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File Repair - easily repair corrupted files. Privnote - Envoyer des notes qui s'auto-détruiront après avoir été lu Bordeaux - Dynamic Public Transport Travel Time Maps for Bordeaux close It's Mapnificent shows you the area you can reach with public transport from any point in a given time. It is available for major cities in the US and world wide. You may be interested to watch a video about what Mapnificent can do, read a blog post about how Mapnificent works or jump to the Mapnificent API Documentation. Mapnificent was originally inspired by MySociety's Mapumental which is sadly still in private beta.

Recovered Hướng dẫn root Galaxy S III và cài CWM recovery Tr??c ti?n c?n ph?i c? : : V? Sau khi c? Trong th? Danh s? Done. Ngo? T? (F1) v? (F2) v? Chu? Boot m? C? Ch? Tr? Nh? Sau khi thay kernel th? Sau khi ch? Done, m? T? Tr? spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, spam blocker How To Turn Your Netbook Into a Chromebook with Chromium OS VaporStream Recordless and Confidential Electronic Messaging Google LatLong Update Oct 3, 12:00 pm: In order to use 3D driving directions, you'll need to have the Google Earth plug-in installed on your computer. Getting directions is one of the most popular features on Google Maps, whether it be for driving, walking, biking or transit. Today, we are launching a new feature that allows you to bring your upcoming trip to life, by allowing you to preview your route in 3D. Let’s say you’re planning a road trip down the beautiful coast of California’s Highway 1 and want to be able to see what the route really looks like. To preview your own route, it is as simple as clicking on a button. You can pause the flight at any time by clicking anywhere in the 3D view or on the pause button in the lower left. To help you keep track of which step you are on, the current leg of the trip is highlighted in the left panel. You can get back to 2D mode by clicking on the “2D” button in the left panel at any time. We hope you enjoy your flight. Paul Yang, Google Maps engineer

Viet Matrix - VietNam Hacker Community 2001 users are online trong 15 phút qua 196 members, 1805 guests, 0 anonymous users (See full list) - Mọi Thứ Đều Bắt Đầu Từ Những Điều Đơn Giản. Chia Sẻ - Hợp Tác - Phát Triển. Email liên hệ: Được Phát Triển Bởi Toàn Thể Thành Viên itwvntour220712,, , alasytarm, Tổng Tư Lệnh, vietmatrix, lovelovelbaby, backtrackhacker, shilveres, Bidi, tOps, Automatic, thanhnam, BeyondNewbie, tutrankhac, angelove729, An sociu, gaby_boy, 552003, keymagic, MT_nhatnam, Cryncmymn, Winnie Mai Quỳnh, balakele, SandatRooess, gacon113, MikaDoNguyen, vietnt, NGUYEN_PHONG1990, SemenOV, luan neo, Jertenga, KemCom, slaliaannourf, Limiioditly, briptiorb, Z3r0, tuoi_03, nguorung, cashcash, √ịt IT™, văn bình, le van tam, hiepdung, bua882002, xinhtraj.11o2, stratelove, huanhopli, kaonline_sp6, Mihawk, dancevn123, tunghn, Ricky Martin, embelryMell, kenplus, duydong90, t!

Melt Mail. Your temporary e-mail forwarding. BTProximity : Dave Amenta .com BTProximity is an application for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that can detect when your bluetooth-enabled phone has come into range, and unlock your computer. When the device moves out of range, the computer is automatically locked. This isn’t a fake lock window, the desktop is actually locked the same as if you pressed Win+L. BTProximity is donationware, if you like it, please donate! Download (Windows 7/8 – x86 and x64) BTPrximity is no longer for download. Notes - The device needs to be paired with Windows first, then it will show up in the devices list. - Be sure to install the unlock component if you’d like to automatically unlock. - Be sure to set the credentials to unlock. - Setting the check interval too high may lead to poor battery life. - “Faster Unlock” will unlock as soon as the device has been seen, without an additional check. - Domain logon is not supported, only a local user account may be authenticated.

The Ultimate Secure Pastebin <div id="error">Javascript must be enabled in your browser in order to use CryptoBin</div> What is CryptoBin? CryptoBin is a secure pastebin service, launched publicly in May 2011. CryptoBin was originally based on a privately used project, circa 2005 before realisations that such a service was inexistent for the general public. CryptoBin was rewritten just prior to launch before another major update in January 2015. How does it work? Submitted plain text is first encrypted into cipher text using AES with a 256-bit key. From that link the encrypted cipher text is sent securely back from CryptoBin and after entering the password, decrypted into the original plain text. How secure is my content? Your plain text and password are never transmitted, all cryptographic functionality takes place client-side in your browser prior to submission. What information is kept? What was revised in the last major update? I misplaced my password, is my content recoverable? No, nor is it meant to be.

New app for New York's neon Kirsten Hively is obsessive about New York's colourful neon signs. She's been photographing them, mainly at night, and runs a weekly blog called Project Neon. Just launched, however, is a Project Neon iPhone app that allows fellow neon fans to locate some of NYC's finest signs for themselves... "Project Neon began as my personal project to document New York City's current, glowing neon signs, starting on the Upper East Side," says Hively. Of course, making an app isn't cheap so Hively turned to Kickstarter and managed to raise the required app-building fee. Users can browse the app's photographed neon signs in various ways - in a gridded gallery as above, or on a Google map of New York with each sign tagged with a pin drop, as below: There is also a "recommended" section which shows signs flagposted by Hively herself as worthy of special attention – and a "most popular" section which charts the signs according to user-ratings: Simply choose a sign, tap on it to see it full screen

System Error Codes Note The information on this page is intended to be used by programmers so that the software they write can better deal with errors. If you are an end-user that is experiencing difficulty with an application you are installing or running, contact customer support for the software that is displaying the error message. To obtain support for a Microsoft product, go to The System Error Codes are very broad. Each one can occur in one of many hundreds of locations in the system. The following topics provide lists of system error codes. If you have additional suggestions regarding the System Error Codes documentation, given the constraints enumerated at the top of the page, please click the link labeled "Send comments about this topic to Microsoft" below.