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DICE 2010: "Design Outside the Box" Presentation Videos

DICE 2010: "Design Outside the Box" Presentation Videos
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archiDE Archis Platform 43 Helpful Websites Hardest language to learn What is the hardest language to learn? Extremely Hard: The hardest language to learn is: Polish – Seven cases, Seven genders and very difficult pronunciation. The average English speaker is fluent in their language at the age of 12, in contrast, the average Polish speaker is fluent in their language after age of 16.Very Hard: Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian – The Ugric languages are hard because of the countless noun cases. The most challenging language only for the strong and the brave is Polish. Some people cocooned in innocence, go around parroting linguistic relative difficulty ranks by looking at a list created in the ivory towers. If you learn Polish your third language will be easy to learn. The following is support for my argument. The way you approach this is a simple equation that illustrates hypothetical rankings of variables importance. Formula for difficulty in a language = O*(G+V+(w*.1)+(A*2.0)+S+V(1.5)) G = Grammar, specifically the number of exceptions in each cases

An Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor picks the 5 movies that floored him visually Most people get into visual effects for the explosions. But not Robert Legato, the visual effects supervisor of Avatar and The Aviator, who also won Oscars for his work on Titanic and Hugo. “Everything I end up liking is outrageously simple,” Robert tells the TED Blog. In this thrilling talk given at TEDGlobal 2012, Legato shares how he created the launch scene of Apollo 13 “in a parking lot with a tin can … and fire extinguishers.” “If you believed any of the stuff that I just showed you, what you were emoting to is something that’s a total falsehood,” Robert says in the talk. In his talk, Robert also describes creating effects for Titanic, which made use of real footage of the ruins of the ill-fated ship along with effects filling in the gaps. Robert tells the TED Blog that he loves the challenge of creating effects based on historical moments, partly because they give him a sense of being connected to people in the past. On Blade Runner (1982): “The beauty of Blade Runner is amazing.

Wheelwright Prize | Harvard University GSD Strange Harvest Frontier of Physics: Interactive Map “Ever since the dawn of civilization,” Stephen Hawking wrote in his international bestseller A Brief History of Time, “people have not been content to see events as unconnected and inexplicable. They have craved an understanding of the underlying order in the world.” In the quest for a unified, coherent description of all of nature — a “theory of everything” — physicists have unearthed the taproots linking ever more disparate phenomena. With the law of universal gravitation, Isaac Newton wedded the fall of an apple to the orbits of the planets. Our map of the frontier of fundamental physics, built by the interactive developer Emily Fuhrman, weights questions roughly according to their importance in advancing the field. The map provides concise descriptions of highly complex theories; learn more by exploring the links to dozens of articles and videos, and vote for the ideas you find most elegant or promising.

Interiors | Scandinavia Standard Take a tour of this minimalist, monochrome living space, including the terrace we’re all lusting after. read more > The shop in Nørrebro that’s making us cacti-crazy and succulent-savvy. read more > For those who want high-quality Scandinavian home design at a reasonable price, let Broste Copenhagen show you the Nordic way of life. read more > The Townsville, Australia residence showing us that Scandinavian design fits in just about anywhere! read more > An apartment tour full of colorful art, serene spaces and a sneaky yellow wall. read more > Design company ViSSEVASSE gives us a tour of their beatiful and inspiring office space. read more > We tour blogger and stylist Gitte Christensen’s house to find out how she achieves the perfect mixture of eclectic, modern and botanical. read more > A California artist’s studio that reflects personality and creativity while retaining a slightly off-beat Scandinavian style. read more > read more > read more > Sleeping with another person can be hard.

Started Working This List A Year Ago. Descriptive guidance Fotografie bloków z wielkiej płyty, które zachwyciłyby Wesa Andersona Seria architektonicznych zdjęć Malte Brandenburga przypomina kadry z filmów Wesa Andersona, który do budowania charakterystycznego stylu używa pastelowych barw i centralnych kadrów. Architektura mieszkaniowa ery socjalizmu coraz częściej inspiruje współczesnych projektantów i artystów. Dowodem na to są prace studia Zupagrafika, które jest znane z papierowych makiet ikon polskiego modernizmu do wycinania i sklejania (projekt został wyróżniony nagrodą must have na Łódź Design Festival 2014). Na zdjęciach widać tylko szczyty bloków osadzone na jednolitym błękitnym tle, nie ma tam żadnych sąsiednich budynków, ulic, drzew czy nawet parterów udekorowanych graffiti. – Chciałem maksymalnie wyizolować budynki, by odbiorcy mogli lepiej się na nich skupić i porównywać je ze sobą.