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ONG Derechos Digitales

ONG Derechos Digitales
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Main Page - Comunica iGuides un blog de tecnología Fundación Vía Libre Digital Rights La Brecha Digital - El Portal - Principal Created on Wednesday, 08 April 2015 Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2015 Published on Wednesday, 08 April 2015 Written by Administrator En el contexto del desarrollo global y de las tecnologías de información, comunicación y colaboración hoy en día, en entornos específicos como la educación superior, prevalece el reto de resolver los aspectos relativos al para qué y el cómo de su incorporación, es decir, con qué objetivos, en función de qué necesidades, y con qué estrategias de organización y recursos se llevan a cabo la toma de decisiones y las iniciativas de la incorporación de estas tecnologías en los procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje. Descargar libro en formato ebook. Este libro se realizó en colaboración entre los siguientes cuerpos académicos de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Luis Lloréns Báez, Alma Lorena Camarena Flores, María Luisa Castro Murillo, Delia Chan López, Yessica Espinosa Díaz Claudia Figueroa Rochín, Thalía Gaona Arredondo. Apoyo al Autoaprendizaje:

SVM -Social Video Marketing- | La teoría de la comunicación de Enrenow eDemocracy P2P Foundation:About Mission and Objectives The Foundation for P2P Alternatives proposes to be a meeting place for those who can broadly agree with the following guiding ideas, principles and propositions, which are also argued in the essay or book in progress, P2P and Human Evolution: The Foundation for P2P Alternatives addresses the following Michel Bauwens, November 29, 2005 Structure of the P2P Foundation The P2P Foundation is a decentralized organization. The P2P Foundation is a registered institute founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Read here for more on the History of the P2P Foundation What Other People Are Saying about Us Franz Nahrada GIVE - Global Villages Lab, Austria: "The Peer to Peer Foundation is the one organisation that brings toghether knowledge about the emerging cooperative economy and society from all walks of life. Evolution of the P2P Foundation Interview of Michel Bauwens by V. You were an information scientist and magazine editor before you started the P2P Foundation. Michel Bauwens: "1.

Going Beyond ‘Bolt-On’ Digital Transformation Much has been made recently of the imperative to fully transition our businesses into the modern digital world. It now hardly needs to be said at this point. There is even some encouraging news for traditional enterprises: The latest data from Forrester shows that companies are indeed at long last making digital transformation a top priority, with 74% of executives saying that they currently have a strategy to get there. Yet “having a digital strategy” can also mean just about anything, depending upon who you ask. There is the ‘bolt-on’ strategy, which typically means adding a few new digital channels to existing touchpoints — typically social and mobile — and maybe creating an associated but minor sideline business with some digital revenue. Then there is the ‘digital transformation’ approach to digital. Yet, the latest data tells us unequivocally that the act of doing nothing — or just too little — is also sure to fail. Many industries even today are resistant to digital. Like this:

The Top Ten Burning Issues in Digital January 7, 2013 By: Gian Fulgoni Back on December 19, I had the privilege of moderating the annual Digital Collective meeting in New York. The Collective is a regionally driven peer-to-peer exchange that facilitates best practices and fuels new and meaningful relationships among digital marketers. To kick off the meeting I reviewed what I consider to be the top ten “burning issues” in digital, based on what we at comScore have observed while providing data and analytics to more than 2,000 companies around the world. I thought they would be of interest to readers of the comScore blog. Here are my top ten burning issues in digital: In this post, I’ll examine these issues in detail and provide some perspective on the pros and cons surrounding each in order to help marketers better understand the rapid changes being driven by digital. 1. Here are just a few astounding statistics regarding the growth of big data: 2. e-Commerce 3. 4. Here are the most recent IAB data by ad format for Q2, 2012: 5.