has been named, Educational Tall Ship for San Francisco Bay. Sailing in Marin: Sausalito boat builder out to construct tall ship by America’s CupOlson’s tall ship for San Francisco will embrace the design and construction methods developed by Matthew Turner, a founding member of the San Francisco Yacht Club.

The Dark Web and the Power of Anonymity  Have you heard of the Dark Web? What about the Darknet or TOR? If not, this is the growing, underground web that you will be learning a lot more about in the near future. We all use the web routinely -- Facebook, Google, the site where this article is posted. The websites we visit and post to daily are on what is called the Surface Web -- sites that are indexed and findable via a search engine. RationalWiki:Webshites The following is a list of webshites which may benefit from RationalWiki's snarkful analysis. Be on the lookout for stuff to submit to our "What is going on in the clogopsphere?" page, and to Fundies Say The Darndest Things, but be forewarned, prolonged exposure may result in the following side effects: nausea, depression, high blood pressure, loss of IQ, periodic outbursts of hysterical guffaws, broken keyboards and monitors.

Why Exactly Does The Government Suck So Badly At Software? Earlier this month the Senate Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government held a hearing in which they called on Steven VanRoekel, the nation’s top chief information officer, to explain why the federal government is so bad at developing and managing IT projects. This wasn't just about the rollout of last year, but also the other 200 major government IT programs that are delayed, over budget, or at risk of catastrophic failures. 1Reaction These 200 programs currently have a whopping $12 billion total budget that most startups--even established companies--would kill for.

A beautiful, colorful website showing off works in public domain. Includes full-text books, images, audio, and film. Easy to browse. by katrinahsmith Mar 4

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