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Art video of the month - LIGHT SCULPTURES

Negative utopias and forewarning images of the horrors which Negative utopias and forewarning images of the horrors which architecture was laying in store for us with its scientific methods for the perpetuation of existing models Superstudio was an architecture firm, founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. Superstudio was one of major part of the Radical architecture movement of the late 1960s. Folkert Color me crazy - 10 best online color tools If you're tackling some graphic design project or maybe even your wall decor, getting color hints from ready made color templates from professional designers can be useful. Below are 10 of the better sites to help you out on your design challenge. ColorCombos - nice color palettes to choose from. If there's a particular website whose colors you want to snag, check out their "Grab Website Colors" engine. You just input the URL of the site you're reviewing and ColorCombos extracts the palette for you. COLOURlovers - this is pretty close to color mecca.

Hanse Colani Rotor House Designer Luigi Colani has created a space-saving house with a six square meter cylinder inside that contains a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. + The cylinder rotates left or right bringing the room you want into view of the main living room. There's a separate toilet and a small hallway, and everything is controlled with a remote. View of the cylinder from the living room. Building by Earnest Studio and Emilie Pallard Earlier today we featured objects made of tarmac. Now here's some furniture made of bricks by designers Rachel Griffin of Earnest Studio in Rotterdam and Emilie Pallard of Eindhoven. The Building series features lengths of wood slotted through the holes in different types of bricks to make a bench, table, shoe-rack and lamp. The project is on show as part of an exhibition called Craft and Scenography at Depot Basel in Switzerland until 11 July. The exhibition also includes a clever shop display system by German designer Michael Schoner - see our earlier story. All photographs are courtesy of Emilie Pallard and Earnest Studio.

8 Photoshop Tricks I Wish I Knew when I was a Student Graphics Photoshop is one of the (if not THE) most well known software used in the design industry when it comes to manipulating images and pixels. As a web designer I had some Photoshop lessons at school but that was 2 years ago. Today the software has evolved, more options are available, and I also learn a few tricks while practicing. Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life Sacred Geometry - Flower of Life By Andrew Monkman I believe the complete ancient flower of life is an inter-dimensional tool, a portal, a stargate, a window into what some call the inter space plains. The original flower of life (found on several pillars within "the Osireion" at abydos in Egypt) is incomplete, because it is only the first layer of three (pic1+2). 1. Flower of Life carved on a temple wall

Hallo Light by 45 Kilo This wall-mounted task lamp by German studio 45 Kilo is adjusted simply by sliding a leather loop along the arm that supports its shade. A diagonal wire spanning from the top of the wall-mount to the head of the Hallo Light allows the arm to rest at 90 degrees, but sliding the leather loop along traps the wire against the arm and brings it closer to the mounting. The designers were inspired by the simplicity of the classic Potence light by Jean Prouvé and set out to make an adjustable version. 45 Kilo comprises Philipp Schöpfer and Daniel Klapsing, who attended the Blickfang Design Workshop in Copenhagen last week. Designers at the workshop were given product and business development advice by a curatorial panel made up of designers Jaime Hayon and Saskia Diez and journalists Eva Steidl and Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

Please Don’t Promise Me Forever Imagine this: It’s 1976 and you’re dating a man named Rick. He has a mustache and owns at least one reindeer sweater. High off of reading The Easter Parade and The Great Santini, he’s all pumped up to write the next great American novel but, to make ends meet, he’s currently working for Hallmark. He’s been really cagey about his latest project, only revealing that this will be the first time Hermann Zapf‘s Crown font is used in a publication. Have a wooded lot? Time to build a forest book nook! Like this article? Share it: If you're in search of an inspiring live work home – a forest book nook – try these digs on for size!