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Roms Up - UPloads roms for you!

Roms Up - UPloads roms for you!
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Emuladores e Roms: Nintendo 64, DS, Snes, GBA, PS2, PS1.. Rox Download Emuparadise CoolROM KpopInfo114 | Get the 411 on all your favorite Kpop groups! Minecraft Wiki NDS ROMs • Nintendo DS Roms » R4 DS Games edge|emulation Download Gameboy Advance roms, isos, games | Viewing page 1 of 29 | Rom Hustler Nintendo unveiled the GameBoy Advance on August 24th 2000 at Spaceworld in Tokyo, Japan after talks of the console going back to a year before. It was released to the public on March 21st 2001 for a price of 9800 yen. Nintendo felt it was time to upgrade the capabilities of their GameBoy console after over a decade on the market and many changes in appearance, size and a colour screen (GameBoy Color). The GameBoy Advance is what Nintendo wanted to achieve with Project Atlantis (a 32-bit colour handheld that was backwards compatible). It is almost the exact same size as the GameBoy Color, but held lengthwise with the buttons at the sides and the screen in the middle. It features all the same buttons as the other GameBoys except for two extras on top (shoulder buttons). The GameBoy Advance can be attached to the Nintendo GameCube and games will interface between the two consoles. Information on this page has been sourced from Console Database.

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