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Matt Booy New Site Up! September 29th, 2008 I guess if you’re reading this you will have noticed that the site has finally been redesigned (well except for the blog – that’s coming. Soon…) It’s something I have wanted to do for about five years but other sites kept getting in the way. I will continually be adding more photos from the archive so check back every now and then. I’ll also try and post a little bit more often in the blog :) Regarding the redesign I used a few flash classes which really helped with the development. Tweenlite: A great tweening class.five3D: Matthieu Badimon’s lightweight 3D engine was used for the photo transition/loading effects for the photos.SWFAddress: This javascript/AS3 class was used for the deep linking within flash. Interactive Festival Timetable February 28th, 2007 This is something that I’ve been working on (and using at various festivals) that I’m making available – hopefully someone else finds it useful! Download IFT (, 25KB) February 7th, 2007 1. indie pop, indie rock reviews at three imaginary girls. seattle's sparkly indie-pop press. | Three Imaginary Girls In Which We Count Down Our Top Twenty Albums of The Year « This Recording In Which We Count Down Our Top Twenty Albums of The Yearby earnestharmony Enjoy the finest albums of 2008. We recommend you only interact with the past via these albums. We also recommend you do not read the Pitchfork list, it is RIAA propaganda. The Top 20 Albums of 2008 by Danish Aziz, Brittany Julious & Alex Carnevale Usually Christmas is just as depressing as January, but this holiday season will offer a last glimpse of the decadence we enjoyed in the last twenty years of American life. 20. If The Evening Descends was released twenty years ago or twenty years in the future, it’d be more at home than it is here. “Bellawood” – Evangelicals (mp3) “How Would You Sleep?” “Snowflakes” – Evangelicals (mp3) “Party Crashin’ ” – Evangelicals (mp3) 19. Santi White faced two comparisons that marked her solo outing – each one overwhelmingly incorrect. “L.E.S. “Starstruck” – Santogold (mp3) “Say Aha” – Santogold (mp3) “You’ll Find A Way” – Santogold (mp3) 18. “House Jam” – Gang Gang Dance (mp3) 17. 16.

David Ryan Adams Condemned to Rock 'N Roll Indie Originals: The New Hormones Story Get Big, Little Kid Anthem