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Unity Game Engine Tutorials and Resources

Unity Game Engine Tutorials and Resources

Creating 2D Games With Unity3D Part 1 | Rocket 5 Studios One of my goals for 2011 is to write at least one new blog post every week. I’m going to kick off that goal this week by starting a multi-part series on creating 2D games with Unity3D. Please feel free to add comments below, especially if you have insight or questions about making 2D games with Unity3D. Part 2 of the series is now available here. Introduction There are tons of different ways to handle creating 2D games in Unity3D. Tools For sprites, I use Sprite Manager 2 which is a 3rd party Unity plugin – you can purchase SM2 on the Above and Beyond Software website or from the Unity Asset Store. There is also a free version of Sprite Manager which you can read about in this Unity Forum post. Be sure to watch the tutorial videos on the AndB website as they’re loaded with information on how to use SM2. Main Camera When making 2D games, you’ll typically want to set your Camera’s Projection to Orthographic rather than perspective, which will give you a flat 2D view of the scene. Collision

Adobe Education Exchange Chapter 4 -- C++ Game Programming Tutorial by Forest J. Handford In this chapter we will develop a Hangman game. To start off this chapter, we are going to learn about the ++ and the -- operator. Var will equal 2 after the second statement. The above code in the loop is equivalent to the following: Array[Count] = Count; Count = Count + 1; The ++ and -- operator when preceding the variable has the highest precedence in the order of operations. Type casting is a way to change the type of a variable. The above code will produce a compiler error because they are of different types. Now let's go over the for loop. The initial code is executed first and then the condition is checked. output: 0 1 2 3 4 Access to variables and constants can be confusing in C++ to beginner programmers. We won't use pointers or dynamic variables until a later chapter so don't worry about them. In C++ you can create your own types using typedef. Here is an example: typedef char String[15];String Words[23]; The above makes an array of arrays. WriteWords();

Kunstmaler, Illustrator & Fotograf - Reiner Langer TexturePacker - Create Sprite Sheets for your game! Optimize Your Game! TexturePacker helps you reduce memory usage and improve game's performance For best performance directly export to your target system's image formats like PVR, KTX and others.

Mango Jambo | 3d + art + animation + blender + ubuntu + games + open source + tutorials + me Creating a Game with Bonjour – Game Logic In the previous articles, we predominantly focused on the network aspect of the game. In this final installment, it is time to zoom in on the game itself. We will implement the game and leverage the foundation we laid in the previous articles to create a multiplayer game. Introduction In this article, we will discuss two topics, (1) creating the game and (2) leveraging the foundation that we created in the previous articles. 1. Let me start this article by briefly talking about the game, Four in a Row. This implies that we need to keep track of quite a few variables. I am not an expert in game development and the approach we use in this project is not the only solution to implement Four in a Row. While exploring Four in a Row, I stumbled upon a Stack Overflow answer that outlines an algorithm for Four in a Row using bitboards. As I said, we will be using an array of arrays as the data structure of the game. Step 1: Adding the Board View Let's start by creating the board view. 2. 3. 4. 5.

comptia org VideoTutorials Search public documentation: VideoTutorials 日本語訳中国翻译한국어 Interested in the Unreal Engine? Visit the Unreal Technology site. Looking for jobs and company info? Questions about support via UDN? UE3 Home > Unreal Engine 3 Video Tutorials Often there's no better way to learn a tool than to watch it being used. Accessing the Videos Each of the links below points to a tutorial, grouped by topic or specific feature. The video tutorials are linked to a media repository from this page. NOTE: These video tutorials were made using the Unreal Development Kit. Please right-click and save each file to your local storage space. Engine Tutorials The file format is Windows Media Video (.wmv). Skeletal Mesh Pipeline - Using UDK Jeremy Ernst, Technical Animator at Epic Games, takes you through the Unreal Engine Skeletal Mesh pipeline. Each compressed archive contains one video: Video Training Modules Often there's no better way to learn a tool than to watch it being used. Accessing the Videos Training Topics Eat3D

Jessica Warrick Game Development Tutorials – Networking for Game Programmers UDP vs. TCP What is the best way to send data between machines? Do you use TCP sockets, UDP sockets or a mixture of both? Sending and Receiving Packets This article shows how to send and receive UDP packets using BSD sockets, giving you source code that works across MacOS X, Windows and Unix. Virtual Connection over UDP Learn how to create your own virtual connection between two machines on top of UDP. Reliability and Flow Control Learn how to implement your own reliability system on top of UDP using sequence numbers and acks. Debugging Multiplayer Games Explains the techniques used by professional game developers to debug multiplayer games. What Every Programmer Needs To Know About Game Networking A brief overview of the history of PC multiplayer games. Floating Point Determinism Is it possible to get exactly the same floating point result (down to the bit-level) each time a program is run?

Assassin's Creed Unity Um novo herói impiedoso para um mundo brutal Jogue como Arno, uma nova geração de assassino, e derrote seus inimigos com variedade de novas armas como a lâmina fantasma, uma lâmina oculta com capacidades de besta. Jogabilidade de parkour, combate e furtividade inéditas Desfrute de um grau sem precedentes de liberdade e controle sobre seu assassino. Controle de Movimento Completo com Novas Mecânicas de Parkour para fazer Free Run para Cima, Através e para Baixo de Paredes e Construções da Cidade. Um sistema de luta reinventado oferece uma experiência de combate mais rica baseada em habilidade, ritmo e fluidez. Profundas mecânicas de personalização para criar seu próprio mestre assassino Crie um estilo de jogo único escolhendo armas, equipamento, trajes e habilidades especializados. Descubra a Paris revolucionária, trazida à vida como nunca antes Decida seu caminho através da cidade aberta em escala real, um feito possível apenas através do poder de um motor de jogo completamente novo.