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Studio Four Architects |Architects in Hampshire creates: • Studio Mann Spatial Design – Design of installations and exhibitions, with a focus on developing coherent and inspiring stories and translating them into a 3Dimensional environment. Working with various parties – curators, art directors and academics – makes it important to thoroughly understand both content and design intent before creating the experience.My approach has a strong emphasis on routing, intelligent combination of storytelling elements, color and material use, and the effects of acoustics and light. Textile Design – Design of fabrics and curtains that vary between interventions in a simple plane or that become spatial objects in themselves; creating rooms within the existing architecture. Surface Design – 2D in a 3D context; development of images that play with optical perceptions, movement and nature.

BABA AU RUM / ARCHITECTONES 02 08 FEB 2015 | 0 comments BABA AU RUM in Downtown Athens, Greece, was recognized as one of the Worlds 50 Best Bars of 2013. On the occasion of this important distinction, it has been expanded and renovated. The rear of the bar was turned into a comfortable seating area with 50's leather sofas, over which hangs a large custom made wooden lamp, along with a new vertical bar which now hosts the DJ. The toilets were moved next door, and their theme is... Tiki everywhere! architectural design and construction: architectones02 photos: Ioanna Roufopoulou BABA AU RUM / Renovation / KLEITIOU 6 / ATHENS / 2013 / architectural design and construction: architectones02 / photos: Ioanna Roufopoulou you may also like these articles

design inspirations Mekene Architecture Heart Of Gold Wing Of Glory Wine Museum Blooming In The Wind Lima Lofts Tout accessible Meta Tower Parking Reed Contact Publications Mekene on Béhance (Mekene Images) Heart Of Gold Wing Of Glory Wine Museum Blooming In The Wind Lima Lofts Tout accessible Meta Tower Parking Reed

Archetypisch | Spatial Design Marsala - Pantone Color of the Year 2015: - Color trends, color palettes , Pantone 18-1438 TCX. Contacts : wyto WY-TO architects SARL S15017 – MAF 259993/B/10 40-42 rue de la réunion 75020 Paris FRANCE +33 (0)6 29 34 35 44 WY-TO pte. ltd. UEN: 201017308G 195, Pearl's Hill Terrace #02-61 SINGAPORE 168976 +65 6438 4090 +65 9784 6633 Yann FOLLAIN (SG) Pauline GAUDRY (FR) or Floriane BATAILLARD (SG), Jonathan BENI-LOCCO(FR), Tiphaine LE COLLETER (FR), Tiziana GAIANI (SG), Nazri HASHIM (SG), Huda KHALIDAH (SG), Ashley LAM (SG), Amirul NAZREE (SG), Aaron ONG (SG), Vedika SAXENA (SG), Wen YAP (SG), Yann FOLLAIN (SG) Pauline GAUDRY (FR) or

30 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Foodies It’s not what you cook but how you cook it. This is why there are endless gadgets you can buy for the kitchen, allowing you to transform your cooking space into the coolest spot in town. You can mix your soup with Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, or use a custom engraved rolling pin to make cat impressions on all of your cookies. If you spend any time in the kitchen you are sure to appreciate this list of the coolest kitchen gadgets for food lovers! 1. Nessie Soup Ladle Photo Credit: ototodesign 2. Every crazy cat lady (and man) needs one of these, pronto! Photo Credit: 3. Turn your dinner into an adorable ferry, complete with steam! Photo Credit: Amazon 4. This knife holder, believe it or not, is actually a DIY project you can do at home. Photo Credit: Christian Knuell 5. Photo Credit: Fred & Friends Are you a tea fan? 6. These incredible looking scissors just might change my life… Photo Credit: Amazon 7. For only $8 you can serve your guests ice cubes that look like giant fancy diamonds.

Le Book du Studio Adeline Rispal - société d’architecture | STUDIO ADELINE RISPAL - Architectes et scénographes associés Son approche vise à élargir les champs d’investigation habituels des projets d’architecture à d’autres pratiques, scientifiques, littéraires, artistiques… pour porter un regard multiple sur les problématiques posées par chaque projet, qu’il soit public ou privé. C’est de ce déplacement du point de vue et d’une approche globale des paramètres du projet que naissent des interactions créatrices de solutions originales, tant respectueuses du génie du lieu que des objectifs du maître d’ouvrage. Sa spécificité est d’agir à tous les niveaux d’expression (à l’échelle urbaine, architecturale et scénographique) pour atteindre une cohérence et un enrichissement entre les multiples facettes d’un même projet.

27 Clever Inventions To Make Your Life A Lot Easier Advertisement There are people, all over the world, who are inventing new products every day. I’m not that creative, but at least I know someone is doing it. I’m personally a sucker for new, neat gadgets… and hopefully you are, too. Even if you’re not looking to make your life a lot easier you’ll want these 27 clever household items. 1 | USB Sticks To Go. 2 | A highlighter that lets you see where you’re highlighting. 3 | Hold your books in style. 4 | Lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone. 5 | Water bottle to watering can. 6 | Portable roof rack road shower. 7 | Never forget your todo list again. 8 | Water bottle for storing all your valuables. 9 | Onesie that monitors all your baby’s vital signs, and streams the data to your smart phone. 10 | Guitar chime doorbell. 11 | Greatest cooler ever. 12 | Mouse hole power outlet cover. 13 | Wine sippy cups for adults. 14 | Self rotating spaghetti fork. 15 | Silicone pull tabs for your oven. 16 | Alarm clock that displays your whole day.

ABOUT Né en 2003 à l’initiative de cinq architectes, EXYZT constitue aujourd’hui une plateforme de création pluridisciplinaire regroupant une vingtaine de personnes : architectes, graphistes, vidéastes, photographes, dj, botanistes, constructeurs. Chaque intervention du collectif s’inscrit dans une temporalité et dans un territoire déterminé, prenant souvent la forme d’installation temporaire. Les projets d’EXYZT partent de la spécificité du site, le contexte devenant support pour le projet. En fonction des projets, EXYZT mobilise tout ou partie de ses membres et tisse de nouveaux liens avec les acteurs sur place, formant ainsi des communautés d’action, des cadres de vie et d’échange. « Action, vie et échange » sont les trois mots clés pour aborder l’approche du collectif. « L’ensemble des projets incite le visiteur à quitter une attitude purement contemplative pour devenir, lui aussi, un usager, acteur, parti prenant dans le projet » Collective domicilited in Paris since 2003

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