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20 Excellent Wireframing Tools for Mobile

20 Excellent Wireframing Tools for Mobile
Planning and wireframing your mobile website or application is an essential part of a successful design process. It can help save you money (on design and development costs), expand initial ideas, build structure and functionality and effectively gather invaluable early feedback. We have gathered 20 of the best tools for wireframing mobile websites and apps, each of which offers a unique set of features. Furthermore, there are plenty of other wireframing and diagramming apps available, which may also be of interest. Please note, though, not all the tools listed below offer mobile-specific functionality; several are rather basic. However, each is worth exploring to see if it fits your requirements: Have we left out your favorite wireframing tool? Image via istockphoto, thegoodphoto Related:  Mobile Apps Devux

POP - Prototyping on Paper | Mobile App Prototyping Made Easy Material Honesty on the Web Material honesty—the idea that a substance should be itself, rather than mimic something else—has guided everyone from Ruskin, an art critic, to Charles and Ray Eames, designers of the iconic plywood chair (LCW). By stripping away any coverings and celebrating both its material and its manufacturing process, the chair lays bare exactly what it is: molded plywood. In so doing, it is modern, functional, and timeless—so timeless, in fact, that it’s been continually produced for eighty years. Today there’s a materials debate between flat and skeuomorphic design. While design debates are healthy, too much finger-pointing is prolonging the problem—web folks on all sides are still figuring out their sensibilities to and vocabulary for web materials. It starts by defining the core web materials and understanding when they’re honest, and when they’re not. Web materials#section1 Web materials fit nicely into three categories. Foundation: HTTP, URLs, and HTMLStyle: CSSDecoration: Raster graphics

Wantworthy Revista UX Nights - Esta es una publicación digital para profesionales de usabilidad y experiencia de usuario, creada para compartir información, técnicas y recursos útiles para la comunidad en español. Html 5, simple y claro Best Free Fonts for Mobile App Designs There are not too many free fonts that are good to be used for mobile app design. Actually you don’t need much to choose from, I did not want to make another 50+ font list you should use. Instead I tried to include only the best ones that I’ve tried before and got some suggestions from other designers. For the app I have designed in London called Wöbu I have decided to go with Open Sans as it has many weight options, is very clean and crisp and works well with flat color palettes. Why typography is important? Typography is a “make or break” for the design. In typography, a typeface (also known as font family) is a set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share common design features. Legibility Legibility is extremely important in mobile design because of the small screens that app’s content will be shown on. Weights This is very handy when it comes to creating contrast and visual hierarchy for your app. Special characters Licence So there you have it. Bariol Open Sans Exo 2.0 Lato

a selection of graphic projects I did not have updated graphic-exchange for 1 week. During this week I went for the farest place I never been, in Brisbane, Australia. I spend 46 hours in the air. Getting Started as a UX Researcher: Tips and Resources | UserTesting Blog More and more companies are beginning to recognize the importance of user-centered design. Understanding customers and designing solutions that serve their needs is quickly becoming a business priority. And because of that, the demand for UX researchers is growing. In some situations, people who don’t have any UX research experience are falling into this role at their company. If you recently decided to make a career out of UX research, or if you transitioned into the role of UX researcher, this article is for you. You don’t have to be an expert to get started When you’re just getting started in UX research there’s two ways you can go about it. Here’s the thing: UX research is a skill just like anything else. Even if you spent six months educating yourself and learning about UX research best practices, you’re still not going to be very good at it. Start moderating sessions right away So instead of waiting until you feel qualified, jump right in. Set up studies and start observing users.

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