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OpenOffice Writer The word processor that rivals Microsoft Word. Writer’s compatible formats and ability to export PDFs make it stand out from other word processors. Calc An alternative for Microsoft Excel, Calc creates spreadsheets and analyzes data—and then some. Base Just like Microsoft Access, Base helps you create and maintain databases. Impress Create top-notch presentations that equal Microsoft Power Point presentations. Math Create and edit mathematical equations with this easy-to-use tool. Draw The easy-to use graphics editor. Importing bookmarks and other data from other browsers Firefox enables you to import bookmarks and other information from browsers installed on your computer. To start importing your bookmarks or other data: Click the Bookmarks button on the right side of the navigation toolbarOn the menu bar, click At the top of the Firefox window, click the menu and select to open the Library window. Click the Bookmarks button and select to open the Library window. Click the Bookmarks button on the right side of the navigation toolbarOn the menu bar, click At the top of the Firefox window, click the menu and select to open the Library window. Select the browser that contains the bookmarks or other data that you want to use in Firefox and then continue to the next screens to make your selections and complete the import. If the Import Wizard does not list your other browser, you can still import bookmarks from another browser but you will need to first export and save those bookmarks as an HTML file. For more information, see:

VirtualBox WhatBird | identify birds | bird identification guide | north america Importing Bookmarks from an HTML File To replace your existing bookmarks with a Firefox bookmark backup file in JSON format, see Restoring bookmark backups. Before proceeding, you should make a backup of your current bookmarks. You can do this by opening the Bookmarks Library window (explained below), then selecting <img class="wiki-image frameless" src="//<a href=" alt="f60cc26c38fc04cce87eb6ea6ec8c400-1259975468-619-1.png" title="" /> Import and Backup and choosing . This will create a Firefox bookmark backup file in JSON format. Note: The imported bookmarks will be added to your existing bookmarks, which may result in duplicate bookmarks. The bookmarks in the selected HTML file will be added to your Firefox bookmarks within the Bookmarks Menu directory. Share this article:

Kdenlive taskTome Online FTP tester Introduction Setting up an FTP server is not easy. Since there are dozens of different server products and thousands of different firewalls and router models exist, it is impossible to give detailed step-by-step instructions suitable for every user. So in order to configure your server as well as the routers and/or firewalls involved, it is important for the you to understand the basics of the FTP protocol. This documentation describes the history of the FTP protocol and how some aspects of the protocol work. It describes the possible configuration options in a generic way and gives an overview on proper router and firewall configuration. Background This section will give a short overview about the historical and technical background of the FTP protocol. Historical Background In the fast living world of the Internet the FTP protocol is not just old, it's ancient. Back then, the Internet was mainly used by universities and research centers. Since then, a lot has changed. NAT routers.

Google Docs in Libreoffice PStart PStart doesn't neccessarily have to be installed to your hard disk. Execute the installer and choose: you can install PStart to your local hard drive or a removable device. Unlike Windows shortcuts, PStart uses relative paths, when installed as a portable application. If your USB key drive gets another drive letter when you insert it into another computer, your portable applications still can be started properly. Of course not all applications are portable, but more and more software vendors notice, that people like the idea of carrying their applications with them. PStart is 100% freeware, which means you can use it without having to pay, without any advertisements, and without other disadvantages (no spyware, no hidden costs). Of course you are allowed to link to this website, but you must neither publish this product elsewhere nor provide a direct download link without permission.

Online FTP tester How To: Install Portable Linux Ubuntu on a bootable USB Flash Drive from SUN VirtualBox Recently I have got a shiny and beautiful Chrome finished, shiny Transcend 8GB USB flash drive. What did I first think to do with it? Put Ubuntu on it, of course ;) There are many ways to create a live USB drive carrying an operating system like Ubuntu, but the method I will describe further is mainly based on using SUN's VirtualBox. For those who don't know what VirtualBox is visit this Wikipedia link. While the method described on the Ubuntu documentations implies installing a Live CD image on a USB flash drive, which would then need to extract and load the operating system in the RAM, the method that I will describe on this page implies installing a fresh operating system on a bootable flash drive that will work the same way as from a real HDD (except the speed, of course). Thus, you should have a good bootable USB 2.0, with decent I/O data processing speeds, with at least 4GB (considering that the operating system itself weighs ~2GB, Karmic Koala). sudo apt-get install gparted