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Traditional animators generally don’t deal a lot with color. We express ourselves with black pencil lines on white paper. That doesn’t mean though that most of us don’t have great appreciation for excellent color, and the way our scenes look like on the screen in finished form. Some of these images were sold at auctions recently, and they are outstanding examples of Disney’s incredible use of color over the years. In this Mary Blair sketch of Hook’s pirate ship the muted sky color and the water’s blue and turquoise make the reds pop out dramatically. What a striking painting, you can’t take your eyes off it.

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100+ Fresh and Excellent Photoshop Tutorials When it comes to Image editing or photo enhancement, Adobe Photoshop is usually the primary option to consider. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn — and extremely hard to master. Display beautiful images is a potent element in web and graphic design, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using images in an artistic manner. Photoshop is useful for both creating and editing images to be used in print or online. Not too easy to use, but full of high-quality features, Photoshop is the best choice for any image manipulation job. Below, you’ll find some of the Fresh Adobe Photoshop Tutorials which might help you to get inspired and learned a tip or two by the end of this presentation.

Gurney Journey: The Shapes of Color Schemes Last week I introduced the concept of color wheel masking, and suggested that any color scheme can be represented or mapped as a shape on a color wheel. Let’s take that idea and run with it. I painted the wheel at left, below. As you recall, it has the full-intensity hues arranged around the outside edge, gradating to neutral gray in the center.

J's stuff - Pixar's John Lasseter Answers Your Questions Ian Gavan/Getty ImagesJon Lasseter, the director of “Cars 2,” before the movie’s British premiere in London in July. Pixar Animation Studios hasn’t made a big deal of turning 25 this year. But it can celebrate several achievements, including its perfect 12-hit record at the box office, capped this year by “Cars 2,” which is being released on DVD on Tuesday.

Stick Figure Fundamentals This question has been asked for years. The politically correct answer has been “No, you don’t need to know how to draw to be a CG animator, but it can’t hurt.” This answer developed because there are lots of working CG animators in film studios who either don’t draw much, or worse, who steadfastly refuse to draw and nobody wanted to offend them. I used to agree with this answer, but a number of years ago I learned some things that changed my thinking. So I’m going to step out from under the politically correct umbrella for a moment and say that I do believe that to be a good CG animator it is absolutely vital to have a fundamental understanding of what makes a good drawing. After teaching, training and supervising animators (both students and working pros) for a number of years I’ve come to believe that the politically correct answer is robbing many CG animators of their chance at achieving greater success in their work.

The Cinematography of "The Incredibles" Part 1 Whether its up shots or down shots, you'll often find these lines that run through the character's eyes, again unconsciously leading your eyes to where the director wants you to focus. With so many nice angles that keep making the shots look visually interesting even when they are meant to be very simple, all reminds of the show Mad Men. Almost that retro look, I suppose The Incredibles is meant to be set in the 50s and then once they flash forward to after the marriage and the trial we're in the 60s. It's strong, graphic, bold cinematic storytelling displayed in the visual grammar of this film. Like in the Mad Men, The Incredibles has sleek color combinations and contrasting shapes, well balanced imagery, textures space on the screen is well balanced with flat texture-less areas, particular areas of each shot hold certain amounts of weight and value. See all the crazy angles in the following shots.

28 Powerful Photoshop Lighting Effects There is something about beautiful lights that can mesmerize an audience. Take a fireworks show for example. It’s been around for thousands of years, yet still has the power to put looks of amazement on faces of all ages. That’s why lighting effects make such powerful design elements. They are a great way to grab the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression. DYNAMO ✮ Le blog officiel de la Grenouille Noire Et hop, l’Invitation officielle au vernissage de mon exposition à Paris chez Arludik Galerie le 10 AVRIL! j’espère vous y voir À trés bientôt ————— Here’s the official invitation for the opening of my exhibition in Paris at Arludik the 10th of APRIL! Hope to see you there See you very soon Animation Quick Tip Tricks for Cartoon Snappy MotionAn Energy Crisis© 2003 Keith Lango Enron Who?A common problem with many attempts at snappy animation is the old "hit & stick" jerky feel to the motion. For many beginning animators, they think that if they just simply move an object faster (over fewer frames) they will achieve snappy motion.

The Cinematography of "The Incredibles" Part 2 See Part 1 here.Continuing with my case study of the shot compositions from Pixar's film "The Incredibles". All images used here are ©Disney/Pixar (unless otherwise stated). Composition in film includes many different aspects; color, shape, line, contrast, positioning, cropping, viewpoint, rhythm, perspective, proportion, geometry, and many more. The dinner table sequence is a nice one that showcases how well you can move the camera around depending on which character(s) you want to make as the focus of the shot. With 5 characters all facing inwards, turning their heads left an right according to which other person they are talking to, you create scenario that can have a million different ways you can shoot this scene from.

design.tutsplus In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a block game interface in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Vector game graphics allow for versatile artwork. The workflow presented in this tutorial will teach you how to create game graphics in Illustrator. These techniques can be applied to multiple interface design and game design projects. It's time to jump in, learn to create these shapes, and give them colorful graphic depth. WHISPER PICTURES BLOG Happy new year to all of you ! :) Some more pre-production work for the animated feature TUSK. First sculpt of Hannibal’s father, Carthaginian general and Punic war veteran Hamilcar Barca. Super sculpy and fimo soft. H: 30 cm

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