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PCCL - Physique Chimie au Collège et au Lycée : soutien scolaire en animations pédagogiques flash de cours et exercices corrigés de sciences physiques. cinquieme - quatrieme - troisieme - seconde - premiere - terminale - 5e 4e 3e 2e 1S TS jusqu'au baccala May 2008 There are some bad things going on in the world. Natural disasters in the Far East are taking up a lot of the headlines. But a lot of things are happening closer to home. Our neighbour Zimbabwe is in crisis. Poverty, starvation and now torture at the hands of their own government. And now, another sign of desperate times, these so called xenophobic attacks in Gauteng. But it isn't all bad. So on a happier note, I had the most lovely sunny autumn weekend in Durban that consisted mostly of laying about on a blanket on the grass and just reeeelaxing.

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