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7 Platforms Changing the Future of Publishing

7 Platforms Changing the Future of Publishing
by Kirstin Butler Cutting out the middleman, or what the Nobel Peace Prize has to do with harnessing the potential of tablets. Depending on whom you ask, these are either the best or the worst of times for the written word. As with every other branch of traditional media, the Internet has pushed the publishing industry to a critical inflection point, something we’ve previously discussed. Disrupting the mainstream marketplaces for journalism, literature, and the fundamental conventions of reading and writing themselves, here are seven startups that promise to reshape the way we create and consume ideas. Byliner, whose beautifully designed site officially launched last week, is easily the most ambitious of the initiatives featured here. The startup’s first original offering, Three Cups of Deceit, tells the story of the now-disgraced Nobel Peace Prize nominee and bestselling author Greg Mortenson. Bringing a crowdfunded model to books, the U.K. Read our full feature on 40K Books here.

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Albertus Seba's Amazing Cabinet of Natural Curiosities by Kirstin Butler Getting a private viewing of the King Bird of Paradise, or how to set the exchange rate for flying squid. Lying at the intersection of art and science, the practice of natural illustration has long been the recipient of Brain Pickings adoration. So we swooned over the recent release of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, a reproduction of the unequalled collection of Amsterdam apothecary Albertus Seba. Born in the mid-17th century, Seba spent decades gathering a wunderkammer of birds, insects, reptiles, and exotic plants for use in his drug preparations. One hundred years before the eminent German naturalist Ernst Haeckel was even born, Seba had published two volumes of engravings of his compendia; the last two wouldn’t be finished until after his death in 1736.

The Irrationality of Irrationality: The Paradox of Popular Psychology Here’s my latest on In 1996, Lyle Brenner, Derek Koehler and Amos Tversky conducted a study involving students from San Jose State University and Stanford University. The researchers were interested in how people jump to conclusions based on limited information. The Trials And Tribulations Of The Modern Day Writer I’m not here to predict the future for you penmonkeys. Were I to predict such a future, I would suggest that in the next 10 years, we will all be hunted down by self-aware Verbo-Bots and Publispiders, crass automatons who seek to harvest our brains for the words they contain. The Publispiders pin us to the wall while the Verbo-Bots stomp up and trepan our skulls with a whirring drill.

Digital publishing software, mobile apps The Adobe USA site has been optimized for users within the United States. If you live outside the U.S., we recommend that you visit your local site for the most relevant information, including pricing, promotions, and local events. United States Canada - English Your country selection will be remembered for future visits. Bookstores Now, More than Ever At next week’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference, I am moderating a panel on the future of bookstores (Tuesday, 2/15, 1:40 pm, be there!). I proposed this topic because, despite today’s challenges, booksellers are critical to the publishing food chain. The loss of booksellers — traditional and innovative — is a huge blow to book discovery. My panel features Jenn Northrington of WORD Brooklyn, Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo of Greenlight Bookstore, Lori James of All Romance eBooks, Kevin Smokler of, and Malle Vallik of Harlequin. I’m excited about moderating this panel, particularly because it contains a mix of innovative and enthusiastic booksellers, forward-thinking publishers (yes, Kevin, you are a publisher), and, most importantly, readers who truly love reading. Nothing I say here reflects their thoughts and opinions.

Jazz: A Rare Record of a Cultural Revolution by Maria Popova Last winter, The Jazz Loft Project was one of readers’ favorites — a rare and fascinating look at the secret life of a New York loft, where some of the most iconic jazz musicians of the 1950s came to play at night. This season brings us a greater treasure still: Jazz — a humbly titled yet absolutely amazing retrospective of the work of legendary photographer Herman Leonard, who passed away a few weeks before the book was published.

Optogenetics and genomic tools make it possible to pinpoint the source of memory, consciousness, and emotions. What might be called the “make love, not war” branch of behavioral neuroscience began to take shape in (where else?) California several years ago, when researchers in David J. Anderson’s laboratory at Caltech decided to tackle the biology of aggression. They initiated the line of research by orchestrating the murine version of Fight Night: they goaded male mice into tangling with rival males and then, with painstaking molecular detective work, zeroed in on a smattering of cells in the hypothalamus that became active when the mice started to fight.

Let’s talk: Agents as Publishers. – Laura Pauling The purpose of these posts is not to advise writers whether to go traditional or indie. I am for writers being informed. We can’t afford to hide our heads in the publishing sands and expect to make decisions on our career. Some facts: If you keep the rights then you are self published.If your agent keeps the rights then your agent is your publisher.If your agent helps you self publish, do you trust him/her to always put your interests and career first? No Longer Fired-up About DPS for Book Apps « Tina Henderson LLC book design & production For publishers who want beautifully-designed digital books with more layout control than is available with epub, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) can seem like a great option. DPS allows designers to reuse existing InDesign layouts and to have complete control over design and layout. In addition, DPS allows interactivity to be added through audio, video, slideshows, and much, much more.