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Callbox Brings the Sunshine to Sales Lead Generation - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia

Callbox Brings the Sunshine to Sales Lead Generation - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia
They may be new in the energy industry, but this Sydney-based electricity retailer is rapidly hitting the Australian market with their integrated energy solutions. The current lead generation campaign they are running with Callbox is beaming with rays of potential in providing full energy service to Australian consumers. “Put the lights on” The Client Industry: A New Electricity Retailer Location: Australia Headquarters: Sydney, Australia The Criteria Location: Australia Industries: SME, all types except competitors Employee Size: 1-500 employees Target Contacts: PIC for the company’s electricity bill, Owner, Manager, Office Manager, Accounts, Finance, Procurement Manager, Facilities Manager, etc. Campaign Type Lead Generation Summary The initial, single seat campaign period was launched in July 2015. The second part ran with 3 calling agents, and added 3 more campaigns which the Client branded as “special campaigns”, generating a total of 79 leads which finished with 96 leads. “The Energizers”

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B2B Marketing in Malaysia: 5 Points on Enhancing Thought Leadership Want your brand to digitally dominate the Malaysian B2B arena? Call it a long shot, but it will be close to a possibility once you have established yourself as a thought leader and made important strides in terms of influencing buyer decisions. Crimson Marketing CEO Glen Gow has outlined five important points to building thought leadership. Callbox Data Profiling A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client Industry: Exhibition & Trade Location: Singapore Headquarters: Singapore Target Criteria

A Recap of the Top Blog Posts in Callbox Malaysia in 2016 2016 has its ups and downs, yet every turn on this roller coaster ride comes with learning from wrong decisions. Another year has passed. And right now, we’re facing 2017 full of hopes, new learnings and opportunities. if you’re one of those who have read, viewed, shared and learned from our blogs, thank you. Callbox’s Three-Step Tactic To Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client Industry: Marketing Consulting Location: Singapore Headquarters: Malaysia Campaign Type Event Marketing Medical Businesses: From Print Ads to Multi-Channel Marketing I went to see a dentist a friend recommended to me last week. His clinic turned out to be at the older part of the city, a place that used to thrive commercially before malls and hotels decided to expand away from downtown. Just as I expected, the building was a little too old school for my liking — it was a throwback to the 60’s with the heavy doors, wood walls, and geometric floor designs. Imagine my surprise when a battery of high-tech dental equipment greeted me.

Software Company Favors Callbox Sales Leads Over Own Contact List - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client The Client is a Microsoft Certified Business Partner providing global services for industry-specific implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. A Microsoft’s Eastern Region Competency Awardee, the Client is an authorized reseller of Microsoft Dynamics AX “Axapta”, Microsoft Dynamics GP “Great Plains”, and dynamics CRM. The Challenge Before engaging Callbox, the Client had difficulty generating a sufficient number of leads for its inside sales team due to a saturated contact list, limited market area, and changing lead qualification requirements.

Search Traffic Declining? You're Not Alone (and What to Do About It) - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia If your website traffic from organic search has fallen over the past year, take some small solace in knowing you’re not alone—in fact, you’re in good (if not happy) company. According to research from BuzzFeed, “Search traffic to publishers has taken a dive in the last eight months, with traffic from Google dropping more than 30%…While Google makes up the bulk of search traffic to publishers, traffic from all search engines has dropped by 20% in the same period.” Organic search visits have fallen significantly to A-list publishers like Time, Sports Illustrated, Us Weekly and Rolling Stone. It’s not quite clear why this is happening. BuzzFeed mentions changes in behavior, greater use of social networks for content discovery, and a 52% increase in traffic from “‘Dark social,’ that netherland of direct traffic” (i.e., unknown sources), and concludes “We can draw a lot of assumptions but few conclusions from the drop in search traffic.”

Global Media Runs On Accurate Market Data - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client Industry: Global Media Company Location: Singapore Headquarters: US Target Criteria Callbox Integrates With Salesforce: A Better, More Efficient Client Experience in Malaysia - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia Years of innovation and hard work have been put in to give Callbox clients the best solutions for their business, as well as to enable managers and sales professionals to streamline business development. The challenge has always been to keep up with the changing times, especially with how technology evolves in exponential fashion even just in the last two decades. Callbox started out as a simple telemarketing firm, which eventually flourished into a multi-channel marketing machine.

HR Market Leader Wins It All Back and More with Callbox - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client Industry: Human Resources Location: New Zealand Headquarters: New Zealand The Client is a market leading designer and developer of payroll software in New Zealand since 1983. Campaign Type: Lead Generation Better Lead Generation Through Better Content Marketing Let us put it this way – content will always be king. This is especially true where lead generation is involved. I mean, if you do not have a compelling, informative, as well as attractive content, you will not be able to attract enough prospective sales leads. That is why creating the best content should be part of your lead generation efforts. Now here lies the challenge: how will you create better content?