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English-Portuguese <CENTER><a href=" English-Portuguese Vocabulary Quizzes Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Vocabulary This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students <HR NOSHADE SIZE=99><h1>Warning</h2><B>These quizzes require a JavaScript-enabled browser. Studiare l'italiano online Esercizi e materiale per studenti adulti: – Io parlo italiano. Rai Educational – Corso di italiano per immigrati – Italica. Rai International – Corso di italiano Online – In Italia. Rai Educational – Dizionario audio illustrato – Italiano in famiglia – Imparare l’italiano con una sitcom – Cultura italiana – Esercizi da fare online – Gesti italiani – Zanichelli Benvenuti – Esercizi con audio, livello base – Adesso Online – Rivista con esercizi e articoli interessanti.

Verzeichnis:Englisch/Ähnliche Wörter Englisch–Deutsch Ähnliche Wörter mit gleicher Bedeutung Englisch-Deutsch (mindestens eine Bedeutung ist gleich) Similar words with the same meaning in English and German (at least one meaning is the same) Identische Wörter (die Schreibweise ist exakt gleich)[Bearbeiten] Identical words Adjektive · adjectives[Bearbeiten] Substantive · nouns[Bearbeiten] babbel What’s possible in a week? If you dedicated seven days to the achievement of one goal, how ambitious could you make this goal? These were the questions that the multilingual twins Matthew and Michael Youlden posed themselves when they determined to learn Turkish in one week. Free Language Tutorials: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation in 20 Languages Currently, twenty languages are available: 17 Indo-European and 3 non-Indo-European. There are also Foreign Service Institute (FSI) courses available in HTML format as well as two comparative tutorials for those who want to learn two languages simultaneously. Lists of vocabulary and verb conjugations are available for some Romance and Germanic languages, as well as other helpful ideas, resources and links for learning foreign languages. Some of the tutorials also include audio resources and online exercises, indicated by the headphones and notebooks below.

Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free While I agree, Portuguese originates from Portugal, having the Brazilian flag does better indicate what variety of portuguese they are teaching. I want to make a two points to people who keep repeating the same statements: 1. Brazil has 200 million people, Portugal has 10 million. RESPONSE: So? Does Duolingo exist to teach Brazilians and Pork n Cheese the language? No. Fun With Brazilian Portuguese by Fernando Nonohay Fun with Brazilian Portuguese will teach you the structures and vocabulary you need to know to be able to communicate in practical situations in Brazil. You will learn the tricks to speak in a more natural and confident manner and also how to understand how Brazilians really speak in day-to-day colloquial conversation. This course is for:

CLICABRASIL! Hi, I am Vivian Flanzer, the Portuguese language coordinator at the University of Texas at Austin and the creator of ClicaBrasil. I was born and raised in Brazil. I developed ClicaBrasil as a classroom tool for our Portuguese language courses here at UT-Austin. People all over the world are now using it for different purposes: self-study, classroom instruction, tutoring, or as a pastime. I hope you find it as useful and informative as well. ClicaBrasil was developed for intermediate level learners of Portuguese.

Hacking Portuguese Welcome to Hacking Portuguese! No matter whether you’re just thinking about learning Portuguese, already know a little bit, or are fully conversational, this site is here to help you level up and reach your goals. I have been a student of Portuguese for 3 years, and I only recommend things that I have actually used as a learner and found helpful. First take 15 seconds and read this: How to learn any language.

Portuguese Slang Slang and idioms are colourful words and expressions that cannot be translated literally. They are absolutely indispensable if you want to speak like a native, it's the difference between "textbook" and "real- world" language. top ^