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La Maternelle de Moustache : outils et ressources pédagogiques pour les enseignants du cycle 1 ( PS - MS - GS )

La Maternelle de Moustache : outils et ressources pédagogiques pour les enseignants du cycle 1 ( PS - MS - GS )

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Christmas Tree Christmas Cards These are our first Christmas Cards. To make them we pulled the top layer off a piece of cardboard, cut out some triangle shapes and after putting on some green paint, we printed some small Christmas trees onto the card. Once they were dry we printed some Christmas Tree lights using the other end of our paintbrushes. And when the cardboard trees that we used for printing were dry we glued them onto some card and got some more cards :) For the decorations we used that trusty favourite, glitter. Awesome DIY Paper Flowers Tutorial With Spring all around us I wanted to refresh my home and add some more life to it by bringing the Spring indoors. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite redecorate the whole house, since my kids and my husband have a big say in furniture and decorations, so I started browsing the Internet for some ideas. I was looking for something small, which wouldn’t look like the big elephant in the room, but would still add some life to our home.

Pasta Crafts: Stained Glass Pasta A classic art project for kids is the macaroni necklace and for good reason, pasta is a fun material to use in art because it’s inexpensive, the shapes are diverse and beautiful, and it’s so tactile. Recently the Rockin’ Art Moms challenged each other to come up with pasta crafts; we called it The Macaroni Challenge. Today we are unveiling the results and I have to day that these are some of the coolest pasta projects I’ve ever seen. And better yet, we want YOU to join us in this challenge by making your own pasta creation and sharing it with us! See below for details on The Macaroni Challenge.

Free Montessori Materials Online How I would have loved these resources during my years teaching in Montessori schools or in my own homeschool! I still find it amazing that there are so many free Montessori materials available online today. What great resources for parents and teachers alike! The little experience I had with using free online downloads for teaching was wonderful. I had WAY too much fun during my 2006-07 master’s program in early childhood studies. Activités pour le Préscolaire: Et tombe la pluie: bricolage météo tout en relief. I must admit that I did several tests and trials to arrive at this result. My first goal was to recreate a rain with a 3-dimensional effect. I tried different kinds of paper. I had sevral failures, but in the end, it worked and I'm really happy with results.

Metal Flowers Picture Tutorial I am just in love with my metal flowers!! Love making them in all different sizes and shapes. Getting better at each time! So many ways you can use them. Hope the picture tutorial will help you make some pretty ones too! Faire un loup It started with a postcard from a friend’s summer vacation which soon developed into an impromptu interest-led unit study: reading about wolves in our favorite animal encyclopedia, looking up facts on National Geographic, watching a Wild Kratt’s episode about wolves, re-telling The Boy Who Cried Wolf, assembling cut-and-paste wolf art projects, searching for villianized wolves in popular fairy tales. To go with this mini-study, I created a wolf template which can be used for a fun art project (we like to paint, cut, and paste). The template can also be used as a pattern create a feltie to use on your flannel board. My girls are now begging for a Little Red Riding Hood feltie. (Coming soon?!)

daily five work with words "À lire, à bâtir, à écrire" work with words literacy kits and centres for use during Daily Five. Print double sided, laminate and add to work with words literacy kits. The secret to children is routine + novelty, it's a fine balance.

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