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Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich
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Heather Diane JEAN LARCHER Table des matières - Jean Larcher- Henny van Renselaar Biographie et critique de livres par Cynthia Garinther Article sur Jean Larcher publié dans L’Arabesque de décembre 1985. Un GRAND MERCI à M. (fig.01) Né en 1947 à Rennes. (fig. 02 et 03) (illustrations 2 et 3 tirées du livre CALLIGRAPHIES : APPROCHES) Spécial Calligraphie « Les calligraphes sont peu nombreux en France, il en existe pourtant; la calligraphie, art d’une haute exigence, esthétique de la sobriété et de l’indicible, pratique d’un entraînement intensif et rigoureux, s’est confrontée avec la technologie la plus avancée, un dialogue s’est instauré, les efforts prodigués de part et d’autre remplissent ces vingt-huit pages de création formelle. » Jean Larcher Bussière Arts Graphiques est une société industrielle au service des métiers graphiques. Ce numéro « Spécial Calligraphie » (grand format : 28mm x 42mm) entièrement calligraphié par Jean Larcher m’a beaucoup inspirée. Par Jean Larcher Editions Quintette, Paris 1984 127 pages

The Type Directors Club - Promoting excellence in typography for over 70 years. Andrei Robu » Lettering & Type Lettering for the Typegoods shop. The truth is your work sucks. My contribution to the Daily Dishonesty blog. New lettering additions to the shop. You can buy these as t-shirts, iPhone cases or tote-bags. Check it! Typography design for the worldwide Air Jordan campaign. Lettering for the logo and album name. Hand lettering for Nike Jordan’s packaging paper. Sincere typographic advice. New typographic poster up in my shop. Be sure to check out All about calligraphy and hand drawn type. Title lettering for DoR magazine. Lettering work for Typeverything’s Facebook page . Script lettering. Logo for a temporary tattoos brand. Steampunk typography. If you love typography grab it in the shop . About Life & Death: Hand drawn calligraphy for a poster. Type lettering for different projects. ..and wishes. Stuff you can buy. Title proposals for AARP mag. Titlecases for the PZP Architecture newspaper. Seeing someones sketches it’s like talking to his shrink. But old is everything. Aarp Numerals.

Latest Work - Maricor/Maricar Jon Contino, New York, N.Y. Libres & Égaux : La déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme: Déclaration Universelle Des Droits De L', Denise Lach The Difference Between Font and Typeface | Hoban Cards Terminology surrounding typography has morphed and found its place in our modern day vernacular. The terms "typeface" and "font" are used interchangeably today, but how did we get there? Have you ever wondered if a font is the same thing as a typeface? Or is typeface just a term that historians and academics use? Maybe one refers to digital media and the other to analog? A typeface is a particular set of glyphs or sorts (an alphabet and its corresponding accessories such as numerals and punctuation) that share a common design. Two examples of font comparisons from the A. The reason for this distinction isn't as important today as it was historically when a page of text was set by hand before printing, and meticulous organization of thousands of small pieces of metal was essential. Regular vs. Because a font was in a job case of its own, apart from the other sizes and weights in its family, using the term “font” had a distinct meaning from the word “typeface.” Thanks for Reading!

FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts Linzie Hunter - Illustration, Hand Lettering, Maps, Book Covers and Art Licensing Jon Contino Artist Study This past Friday the 6th and 7th grade students and I watched a short video of the typography artist Jon Contino. I wanted to show the students his work because not only do I think that it is creative and fun, but his video shows how hard he worked to get where he is today. The students first watched this inspiring video of Jon talking about his art work and then wrote three words to describe Jon. The kids came up with fun, hard working, determined, caring, and cool. Jon lives in Brooklyn currently and works constantly. I contacted Jon, via emailed, last week and told him that we would be studying his art form in my middle school classroom.