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The Possibility of Today -

The Possibility of Today -
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About | Personal Excellence "Just want to say thank you for your words of wisdom about dealing with anger within families. You basically saved me from needing a lifetime of therapy and showed me a way to reflect and grow instead.""I found your site while trying to find a way around the incredible over-analysis I have done throughout my entire life. When I read #6 of your guide, I could not help but burst out in tears. Your one paragraph opened up a very personal part of me that I was ignoring and helped me admit these issues to myself. THANK YOU." Much of this site is free. That said, I need to make money from my work. I also create premium courses, available in my Courses section. All the content on Personal Excellence is created by me. You will also find that there are few to no comment channels on this site, no social media accounts linked, and no public email channels except for specified purposes. Last but not least, Personal Excellence is run by myself, Celestine Chua.

Man Vs. Debt — Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love. Stumbling on Happiness: Daniel Gilbert | Blog I recently wound up in the emergency room. Don’t worry, it was probably nothing. But to treat my case of probably nothing, the doctor gave me a prescription for a week’s worth of antibiotics, along with the usual stern warning about the importance of completing the full course. I understood why I needed to complete the full course, of course. My doctor seemed smart. Certain numbers have magical properties. But these magic numbers don’t just dominate our thoughts and dictate our words; they also drive our most important decisions. Consider my prescription. Italy! If patients are typically told that every 24 hours (24 being the magic number that corresponds to the rotation of the earth) they should take three pills (three being the magic number that divides any time period into a beginning, middle and end) and that they should do this for seven days, they will end up taking 21 pills. Magic “time numbers” cost a lot, but magic “10 numbers” may cost even more. • Osborne, M. • Coulter, K.

Expert Enough | Just enough to be dangerous. Self Creation - Self Help for Smart Women & Men Resilience and the Power of TOUCH Skin is something of a miracle. It protects us from a range of diseases, while also allowing absorption of vitamins such as Vitamin D. It is also incredibly sensitive and responsive—we have around 10 million sensory neurons in our skin, firing and relaying constant streams of information to our brains. In fact, just making an effort to hug one person a day, whether it’s a friend or a family member, has been shown to have significant effects on your well-being. Who knew that simple skin-to-skin contact could be so important to personal resilience? Instinct makes parents physically affectionate with their children, and science suggests this impulse is extremely beneficial to young brains. But this physical affection shouldn’t end with the onset of puberty. Studies have shown that prolonged contact, such as a massage, has positive effects on people of all ages. This can be quite easily brought about through the simple act of touch. most basic ways to establish trust is to touch.”

Positive Letters .... inspirational stories .... Personal Finance Blog Network | The Yakezie Network is a list of some of the finest personal finance and lifestyle blogs in the world. The Yakezie Network has a user reach in the hundreds of thousands all looking to improve their personal finances and live better lives. Our main code is to selflessly help each other while promoting quality content over the web for readers to learn from and share. The founder of the Yakezie Network is Sam from Financial Samurai. The Yakezie Network does not own the respective Member sites, nor do we have control over the content of respective Member sites except for Bloggers are free to join the 6-month Yakezie Challenge to try and become Members and leave as they please. seoMoz data is provided by Linkscape. Data is not provided in real time.

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