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Pidgin - secure instant messaging | security in-a-box You may use one of three methods of identification to authenticate your Pidgin buddy; you could use any one of the following options: 1) A pre-arranged secret code phrase or word; 2) Pose a question, the answer to which is only known to both of you; 3) Manually verify the fingerprints of your key using a different method of communication. The Secret Code Phrase or Word Method You can arrange a code phrase or word in advance, either by meeting each other in person or by using another communications medium (like a telephone, voice chat by Jitsi or a mobile phone text message). Note: The OTR secret code word recognition feature is case sensitive, that is, it can determine the difference between capital (A,B,C) letters and lower case (a,b,c) ones. Step 1 . Figure 9: The Unverified pop-up menu with the Authenticate buddy item selected This will activate the Authenticate Buddy window, prompting you to select an authentication method. Step 2. and select Shared Secret as follows: Step 3. Step 4. .

Envía notas que se autodestruirán luego de ser leidas File Repair - easily repair corrupted files. Acortador de direcciones de correo VaporStream Recordless and Confidential Electronic Messaging Remove exif - Exif Remover Software EXIF REMOVER SECTION! This tool will help you to remove EXIF data from your photos. File size limit is now 1 MB. Exchangeable image file format (Exif) is a specification for the image file format used by digital cameras. The metadata tags defined in the Exif standard cover a broad spectrum: Date and time information. Remove EXIF from your pictures, maximum 1 MB, jpg/jpeg only

BTProximity : Dave Amenta .com BTProximity is an application for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that can detect when your bluetooth-enabled phone has come into range, and unlock your computer. When the device moves out of range, the computer is automatically locked. This isn’t a fake lock window, the desktop is actually locked the same as if you pressed Win+L. BTProximity is donationware, if you like it, please donate! Download (Windows 7/8 – x86 and x64) BTPrximity is no longer for download. Notes - The device needs to be paired with Windows first, then it will show up in the devices list. - Be sure to install the unlock component if you’d like to automatically unlock. - Be sure to set the credentials to unlock. - Setting the check interval too high may lead to poor battery life. - “Faster Unlock” will unlock as soon as the device has been seen, without an additional check. - Domain logon is not supported, only a local user account may be authenticated.

Cifrar / Descifrar los mensajes de texto The Ultimate Secure Pastebin <div id="error">Javascript must be enabled in your browser in order to use CryptoBin</div> What is CryptoBin? CryptoBin is a secure pastebin service, launched publicly in May 2011. CryptoBin was originally based on a privately used project, circa 2005 before realisations that such a service was inexistent for the general public. CryptoBin was rewritten just prior to launch before another major update in January 2015. How does it work? Submitted plain text is first encrypted into cipher text using AES with a 256-bit key. From that link the encrypted cipher text is sent securely back from CryptoBin and after entering the password, decrypted into the original plain text. How secure is my content? Your plain text and password are never transmitted, all cryptographic functionality takes place client-side in your browser prior to submission. What information is kept? What was revised in the last major update? I misplaced my password, is my content recoverable? No, nor is it meant to be.

ExifTool by Phil Harvey Read, Write and Edit Meta Information! Also available --> Utility to fix Nikon NEF images corrupted by Nikon software ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of files. ExifTool is also available as a stand-alone Windows executable and a Macintosh OS X package: (Note that these versions contain the executable only, and do not include the HTML documentation or other files of the full distribution above.) The stand-alone Windows executable does not require Perl. The OS X package installs the ExifTool command-line application and libraries in /usr/local/bin. Read the installation instructions for help installing ExifTool on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix systems. Features A Note to Unix Power-Users If you find the need to use "find" or "awk" in conjunction with ExifTool, then you probably haven't discovered the full power of ExifTool. What People are Saying about ExifTool Supported File Types

How can I become a member? New ucardo members get the first 30 days free of charge for testing all functions. Registration is also free of charge, there are no registrations fees to expect. If ucardo does not sit well with you, at every time you have the possibility to delete the account on your own. There is no automatically extension of the ucardo membership, thus we offer full cost control. Creating your personal ucardo user account is done in a few steps. When you indicate your data have in mind to use information details you want to show on your personal online businesscard. The layout of your personal online businesscard is done very easy with a simple drag & drop editor. The generated QR Code is unique and redirects immediately to your personal ucardo online businesscard. Now you have the possibility to field your code as flexible and creative as you want.

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