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Travel advice, tips, and stories

Travel advice, tips, and stories
I’ve noticed a continual trend whenever I visit Europe, and it’s getting downright bizarre: t-shirts with non-sensical English words on them. I know that this isn’t new – there are entire blogs dedicated to this stuff, but usually it occurs in Asian countries that use a non-Roman alphabet, so the discrepancy sort of makes sense, and it’s very much a two-way street: I knew plenty of girls in college who didn’t speak a lick of Japanese but that didn’t stop them from getting tattoos of what they claimed were the kanji symbols for “harmony” and “happiness.” I have no idea how they verified that. But the thing is, practically everyone in Europe speaks English. And they speak it very, very well. And yet there are still lots of shirts like this:

The XX Factor Thanks to the BuzzFeed quiz, we now all know which city we should live in (Paris), what kind of sandwich we are (grilled cheese), and which Twin Peaks character we are (Agent Dale Cooper). BuzzFeed quizzes exploit our urge to belong, to categorize ourselves into an identifiable group that we are instantly a part of. (Oh, you’re a Miranda? Me too!) Which is why the latest BuzzFeed quiz, “How Metal Is Your Period?” A Possible Return to Scotland Photo Credit It’s hard to believe that when first ever solo trip was 13 years ago. Writing that actually makes me feel very old. I was in my early twenties and booking my first 2 week vacation, ever. I was a total newbie. My first thought was to take a Contiki tour through Europe.

How to Travel on Less Than 10 Dollars a Day According to Thomas Love One of the most common reasons people give for not traveling is the lack of money. However, in most cases, it’s not the lack of money, but rather the fear of the unknown that keeps us from experiencing the wondrous sites of our green and blue marble. To show how it’s possible to travel on less than 10 dollars a day, redditor and insatiable traveler, Tomislav Perko, took to reddit to answer some of the most burning questions fellow redditors had about what it’s like to travel on a low budget. Here are some highlights of Tom’s AMA. [redditor] How did you get started? [Tom] I had a pretty normal life back home – studying, working as a stockbroker, had a steady relationship.

Infographic of the Day: How the Global Food Market Starves the Poor To understand the complexities of the international food market--and how traders in Chicago can cause Africans to starve--you could get a ph.D. in economics, or read a 400-page report from the World Bank. Or you watch this superb nine minute video, directed by Denis van Waerebeke. Though ostensibly created for a science show in Paris for 12 year olds, it's actually probably waaaay over a kid's head.

The Juggle Credit: Anne Joyce Alison Heller, the author, wrote her first novel while juggling parenthood and her full-time job. by Alison Heller In 2010 I ran my own business – a divorce mediation practice — and had two children under three. On most weekends, my husband and I buckled our toddlers into their car seats and drove to visit my father, who was in the final year of his life. Make it a Full Experience in Paris Passerelle des Arts Bridge Photographer: Guillaume Cattiaux Paris offers such a tantalizing menu to visitors that is easy to overload on all it has to offer. After a while, by doing too much, everything melds into a mismatch of attractions, in which you´ll say, “was I there?’”

How to travel the world for free (seriously) You can travel the world for less money than you spend each month to fill up your gas tank. WORLD TRAVEL is cheap and easy. In fact, with a little practice and effort, you can travel for free. The idea that travel is expensive and difficult is bullshit peddled by tour companies, hotel chains, and corporate media.

10 Places to Move Abroad and Extend Your Life - StumbleUpon Throughout history, people have been intrigued by legends of societies where residents thrived well past 100 years old. Today, there is skepticism whether any such place exists, but health scientists do scour the globe in search of medicinal remedies and other lifespan enhancements. In fact, many “pockets” around the world have been identified as “Blue Zones,” where locals enjoy high quality of life and health in old age.

Total Leadership » Reduce Stress by Pursuing Four-Way Wins The pendulum is finally swinging back from the apogee of complete immersion in work as the business ideal. A great hue and cry now strains to contain our out-of-control culture of overwork. New York, I'm Coming Back!! Yes, it’s true. I’m returning to New York City!! I’ve traveled to New York City three times. My first trip was in 1994, on one of my Dad’s business trips. My second trip was in 2008 with Moose Travel Network (I received a pretty good deal as I was working for HI Niagara at the time). My third trip was in 2010, when I attended TBEX for the first time.